Mitchell J. Moore, A Lawyer & A Rat-Man

Lawyer Mitchell J. Moore

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The Official Libertoonian Hagiography of LawyerMore

In His Own Wurds: Running his mouth via e-mail

Character Analysis -- such as it is -- of LawyerMore


Mitchell J. Moore

U.S. Congress '96 Missouri Ninth District

For Real Change! You Deserve Moore!

Mitch Moore Offers A Real Choice On The Issues

Enough is enough! It's time to take a stand against government waste and high taxes. Vote for MITCH MOORE on November 5th!

The Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is America's third largest and gastest growing political party. The Libertarian Party is the only parth that is serious about eliminating government waste and corruption and protecting the rights of all citizens.

Libertarians believe that people must be left to live their own lives, must be responsible for their own actions and must not harm others.

The essential function of government is to defend its citizens against force and fraud. The Democratic and Republican parties have gone far beyond these limits; they have saddled us with big government, high taxes and runinous budget deficits.

Let's make government do its real job -- Protect the rights of its citizens, keep our streets safe and keep our country defended!

Mitch Moore was raised in and resides in Columbia, Missouri. He attended the University of Missouri where he earned a degree with honors in education and a law degree. He has a Life Teaching Certificate in Missouri and has taught junior high school English and history. He was admitted to the Missouri Bar in 1981 and Texas Bar in 1982. Since 1982, he has been a general practice attorney in Columbia.

Mitch has been active in civic affairs, serving on the Board of Planned Parenthood of Central Missouri, the Mid-Missouri Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Columbia Substance Abuse Advisory Commission, Opportunities Unlimited (now Services for Independent Living) in Columbia and the Coalition Resolved Against the Pipeline. While attorney for the Coalition, Mitch fought successfully for Columbia's wetlands wastewater treatment project, which is now used as a model by other communities.

In 1992, Mitch Moore was the Libertarian Party's candidate for attorney general and received more than 94,000 votes. He was the Libertarian Party's candidate for the U.S. Congress in the Ninth District in 1994.

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End of Libbertoonian Hagiography


We need more lawyers like LawyerMore!

Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 16:40:17 -0600 (CST)
From: "Mitchell J. Moore" 
X-Sender: mmoore@coinc0
To: Martin Lindstedt 
cc:, & other Pud-Pullers
Subject: Re: Missouri Candidates 96 

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, Martin Lindstedt wrote:

> At 09:24 PM 2/5/96 -0500, you wrote:
> >  Jim Given (Missouri Chair) , 
> >
> >XX XXXXX called me tonight.  He said that he is willing to run for
> >congress as a Libertarian in the Xth district Missouri. In fact
> >he excited about it.  He has set up a second phone number to his
> >house for the Misoury County Libertarians it is  (xxx) xxx-0000. 
> >XX is really a nice fellow and a good Libertarian. 
>   Since XX got the fire in his belly, he should get it. Can't cull
> them too closely this close to filing season.
> >He said that he would like to be appointed Misoury County Chair.
> >So could you inform the Sec of State that we have "anointed" him.
> >Also he  would like to have a letter from you stating that he is 
> >our official county chair. He can then take this to his county
> >board of elections.  XX's  address is:  
>   XX lives 35 miles from Jerkwater. I'll write him up a charter
> like I did for the other counties, bring it up for Jim and Jeanne
> to sign and drop it off or mail it on my way back from the ExpCom.
> >Also we now have candidates for all the state wide offices in
> >Missouri except for Attorney General.  Unfortunately, at present
> >we have no potential candidates for this position.    
> >
> >                                                     Jim Higgins
> Don't need to have a lawyer to run for that position. All you need
> is belligerance.
> --Martin Lindstedt
To Martin:
>From Mitch Moore

You certainly do not need belligerance to run for attorney general.
You certainly do need to be a lawyer to practice law in Missouri, 
which is among the AG's duties.

Riddle me this, do you have to be a human being to run for office?  
Can we run our pets?

--Mitch Moore

My re-considered response of Feb. 17, 1996 to LawyerMore:

>> Don't need to have a lawyer to run for that position. All you 
>> need is belligerance.
>> --Martin Lindstedt
>To Martin:
>>From Mitch Moore
>You certainly do not need belligerance to run for attorney 
>You certainly do need to be a lawyer to practice law in Missouri, 
>which is among the AG's duties.

Nonsense. Alfred Adask, editor of The Anti-Shyster, ran on the 
LP ticket for Texas Supreme Court judge. He wasn't a lawyer.
As it is, if a person wants to run bad enough, they could probably
find a way to run. The recent anti-term limits judgement certainly 
cut through a state's right to limit candidates. It can be used 
against the government. 
Such a person would probably be the last one to enforce the 
unConstitutional "Unauthorized Practice of Law" rules beloved by 
the legal guild.

>Riddle me this, do you have to be a human being to run for office?  
>Can we run our pets?

Why not? I once claimed two cats, two geese and five ducks as 
dependents on a W-4 form, back when I filed 'em. The IRS was pissed, 
but they ended up having to live with it after a long piss-fight.

Martin Lindstedt


LawyerMore's response of Feb. 17, 1996:

To Martin:


Beyond being cute, the point is that if the LP wants to be taken 
seriously as an alternative to the Republicrats then we have to 
act serious.

Cute has its place, humor has its place.  The trick is to be able 
to control it for the maximum positive effect.

Mitch> > 


Now Let's Allow Proxies -- Maybe

From: 	Mitchell J. Moore[]
Sent: 	Thursday, August 08, 1996 4:48 PM
To: 	Thomas L. Knapp

Subject: Re: St louis county noon day vote count

One of the many problems with proxies is verifying them.  A notarized 
statement would be the minimum requirement.

Were Martin's "proxies" nonexistent?  Well DUHHHHHHH!

Comment: In order to pretend that my proxies were non-existent, LawyerMore got to pretend that he "might" allow them if only they were notarized. This of course, is directly contrary to how he voted at the proxy fight at the general membership Platform Convention of Sept. 17, 1996 and his voting to do away with the rights of proxies altogether at the May 25, 1996 via "Constitution."

The need for all these quasi-rationalizations is to then accuse myself of being as big a liar as he is.

All this nonsense happened after I lost the general election, and the Pud-Pullers were relieved. It was in reaction to a series of lies spread by one Thomas Knapp, who runs a vanity page supposedly concerned with freedom. Knapp wanted to accuse me of engaging in proxy fraud real bad at the time.