March 5, 2005 -- To D.R., Matt Hale, Ben Klassen, World Church of the Creator, Race vs. Religion, Black History, Courthouse Dramas

by Eric Thomson

12 MARCH 05. Hail D.R.:

Many thanks for your letter of MAR 7th & the outstanding enclosure. I shall follow your advice in regard to spacing for better legibility. My high-tech manual typewriter indicates tha tthis setting is 1 1/2 space, rather than double space, & I hope this format is satisfactory. If not, I'll splurge & go to double space, but, as you know, I like to save paper for the war effort. Ha! & Hoot mon!

In regard to the revealing NY Times article on Matt Hale & the FBI raid on his E-mail/Snail mail pen pal, I'd say right off that neither Hale nor his pen pal strike me as White, but as typical mestizos (Eurasians); but as we know, the ZOG deems mestizos to be "White." I just don't, for they aren't. Gradually, we are beginning to use the Brazilian definition of "White," which means that one who is 3/4 Black and 1/4 White is "White." When I was in Latin America, anyone who did not have jet-black hair was referred to as "blond"! My hair was brown, so I was deemed 'blond.' With age, however, I am gradually becoming a real silver blond, so maybe they were speaking prophetically. Most Brazilians accept a mongrel status called "pardo," meaning "dark skinned" or "brown." These are members of the coffee-colored mass which The Jew World Ordure wants as their slaves & as their consumption/excretion units: a deracinated, atomized, interchangeable herd of featherless bipeds, a world proletariat, over which the jews would be "the master race."

A recent feature on NPR jewsradio reported the extent of the jews' anti-Semitic censorship of real Semites who teach about their people's status in The Middle East. Apparently, only jews should be permitted to teach their bastardized version of Middle East, that is, Semitic issues. One Arab professor allegedly told a jewess that she could not be a Semite, because she had green eyes. Our poor, befuddled Goyim do not, in the main, understand the difference between a race & a religion, just as they have been indoctrinated to equate "race" with place. It is relevant to note that an Arab who is always a Semite, could adopt Buddhism, a non-Semitic religion, but he would still be a Semite, for that is his race. Race is always distinct from religion. That's why we have two words with their distinct meanings. When other races adopt and/or steal another race's religion, as jews have mostly done, they do not, thereby, change their race, so they have no right to claim themselves to be "Semites," for having stolen their Semitic religion from its Arab originators, the Habiru Sagaz, or Desert Cutthroats, from which "Hebrew" is derived. The majority of Moslems are not racially Semites, either, although they practice religious solidarity with Arabs who are also Moslems. As we should also know, Arabs (Semites) are not all Moslems, although the majority are. There are Arab Christians & Arab jews (Sephardim), whose religions are also Semitic, as is their race, but no one, except a jew, would claim to be a Semite because he had a Semitic religion. Confucianism is a Chinese religion. Were I to adopt it, I would have no right, whatsoever, to call myself Chinese, nor to call Chinese people "anti-Asiatic." Least of all would I be entitled to invade Chinese territory & slay Chinese people, merely because I claimed to be a "Confucian"! Over to you, Mr. Jew.

In the Beginning, Ben Klassen, who I knew personally, created The Church of the Creator. People who I also know personally, worked with him at his Otto, N.C., H.Q. until his death by suicide. It was they who first told me about Klassen's recruitment policy, which accepted non-Whites as full members of his COTC, as long as they were not obviously Black. Klassen appeared to use the ZOG's definition of "White," which includes so-called Indians & other mestizos (Eurasians). This is apparently why Matt Hale sought refuge on a local Indian reservation, as I learned from the jewsmedia, on which he was allegedly captured by ZOG-thugs. As I have long said, anti-Zionist non-Whites, including jews, are welcome to collaboration in AZA, The Anti-Zionist Alliance, as are Whites, which are presently a network for co-ordination of anti-Zionist activities & information. Being anti-Zionist, however, does not make one "White," as any Black nationalist would agree, just as collaboration with Black anti-Zionists would not make one "Black."

