Feb. 16, 2005 -- To D.R.: White Flight = Flee or Pee; War Nerd Culture; Iraq Fighting; Surveillance Society; ZOG Collapse Like Russian Revolution

by Eric Thomson

16 FEB 05. Hail D.R.!

It was great to receive yours of FEB 9th. You point out a sad fact in the White Flight phenomenon, that it is mindless motion, that of ants scattering in all directions when their nest is disturbed. I don’t think we will have the luxury of flight much longer, under ZOG’s inundation of our living-space with wogs & nig-nogs. The ZOG’s program is to infest non-Whites in all areas to which Whites may flee, so there is no escape. Nature programmed us for ‘flight or fight’, but one writer stated that the Whites are “denatured” so their only response to danger is ‘flee or pee’ (in their pants). I would not regret the passing of such skraelings. I would only wish that their disgusting demise would be unseen by my Viking ancestors.

The danger of the War Nerd culture, in my experience, is that computer-punching in battle scenarios is not the same as battle, itself, in which one’s bodily needs tend to interfere with one’s combat proficiency. Things like exhaustion, fatigue, thirst, hunger, cold, heat, dust, smoke & pain really spoil a warrior’s day to some extent, even if he is tough & deter­mined to see his mission through, regardless of its outcome. I recall one of Plato’s Socratic dialogs in which the question was asked if an athlete would not make the best soldier. It was then agreed upon that the athlete needed proper rest, a good training routine & a healthy diet, without which he could not be a good athlete. It was also agreed that soldiers usually do not enjoy the amenities accorded to athletes, but they must fight, nevertheless. So it is with computer warriors: as long as they are out of range of enemy weapons; their premises are air-conditioned; their bodily needs are met by obtaining proper food & rest, they should be able to fight fiercely, for the duration of any conflict -- as long as the enemy does not do something nasty to them. That’s usually the worst thing about soldiering: the enemy, who is so damned inconsiderate!

FEDZOGUSA thought they were picking enemies who would be pushovers; that Iraq, for example, would be “a military promenade”, as one Napoleonic personage described a forthcoming campaign. It may have been Napoleon himself, but I’m not sure, since it was long ago. Ha! The lessons of the past were forgotten or ignored by the ZOG’s rulers, who turfed out General Shinseki, whose troop estimates were accurate, & therefore “negative” to the ZOG­meisters in The District of Corruption. One thing on which the ZOG was right: it was easy to get in, with all the ZOG’s forces & all the ZOG’s men, but it will be like Humpty-Dumpty to get them back together again. As I said to Maguire via Internet: once you occupy, you will begin to die. As I recall, I predicted (sadly!) that the occupation would result in many more casualties than the invasions would, either in Afghanistan or Iraq. As usual, I hate to be right, but occupation means that your enemies can get close. Proximity enhances the potency of primitive weapons & warriors determined to use them. The Bush regime alleged that the insurgents were just “diehard holdouts” of Saddam’s regime. Sure, & if you believe that, there’s some 'prime' Florida real estate I’d like to sell you, at a surprisingly low price!

Ah yes, our surveillance society! The movie, “Fahrenheit 45l”, depicted live video footage televised to all the denizens of the consumerist regime, in which the fugitive fireman, Montag, sees himself fleeing down a deserted street with a police helicopter in hot pursuit. Then he sees himself go down under a burst of machinegun fire, but he’s also watching this on TV! As his colleague explains: the denizens are growing restless, so the story of his ‘futile flight’ had to be concluded, even if it meant killing a surrogate! The regime also had a clever idea: if all the TV-watchers were to look out their front doors or windows at the same time, one of them was bound to spot Montag fleeing down the street, for he’d be the only one outside!

The scenario you depict, as the day ZOG comes tumbling down, is likely to resemble the social upheaval which the Russians experienced in 1917, with the collapse of the Tsarist regime & the breakdown of law & order. The jew-bolsheviks helped enhance the violence & chaos by releasing the criminals & killing the cops, thereby turning armed criminals loose on the civilian population. The Reds achieved their objectives under cover of this rampant chaos. Their goal was the takeover of the apparatus of the state, whereas the goal of the Goy majority was to hide or flee, like rabbits in the weeds. The equivalent may well happen in this Land of ZOG, sooner than we would ever like. Jewsmedia newsflash received today: Rumsfeld & a CIA-nik warn that “terrorists” are preparing to attack the U.S.A. with “weapons of mass-destruction”. This is likely to occur as the U.S. hits Israel’s other two targets: Syria & Iran. Things are likely to move quickly from now on, as if they weren’t moving fast enough before!

As you observe, nothing the ZOG does appears to slow down the alien invasion of the U.S.A. The ZOG is, after all, an alien regime itself. Like attracts like, it appears. Since politics is people-power, Yockey defined a political organization as one with the power of life or death, not the ‘party’ times we have seen. Politics produces body counts; rarely ballot counts. As you say, it is likely to be ugly.

All the best.


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and www.MartinLindstedt.org.



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