Missouri Eagle Forum Candidate Questionnaire

Missouri Eagle Forum
P.O. Box 166
Wildwood, Missouri 63040

A. Abortion. Will you vote to eliminate all state funding of abortions and abortion-related services?
Yes. Forcing people to pay taxes in order to promote abortion activities is unConstitutional and unjust.

B.Defunding of Big Government
1. Will you vote NO on all tax increases?
I will vote "NO" on ALL tax increases, and insist upon tax cuts.

2. Would you vote to abolish, or at the very least greatly diminish, the State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)?
Yes. I prefer abolition of DESE and the elimination of government -run public schools in favor of privately run schools chosen and mostly funded by parents.

C. Education
1. Will you vote to repeal the School-to-Work executive order and oppose any legislation that would turn schools into workforce training centers?
Definitely. Such an executive order is unConstitutional and is the equivalent of imposing slavery upon children for the benefit of a corrupt oligarchy.

2. Will you vote against any funding to develop a centralized computer data bank to track private Information on students (such as attitudes, behavior, health, family privacy matters, as well as academic records)?
Yes. Such a data bank informing upon children is nothing less than the imposition of a police state run by education bureaucrats for the benefit of government and favored interests.

3. Will you oppose a state curriculum?
Yes. The best way to fight a state curriculum is to terminate the state educational system which proposes to run it.

4. Will you support a bill which requires that phonics be taught in grades 1 - 4?
I will review such a bill with an open mind. If it advances the goals of separation of State and Education, I will sign it. However, I thought we were primarily interested in eliminating the government-run public school system, and I do not wish for the teaching of phonics to be used as a safe haven for ed-u-crats hiding under color of "reform."

D. Family. Do you favor defunding of explicit sex-education programs, school-based clinics, and condom distribution?
Yes. Such funding never should have taken place.

E. Gambling.
1. Will you oppose the expansion of gambling in Missouri?
Yes. I will oppose the expansion of state-supported gambling in Missouri.

2. Would you vote to eliminate legalized gambling in Missouri?
No. The current lottery system in place should remain, as it has been derived from the consent of the people who wish to gamble.

F. Constitutional.
1. Do you agree that the move to call a Constitutional Convention for any purpose would pose a threat to our current form of constitutional government?
Yes, I agree. There is nothing wrong with our current U.S. Constitution except for the fact that the government does not obey it. Therefore there is absolutely no need for the same politicians who cannot obey the current supreme law of the land to hatch further machinations for their own benefit.

2. Will you oppose the Conference of the States?
Yes. However, if a Conference of the States is called according to Constitutional principles, it cannot be stopped by my veto.
Patrick Henry said that he "smelt a rat," and did not attend the Constitutional conference in 1789. He was right in that constitutions are nothing more than pieces of paper which only last only so long as decent people obey them. In our current state of affairs, neither the original Constitution nor any replacement guarantees political stability.

Martin Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Governor

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