I have long practiced what I preach. When I was in Rhodesia, I told Blacks when jews were screwing them. They often nodded wisely, & said: "Yahuda." That's all they needed to understand, for I was not, apparently, telling them anything new. The Arab jews had long been slave-masters & slave-traders, going back to "King Solomon's Mines" of legend, which were located in the Zimbabwe region. Zimbabwe, which I visisted & explored thoroughly, is an Arab/jew-fortified trading post, which is now the name accorded the former Rhodesia. The Blacks claim that this fortified structure was of their design & construction, although Blacks have rarely, if ever, built stone structures, save under the whips of alien taskmasters. This is the probable reason that there are similar structures in Yemen. Another problem confronting the Black Zimbabwe claimants is that the Blacks of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe do not originate from that place. The majority Mashona originated north of the Zambezi River, & in more recent times, the Matabele invaded the territory from Zululand in the south. Thus, the question of who it was that built the stone fortifications of Zimbabwe & worked the ancient mines of the territory remains in the purview of archaeologists & not that of Zimbabwean propagandists, just as the wonders of ancient, Pagan Rome cannot be claimed by the Christians who came to destroy Rome from the beginning of their cult.

Prior to the White invasion & colonization of Africa & the Americas, fixed state or 'national' boundaries were unheard of, for peoples were in constant motion, one tribe chasing another and/or invading its territory, driving survivors before them. In NE Rhodesia, where I was patrolling, I often came across Bushman paintings protected by rock outcrops, where there had been no Bushmen for centuries. The Bushmen are hunter-gatherers, whose bows are much too weak to kill game upon which they depend, so they must poison their arrows. After shooting or scratching their intended kill, which they must get very, very close to before they discharge their arrows, the Bushmen must pursue the animal until the poison causes it to drop, allowing them to butcher it. The idea is to reach the kill before some swifter predator does. Such methods to not provide sufficient nutrition for a great number of Bushmen, as do the herds & crops of the Bantu. Ironically, the Bantu herds & crops are producing the very desert conditions under which the small number of Bushmen can survive!

If it weren't for the Chinese, I'd guess that the Bushmen were the future of Africa, south of the Sahara. The Chinese are also producing deserts in China, so the future is uncertain in that regard, also. Like the Blacks, the Chinese over-log, over-graze & over-populate, in addition to their enormous industrial pollution, so the future may indeed belong to the hunting-gathering cultures. Great Roman cities are buried under the sands of once-fertile North Africa, as well as The Middle East, so it has all happened before. Deserts may prove to be mankind's foremost product. Stay tuned! Colonial experience may prove to be good for something, after all, especially if we can learn to avoid it!

As you also observe, the jews are rapidly colonizing Europe, especially Zionist Occupied Germany, which is ruled, ostensibly, by their shabez Goyim, just as the jews intended. It will be interesting to learn just what proportion of its population is German. As I gather from the jewsmedia & the Internet, most of the jews now invading Germany are not from the Western Hemisphere, but that may change. Clearly, they have created an invasion beachhead which they can exploit, should their yiddish dollar go 'thud' & their euros go up in value. The North American Goyim had better be on their toes, if they can get up from their normally positions, which are supine or on all fours. As you say, there really are no secrets, except for those who are too cowardly to face reality. I wonder if the jews can get the numerous Moselms in Europe either kicked out or subjugated by their pro-Zionist regimes, long enough for the hebes to pull off another scam. The Moslems seem wiser to the 'subjewgation' racket than do the White Remnant in Europe, so we shall see, probably sooner rather than later. As far as I know, the Moslem invasion of Europe is far more massive than the present jewish one, & it continues apace, for Europe's gates are open to all non-White invaders, thanks be to ZOG! Under Zionist globalism, the boundaries established by the Whites are being erased, so we have largely reverted to the pre-colonial status of Africa & North America, in which tribes were chasing other tribes around the territory, as they fled from other tribes & sought to deprive other tribes of their lands, ad infinitum. This pattern of human affairs continues, unbroken, despite our technology & supposed sophistication, for we remain predators, according to our biological imperatives. As we should know, predators survive best when they band together, so Whitey needs to get his act together, pronto! Not only are our lands being invaded, more & more, but we are being subjewgated under the Zionist (jew-supremacist) global empire or Jew World Ordure, which exudes a most unpleasant aroma.

