March 5, 2005 -- Ernst Zundel as His Cause, jew Religion, Chinaduh/Canada

by Eric Thomson

5 MAR O5. Dear X (Name Blanked Out): Many thanks for your letter of FEB 27th & the outstanding enclosures!

So Ernst was hustled out of Soviet Canuckistan just as I had warned him in 1976. How easy he made it for them. Now we shall see what "Ingrid" does. I predict that she will not go to Zionist Occupied Germany, where she, too, could be charged with thought-crime. If she is what I think she is, I think she will continue to write newsletters, using Ernst as her fund-raising vehicle, while using him as a stepladder on which to elevate her rather recent incarnation as a "pro-German" publicist. If you ever read her "anti-Nazi" book, Demon Doctor, you would wonder about her true loyalties. I was also kicked out of the USA, in 1969.

Ernst tripped over his own ego: "I am the Cause!" he declared before witnesses. In other words, Truth, Freedom & Justice were not the cause, just Ernst Zündel. That was the result of "Anne Burton's" jewish brainwashing over the years, which he readily believed, to his cost. Ernst, the fool, somehow believed that he could exercise freedom of expression by having "Ingrid" send his message via Internet into Canada, while Ernst remained in Canada.

I have attempted to inform people just how stupid such a plan was: Let's imagine that a man did not like the patrons of a rowdy bar, which he frequented, so he would write a letter, using his own name, telling the patrons just what he thought of them. He would not be seen writing the letter, but the postman would deliver it to the bar when he was on the premises. The bartender would read the letter out loud to the rowdy patrons, who would then give the letter-writer a good thumping. If the letter-writer had been as stupid as Ernst, he would wonder why he was getting thumped! If I can be kicked out of the USA, ANYONE can be.

It takes no degree in rocket science to understand that one does what is legal in the place where it is legal, & not where it is illegal. When freedom of expression becomes illegal in the U.S.A., I shall cease and desist, but while it is still legal, I shall do my best to inform the ZOG's intended White victims. More I cannot do with the limited means at my disposal.

Ernst claimed all along that he was using his thought-crime trials to build a movement which would be pro-White & anti-Zionist. At least, that's how he conned me & others. This movement was to consist of real people, not just paper, & real people included young activists, not geriatric financial donors. All that changed after he won his second Holohoax Trial & alienated his activist supporters. I saw him do it, & I am amazed that some people use hearsay & wishful thinking to deny my firsthand experience of the many years of our collaboration.

It is equally obvious that many White Australians, as well as Americans, still do not understand their genocidal deeds in World War I & II, on behalf of Communism & Zionism. As I wrote: On the road to the salvation of the White Race, there can be no detour around the crucifixion of the German people. Perhaps, as you say, the writers who tout National Socialism as "extremism" think they can fend off their Zionist masters from pursuing their anti-White policies by persecuting their critics & dissenters. As we know from Canadian experience, soft words do not preclude jewdicial persecution. It is also dubious that they can redefine "Christianity" to mean what pleases them, rather than that which pleases the enemies of the White Race. It has been done many times in history: jews fight jews in the name of "True Judaism" & Christians fight Christians in the name of "True Christianity." As I declared previously, it is time for the Whites to put their race first, instead of religion. When our house is on fire, it's time for a sprayer, not a prayer. First things should come first, so we must always ask, "Is it good for Whites?" Jewish religions are definitely NOT good for Whites, just as Marcus Eli Ravage boasted in his "Confessions of a Jew," back in 1928.

I see that "China-duh," formerly Canada, celebrates "The Year of the Rooster" on its stamps. The Yellow Peril has come home to roost in North America, & it's going to crap all over us, in due course. The status quo is just an illusion without racial substance, & Canada & the U.S.A. are only place-names under the Jew World Ordure. That is the reality with which we must deal. The sooner we recognize reality, the better, if we are to achieve anything on behalf of our racial survival on this planet. It seems to be a rule of behavior that the jews con the Whites & the Whites con themselves: a lethal combination of criminality & cowardice, just as I saw in the former Rhodesia. Will this never change? There is no guarantee that it will, unless we, ourselves, have the will to survive as Whites. It is the old question, "to be or not to be," which we must answer, & I fear that most Whites have answered it in the negative, whether they know it or not. That is painfully apparent.

All the best, as always.


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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