Jan. 30, 2005 -- To Alex Linder: Glenn Miller, jews in Rhodesia, Mexifornia, Home Schooling, Eric's School Days, Technology & Dependence, 1800s Tech Works!

by Eric Thomson

30 JAN 05 Aryan Greetings, Mr. Linder! Many thanks for your letter of JAN 25th & the sample copies of The Aryan Alternative, with their refreshing & informative content.

I notice that Glenn Miller's name appears on the masthead of the publication. Apparently his alleged reputation is quite controversial in pro-White circles, as you must be aware. If you are willing to take the flak in regard to your association with him, good luck!

You are always welcome to publish anything of mine you find on www.FAEM.com and www.DOWZ.net . Just don't have me saying that "jews are White," as one publisher did. I'd rather not be published than to suffer the chagrin of seeing myself stating the exact opposite of my intended meaning!

In this regard, the jews in Rhodesia began to deny that they were White after their meeting in "Jewburg" in 1972. Suddenly, they began addressing us as "You White people" in connection with their snide remarks. Well, the hebes aren't Black enough to suit the Mugabe types, so they have largely skedaddled from the Africa they wanted ruled by Blacks. The article by Paul Weir [here] reflects the mindless behavior of the Whites who connect themselves into staying in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) after Ian Smith's treasonous sell-out to Mugabe. These Whites were stubbornly blind to reality. They thought that their touted lack of racism would be respected by the Blacks, who would thus be non-racists themselves! It's the classic Christian delusion, which also-infects liberals: that others are like oneself. Sorry, but the blacks are as racist as they come, and they are not taught to feel 'guilty' for it, but proud. Whenever I read articles about Africa, I remember the veld, the Zambezi River & the Limpopo, Victoria Falls, & vistas of Salisbury & Bulawayo, where I lived and worked. It's like recalling a past life: all gone, along with the people I knew on a daily basis, save for memories.

That applies to my native California, now Mexifornia, which has become a big barrio extending from the Central Valley, through central Oregon & central Washington, right up to the Canadian border. When I lived in Toronto, until 1992, a Mexican restaurant opened right across the street from my office! Mexico is inescapable in North America, but China is the most dangerous entity. Mandarin is now Canada's second language, not French, according to their latest census. the Chinese are establishing demographic & economic enclaves throughout The Western Hemisphere, which they view as markets for their manufactures & as sources of raw materials, as they take over from U.S. interets. Naturally, they also seek land for their huge population, anywhere they can get it, from people dumb enough to let them have it. Old "Uncle Sellout" is going global, so why should he worry about a mere hemisphere? The jew-book warns of fools who would "gain the world & lose their own souls," as in Novus Ordo Seclorum.

Good luck with the White Freedom Party!

Your program for survival & family-raising seems practical. I advise everyone to stay out of debt. Money is currently desirable, but there is no guarantee the U.S. dollar will have much value, even in the near-future, so having barter items which one can use oneself may be a good way to save, rather than keeping surplus earnings in the form of zogbucks or jew I.O.U.s. The foundation of freedomm is economic independence, as the ancient Spartans knew. The ability to grow one's own food is a major step toward such independence.

Homeschooling is desirable. I went to a public school in CA where the new jew curriculum abolished phonic reading instruction, penmanship, & even managed to bugger up simple arithmetic! Fortunately, my American grandmother taught me such essentials, which I could not learn in school, as well as how to tell time. The L.A. City School System, which I attended, was certainly well-funded, so its educational dysfunctions were premeditated by those who misdirected the teaching programs. Not only were many of the teachers jews, but so were the saboteurs who directed the system. When I began elementary school in 1944, there were no "student governments." This concept was introduced around 1948, as I recall. I objected to the pseudo-democratic ("centralized democracy") concept as being hypocritical, for it had no sovereignty, as I declared. If we had a sovereign student government, we could decide to vote on issues, rather than persons, & as I told my mongrel teacher from Hawaii, "we'd vote to go home & play." I was thus a fairly frequent visitor to the principal's office, & I'm sure I am marked down as a 'rebel.' School, that is, public school, actually interfered with my learning of things which are & were important to me. I took shop courses in junior high, like carpentry, electricity, typing & printing. Typing was actually an elective, like the shop courses, but it was full of girls & was actually a good secretarial course. My handwriting was so slow & awkward that I jumped at the opportunity to learn typing, & at age 11, I achieved a solid 50 wpm on a manual typewriter. The last time I took a typing test I scored 62 wpm on an IBM Selectric.

