March 19, 2005 -- To Harold Covington: Keith Fulton/Covington's White Nationalist Character Defects; White Supremacists vs. Separatists vs. Nationalists; White 'Amurricans & jew Infiltraitors

by Eric Thomson

19 MAR 05. Hail Harold [Covington]:

Many thanks for sending me Keith Fulton's fulminations on so-called White Nationalism & its alleged adherents' character defects. Mr. Fulton errs greatly in the numbers of "White Nationalists" he believes exist. I state for the record that a White Nationalist uses the slogan ORION! Those who do not accept that Our Race is Our Nation are NOT White Nationalists. Whatever they think they are is expressed in their sign-off slogans; & ORION! sign-offs are few & far between. So that leaves us with the majority of allegedly pro-White Whites who are mainly White supremacists & White separatists, but NOT White Nationalists. To the extent that you want to establish a White nation-state, you are a White Nationalist, but those who wish that some comfortable (for them) status quo ante will return are not W.N. I do not say that there are not those who think they are W.N., who are also dysfunctional, but they are likely as few, in proportion to the 'majority' of White Nationalists, as White Nationalists are few in proportion to the 'majority' of NS, KKK, Idiot Identity, 'conservatives,' American Renaissance, COTC, etc., including many who are not White, but mongrels.

As you & Fulton have said, Character is everything, in every case. I quote from Vol. 1 #2 of the November 1976 White Power Report: "Power Patterns: The Crazy Men of Destiny" by K.L. Holm: "Mingled with abnormal men at the outset, however, are the genuine misfits, losers & inferiors, the freakish, the defective & the malformed . . . . . accompany the exceptional men, though for different causes . . . . . Revolution, especially our Aryan upthrusts against the jew, makes tremendous personal demands far exceeding those of regular life & metes out the severest penalties. Only the hard, the healthy & the humorous will survive the fight & go forward." This underlines my point, that you may know all this, but there are always those who don't, so the message must be repeated, like the S.O.S. of The Titanic. Fulton is saying in a less poetic, less literate way, what Holm said decades ago. Why must we always re-invent the wheel? Because there are those who never got the message of decades back.

What Fulton is addressing is not the tiny number of White Nationalists, but the flabby body of Whties who are anything but: White "Amurricans" who pretend to be pro-White in word & deed, but are not. Certainly, we have known or heard of homos, weirdoes & con-artists who make pro-National Socialist and/or pro-White claims, & we know what little they do for the cause they espouse. You remember the notorious L.A. group of the homo-jew, Russell Veh, "NS Mobilizers"? I guess he died of AIDS in due course. Good riddance! of course. Franky Collin-Cohn, the pedophile, jewish "Nazi" leader" of Chicago is out & about, under his new guise, as "Mr. Joseph." I wonder if Keith Fulton would call these jews "White Nationalists," too? I'm sure the ADL would like to tar White Nationalism as a bunch of losers, for nationalism is what jews fear the most. Who, by the way, is Keith Fulton? Did he or does he work for a living? At what? I worked at coolie-type jobs after my return to the jew Ass Oy Veh, as do a growing number of apolitical Whites, if they are lucky enouhg to find work at all. One need not be a pretentious political radical to be at the bottom of U.S. society. There's lots of company down here!

As I have mentioned, I consider myself an American success story, so my dislike of ZOG has nothing to do with my living standard, which is great, but I remain a White Nationalist, so I proclaim: ORION!


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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