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Sorry, this board taken down is unavailable at the moment thanks to the baal-priest and mamzer coalition of Eli James/jewseph November, William Finck, and their per mamzer Bryan Reo taking this forum down from and

This forum and web page has been relocated to a new server based outside the ZOGland and is a 'Free-Speech' Server recommended by the Electronic Freedom Foundation and outside the purview of bogus cumplaints under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

There will be civil and possibly criminal litigation pursued against Bryan Reo, Eli James/jewseph November, and Big-Nose jew Bill Finck for their part in misusing the DMCA to close down my forums and web pages by filing a fraudulent complaint. Also the CONstitutionality of the DMCA shall be called into question. These rogue ISP's that censor content will be forced to either take responsibility for content hosted and thus prohibited from political, religious and racial discrimination against Christian Identity/White Nationalist content, or forced to follow their contractual obligations to not censor any content because they are not allowed to police ANY content because they are currently held harmless under the DMCA.

Since the management of Christian Nationalist Forum must re-apply content promoted in the few days we were up, this task shall be completed in a timely manner. Therefore, this forum shall be back up by either Sunday, Dec 12, or Monday, Dec. 13, 2010

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

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