I agree that the U.S.A. will probably attack Syria & Iran under similar bogus pretexts as those used to justify U.S. invasion & occupation of Iraq, since these 3 countries have long been on Israel's hitlist according to Victor Ostrovsky, whose statements have so far been borne out by events. I also believe that these U.S. war crimes will take place sooner rather than later, for the U.S. is dying rapidly from terminal 'globalitis,' as well as Zionism.

In this situation, the ZOG is likely to attack its own cities for demograhic, economic & political purposes, so as to gain time in its campaign to play kamekazi warriors for Israel, no matter what. The Moslems will serve as scapegoats, as in 9-11, so watch for jews leaving town, L.A. especially. When we know "cui bono?" we can usually predict the ZOG's target-selections: Syria & Iran, in conjunction with a U.S. city, such as L.A. How I'd love to be wrong! (As always.)

Isn't it interesting how the jewsmedia exploit our tendencies to stereotype. The two snipers who people thought were White & turned out to be Black, is one great example. So is the jewsmedia's idea that the family members' murderer "in revenge" of Matt Hale's imprisonment was a "White supremacist." Apparently, there was a list of non-White 'supremacists' who had grievances against the judge, one of whom appears to be the actual perpetrator, who may have been jewish, himself, despite his ostensibly Goy name. In the latest courtroom drama, starring Brian Nichols, I was struck by the jewsmedia's studious omission of the suspect's race, so I deduced that the perpetrator was Black.

That's my stereotype for believing, so far, that Brian Nichols is Black. I await the jewsmedia's further reports to prove me wrong in my deduction. "The Color of Crime" study reports that the tendency of Blacks to commit crimes of violence, in proportion to that of Whites, is the same proportion as that between men & women. A further study would be required to determine if White males were more effeminate than Blacks, or perhaps smarter in their commission of crimes, within the general population. Crime is definitely a growth industry in the U.S.A., thanks largely to ZOG's economic, demographic & political policies. Of course, the fact that we permit such policies means that the ZOG is not totally at fault!

Here in Brownest Yakima, Mount St. Helens is belching smoke & ash on a fairly steady basis, accompanied by minor earthquakes, so if I were a champion alcoholic, I might write a novel entitled Beneath the Volcano, as did Malcolm Lowery, who believed that alcohol was the true source of artistic inspiration. It may serve to overcome writers' block in favor of writers' blot, but I truly wonder at the late Hunter S. Thompson's (no relative of mine) ability to write coherently under the influence of all the drugs & alcohol he allegedly consumed. One writer opined that his suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound was merely a high-velocity pill for the ultimate 'drug-trip.' Maybe. Personally, I prefer coffee for my writing inspiration. Volcanoes aside, it seems generally agreed that Washington & Idaho are in for a record drought, & water rationing is already being discussed by the governor, beginning with irrigation in Central Washington, & 'voluntary' curtailment of water usage in urban areas. The governor already recommends less toilet-flushing, fewer showers & shorter ones, fewer laundries, fewer carwashings & garden waterings. That's why her water conservation policy is called "Phew!" In lieu of water, let the people drink beer! That way we can smell like drunks, rather than bums. One the 'up' side, the drought is likely to enhance the number of forest, brush & grassfires, which will create jobs in the short run. The governor has even requested that the ZOG release Washington National Guard troops from their duties in Iraq, in preparation for the early fire season in the NW. Now, that will be a cold day in July. Just imagine if National Guard troops were sent home to battle fires by El Presidente, who said of Iraqi insurgency: "Bring it on!" Now, he is likely to say, "Burn, baby, burn!" He can always be relied upon to put Israel's interests first. That's why he got elected under the ZOG's kosher voting system. As you say, what is Commissar Chertoff likely to do, before or after another 9-11 style ZOG-op? "Coming to your neighborhood, soon!" as they say in Hebrewood. DOWZ! & ORION!

Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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