Feb. 24, 2005 -- To Gary: ZOG Strikebreakers, Race to Economic Bottom, Violence as a Tool, Inadequacy of Civil Disobedience

by Eric Thomson

Hail Gary:

Thanks for your letter of FEB 20th. I know you are busy, & I hope you will find a job, along with your schooling. You may have heard of a recent, local application of globalism on the job front. One of the agribusiness corporations in Yakima has a mestizo strike on its hands, so FEDZOGUSA will import strikebreakers from Thailand! The mestizos had been hired to prevent White agribusiness workers from improving their earnings, just as Blacks were brought in to break a White miners' strike in the late 19th & early 20th centuries.

As I wrote to another correspondent, we are living in a capitalist-kosher version of paradise, which is hell for workers. It has long been described as "socialism for the rich & capitalism for the poor." Under globalism, citizenship will have no merit in determining who gets jobs. It is already on a 'lowest bidder' basis. Jobs go to the cheapest workers, whether they are here or overseas. "The race to the bottom," is what some economic analysts call it. I also heard that the Israelis import Chinese labor in their construction industry, so the Palestinians suffer an all-round alien occupation. I hear that the ZOG also uses Chinese workers in Iraq.

As you observe, wars which bear the kosher seal of approval are 'good,' & those which don't are 'bad,' but do the Goyim ever catch on? Stay tuned! Some 'mainstream' writers noted the absence of the jewish peacenik protest singers with the advent of the first Gulf War. Obviously, peaceniks support "peace" only when it suits their kosher purposes. You have also noticed that anti-White wars & policies perpetrated by FEDZOGUSA are also deemed 'good.'

Yes, violence & its perception are part of politics (people-power). The non-violent frontmen of the Indian Independence Movement & the U.S. civil rights movement were overshadowed by those who used violent methods, just as Sinn Fein is respected because of its IRA connections, which place 'boom' before ballots. ZOG's perceived power comes from its 'monopoly' of violence in our society, although ethnic gangs & druglords are infringing on ZOG's turf. The jewsmedia, as you say, portray Whites as craven cowards and/or as corrupt opportunists, who are on the run from 'righteous' muds and/or working along with them, in opposition to White racists.

Now that filming is cheaper than ever, with digital video cameras, capable of producing DVDs, there is no reason that Whties cannot make their own pro-White adventure features. There are ostensibly pro-Whites who definitely have the means to do this, so what is holding them back? Yes, "might makes right," & the perception thereof.

Violence is the expenditure of energy, usually in destructive forms. It can be just as destructive to the initiator as to his intended target. The original skinheads, for example, were jobless British working-class youth who saw no future, & so became nihilists. As the hippies would say, they were on a "death-trip," man & they intended to go down as they showed people how tough they were, & how they didn't give a damn about themselves nor anyone else. It was a cartoon caricature of the Viking berserker who lived for the last battle or barroom brawl or soccer riot, as the case may be.

As we know, judo is the science of applied force in the form of violence (martial arts), which uses the strength of one's opponent against him. Violence is a tool, like propaganda, & it must be used wisely, if it is not to work against those who may decide to use it. It is insufficient for us to consider th deed but not who benefits from it, as in the case of 9/11 & the Oklahoma ZOG building demolition. I do not advocate violence, but I can analyze its effectiveness or lack thereof, as you do. ZOG knows!

This does not mean that I think there is any validity in "going limp" in the Gandhian tradition based on American Henry David Thoreau's "Essay on Civil Disobedience," for the non-violent tradition only has relevance to believers in Hinduism, & their belief in "bad karma" derived from violent acts performed upon defenseless people. As you know, our jewish rulers believe otherwise! I have had my share of street brawls with hebes, & I do not chose to be a mere punching-bag for them, as some of them have found out. There is a definite need for physical courage to match our moral courage, whenever it is appropriate: that is all the time! But, as Napoleon said, "The moral is to the material as 3 to 1." Our minds must be straight, if we are to use our muscles wisely & effectively. That is my message to skinheads who want to do what is best for White people, as for themselves.

Keep up the good work.



2005 Public Domain -- provided credit given to Eric Thompson and www.martinlindstedt.org.



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