The shop courses were sabotaged by hooligans who really had no business in school. That is why I never liked compulsory education for those who did not wish to learn, & who interfered with the learning of others. This was before non-Whites invaded the schools! Later, in my last years at junior high, I noticed the invasion of spic gangsters who disrupted classes & robbed unorganized Gringos of their lunch money, if they could. It got so bad in high school (San Fernando High), that I had to stop bicycling to school, because the spic & Black gangs had organized a bike theft ring. The bike would be stolen from the rack by cutting the chain or by breaking the lock. If they couldn't steal the whole bike, they'd remove tires, lights, reflectors, handlebar grips, foot pedals, &c. Usually, they'd swipe the whole bike, throw it in a pickup truck & rush it down to the Barrios and/or Black Ghettos of L.A., where it would vanish. Before the mud invasion, The City of San Fernando actually required bike owners to buy licences & cops actually caught bike thieves. Boy, does that sound like ancient history. When the muds come, the bikes go, never to be seen again. Cops are too busy to investigate most thefts of household items, including bikes. They still make attempts to catch car thieves, but they have fallen way behind on that job. The spic chop-shops are fast & efficient. Midnight Auto Supply is now run by Speedy Gonzalez. Speaking of culture: Break-dancing was invented by niglettes who tried to steal hubcaps from moving cars, as I heard. Ha!

As you say, home-schooling could be a ZOG-provocation. As I recall from history, FEDZOG-USA instituted compulsory public-schooling after The Civil War, in the early 1880s. Children were taken from their homes by troops with bayonets, as I read. Such a deal! I understand that home-schooling courses are easily obtained on the Internet, & even jew-brats study at home on the 'Net. Does that mean we can if they can? Stay tuned!

This is a very difficult era in which to be young & White, as you know. Technology is changing with increasing acceleration. This directly affects our means of earning our livings. It used to be said in universities that a graduate fresh out of a science course could look forward to 2 years in which his knowledge would be current. After that, he'd need to return to school to update it. Eventually, the development of scientific knowledge would accelerate to the point that one could never leave school! Fortunately, one can learn on the job & keep pace with technological changes, if one already has a sound basis of knowledge. People are becoming absolutely dependent on computer technology, just as they are on a cash economy. Such dependence is obviously convenient, but it is also dangerous, in the event of social crises & dislocations. Even with gadgets & jew I.O.U.s, there is no substitute for White community, & without them, a White community is absolutely essential to one's survival. The Amish & Mennonites are contemporary models for survival communities, & one need not read the jew-book to learn the ways of our pre-Christian ancestors. It is also good to learn hunting & fishing. The task for all Whites is to regain their knowledge of the past, in terms of basic survival, while maintaining their knowledge of the latest technology.

On an amusing note, I offer the experience I had doing correspondence in Toronto. A visitor entered the office as I was typing on my IBM Selectric. When the lights went off, he said, "It looks like that's all you'll write tonight." I said, "Don't worry, I'm used to these downtown power outages." I reached over to the kerosene lamp, raised the chimney, lit the wick with a match & pulled the manual typewriter into place, switched the paper from the electric to the manual, & resumed typing. I said to my visitor, "You were saying?" 19th-century technology works! Learn some today.

As you noted, my approach to journalism is "slow news," which I try to keep timely, but timeless, as well as informative. I also contribute my analysis, based on my research & experience. I hope you can make use of it.

All the best. DOWZ! & ORION!

Eric Thomson

[1] "Jews are not Whites," says Professor Leonard Fein, who teaches Politics & Social Policy at Brandeis University in the U.S.A. Fein was addressing the 17th biennial congress of the Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg, South Africa in May 1972. "You are not White, either symbolically or literally, as anyone knows who goes to Israel," he said. Professor Fein, besides being a specialist in jewish community problems in the U.S.A., is a specialist in Black-White relations in the cities. Rand Daily Mail, May 15, 1972.

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson.



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