Feb. 23, 2005 -- To John: Movement Personalities, Traitors & Snitches, Warning Others, Movement Isolation

by Eric Thomson

Hail John:

Many thnaks for your outstanding letter of FEB 18th, with its informative insights. As you say, there is no good complaining about what others allegedly do or don't do on behalf of the 'movement,' for that is an admission that we are waiting for others to do it for us. Such admissions are negative reflections of ourselves, rather than those we seek to condemn. As you know, I prefer to remain out of personal conflicts because they are largely a waste of time. Personalities come and go, but principles do not, so my discussions relate to principles of strategy & tactics, based on current & historical precedents, more like a publisher of cookbooks with recipes from experienced chefs, which have proved successful and/or disastrous in terms of the demographic/political variables of their times & places. Activitists can refer to this 'cookbook' or 'roadmap' in order to derive their own receipes & directions. I do my best to inform others of where we stand now, but I do not attempt to dictate to them the route, nor the method they may choose to escape the Dismal Swamp we are now in, save for urging them not to keep going deeper into the swamp, as we seem to be doing, largely through our inaction and/or our irrelvant actions.

There is a simple question which we must always ask ourselves: Is it good for Whites? Politics (people-power) is always the art of the possible, so I do what is possible for me to do, with my extremely limited means to do it. Fortunately, my comrades of the Internet allow my Ideas & Information to reach a truly great audience. Perhaps, some Organization may result, to perform the Action for the Realization of the Idea: ORION!

As you say, there are traitors & snitches in the so-called movement, as well as those who do the ZOG's work out of egotism & stupidity, without being paid for their services to the enemies of Our Race. Why pay them, when they do it all for free, Hymie? Such a deal! Up in Soviet Canuckistan, I saw the ZOG initiate the formation of an ostensibly pro-White group, The Heritage Front, under the funding & leadership of a CSIS employee, Grant Bristow, whom I knew personally, but certainly not intimately enough to see him get his CANZOG paychecks. Without Bristow & CANZOG funding & support, no such group could have existed, especially in view of CANZOGland's increasingly tighter thought-crime laws & domestic spying. What was permissible under ZOG 20 years ago is "absolut verboten" nowadays, & this tightening process is likely to continue, here & there, under ZOG.

The Internet will be a target, as is already occurring outside the U.S.A. Denizens of other countries actually fear to log onto 'unkosher' sites in order to avoid jewdicial persecution under their respective thoughtcrime laws, based on the Genocide Convention, which has been ratified as a treaty by the U.S. Congress, & therefore has the legal force of the U.S. Constitution itself. Abolishing the 1st Amendment, which the Genocide Convention does, de jure, that is, legally, would be deemed a bit too heavy-handed for the American sheeple, but this can be done under the so-called Patriot Act, on behalf of "homeland security." The U.S.A. has had experience in suspending The Bill of Rights during 'wartime emergencies,' at least since The War of 1812. Hey, practice makes perfect!

So what can we do with traitors, infiltrators & agents provacateurs? We can warn others about them, as we now strive to do, but there is a danger that we have cried 'wolf' far too often about EVERYONE even remotely involved in the "movement," at one time or other. The motives behind such calumnies is usually petty disputes & jealousies, the fear of 'competition,' &c. AND, such tales can easily originate from ZOG agents, themselves, aimed at discrediting genuine activists. We must be the jury in these matters.

One factor which assists the ZOG's disinformation campaign in the "movement" is our own physical separation & isolation. Occasional meetings do not provide sufficient information about who's who & their bona fides, which close collaboration can do. That is why I recommend that we strive to organize on the local level, amongst our own friends & associates, for a 'crunch' will require such groups for our own self-defence. It will be no good to flash one's "membership card" at a bunch of machete and/or machine-gun-wielding Mau Mau warriors on that day, just as it will be to show them your deed to 'your' property. It happened in my former country, Rhodesia, so I am not imagining this likelihood, even if the "Mau Mau" may be Mexican.

I do appreciate your update on 'personalities' within the "movement," as well as your evaluation of their activities. I certainly agree with your observations, which have been mine, also. It's good to receive confirmation from one whom I value as a source. Many thanks. I'm also impressed at the amount of zogbucks the ZOG's stooges can throw around within the "movement," & the funds which allegedly pass through the hands of 'certain' people therein. I'm so well-funded that I must consider the expenditure of every 37c stamp, so I must be very low on the ZOG's snitch list, despite all blightwing rumors to the contrary.

All the best & ORION!


2005 Public Domain -- provided credit given to Eric Thompson and www.martinlindstedt.org.



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