March 22, 2005 -- To D.R.: EM Wright & State Department; Nation vs. Empire; jew Nationalism in Russia and USA

by Eric Thomson

22 MAR 05. Hail D.R.!

Many, many thanks for your letter of March 18th & the outstanding enclosures! Yes, I received my March-April 2005 edition of The Backwoodsman, which is much appreciated. The major or salient point which impressed me most, on skimming over the Oral History Interview with Edwin M. Wright was his apparent ignorance of the extent of jew control over the U.S. government. I gather that he somehow thought that there were some pro-U.S. people in the District of Corruption, despite all the evidence he was amassing to th contrary. Or maybe he hooped that SOMEONE WOULD WAKE UP, at last, & turf the rabbinic rascals out. Imagine being in his position of knowing so much, while being able to do so little! That sounds like a bit of hell on earth. I am reminded of a recent airing of an NPR interview with George F. Kennan of the U.S. State Department who coyly said that "the interest group" to which the U.S. government is beholden "does not act in U.S. interests." Golly gee, who could they be? In regard to biology, places like North America, Italy, Britain, &c. are not racially homogenous. The question is simple as ABC, except it is DNA.

As you say, the history of so-called mankind is one of migration, including invasions & conquests. Just because a piece of land 'belonged' to one's ancestors does not mean that one need not defend it from all comers. The mere fact that someone occupied a territory 'first' is no argument against those who want it, & who will take it, if the present occupiers don't defend it. White behavior is thus contrary to Nature & oblivious to History. What a way to lose! In the case of China, we give them our industry in exchange for our land. In the case of Mexico, we give them our jobs in exchange for our land. A jew would ask, "What kind of 'good deal' is this?" In effect: Chinese take our industry & our land, while Mexicans take our jobs & our land. The only things exchanged are manufactured goods & labor: our birth right given for a mess of pottage which we could have & should have cooked ourselves! It is a classic example of short-term gains of little value for eventual losses of great value. A fool & his property are soon parted, & Whties seem to be cornering the Market on folly. Yes, as we observe in history, the defeated must leave the fertile lowlands for the hills & less habitable country. These conditions do not allow the defeated people to multiply, so they must concentrate on improving the quality of their population if they are to take back the fertile ground. If not, they just die out, unless their conquerors are foolish, & feed their vanquished foes. Only Whites do that, from what I've seen: another indication of our monopoly of folly.

There must be some revolutionary moles in the U.S. Congress, for I heard that the Senate has rejected curtailment of Government spending, while doubling tax cuts. This is really the ultimate in fiscal folly, or is it intentional sabotage? If I hated the U.S.A. & its denizens, I really could think of nothing worse than the present policies of the so-called U.S. government! The oil prices go up, because the U.S. dollar is going DOWN. We call this "inflation," but Greenspan avoids admitting this fact. According to him, the emperor wears fine clothing, indeed! Why do we have such inflation? Because the U.S.A. is spending trillions of dollars which represent NOTHING of value, & U.S. credit is as bad as our Middle East policy.

Are we fooling anyone, aside from ourselves? I think not.

As you say, Homeland Security, the FBI et al. are unlikely to do much to curtail domestic mestizo bandido activity. After all, their crimes are not "hate crimes" & not "Terrorism." Thanks for recommending Hermann's "Conquest by Man" in regard to the Zimbabwe ruins. I'll be on the lookout for it.

In regard to the jew-screws & scams operating in North America, the jew's control of real wealth is through his control of symbolic wealth. Real wealth is productive labor, & products which sustain life, along with the land, resources & equipment used by the labor force. Without the might to defend symbolic titles, deeds, &c., the jew is through. The same goes for his courts & legislatures as the ZOG disintegrates, largely BECAUSE of jewish policies. Robert Frens & I used to recall a telling scene in a Clint Eastwood movie, the title of which escapes me, since I never saw it from the beginning. The scene is set somewhere in SW U.S.A. in the 19th century. Mexicans are numerous, as compared to the Gringos, who have the laws on their side, especially in terms of land ownership. The Mexicans invade the local courthouse, where they confront a Gringo judge or other offical, who explains that they have no title to the land they occupy. the Mexicans demand to see what gives the Gringos th eright to kick them off the land, so the official shows them the paper. The Mexican leader says, "So this piece of paper gives you the right to seize our land." With that, he snatches the deed & sets fire to it, tossing it on the floor, where it burns. The Mexican observes: "No paper, now, so you have no title to our land." Que cosa! & Ay, caramba! The triumphant Mexicans ride out of town, leaving some bemused Gringos looking at the ashes on the floor. Mugabe of Zimbabwe was much more efficient: he just crossed out Whites' land ownership with a stroke of his pen.

It is intriguing to visualize the ZOG's demise. I can imagine scenes resembling the unceremonious U.S. departure from Saigon, from the roof of the U.S. Embassy. Perhaps that's the future of the jews in North America. That will be worth watching! No, if I were Chertoff, I would have severe doubts about affirmative action hiring policies for my Homeland Security thugs. Maybe he would staff his Cheka department with Israelis, like the alien soldiers in "They Live." I still believe that movie revealed everything most Goyim should know in regard to the jews & the jewsmedia. Yes, whom will ZOG target for 9-11 #2? All arrows point to a hispano-mestizo target, in my analysis, & that target is most likely L.A., as the ZOG has already advertised as to its lack of defences. Stay tuned! Watch for another Osama appearance on talmudvision.

I agree that the hand of ZOG is apparent in many incidents, along with jewsmedia coverage & 'spin' on the events, although I also believe that the Land of ZOG has a whole lot of dangerous nuts who are ready to explode into violent acts. With that as a 'given,' it is often hard to spot a specific ZOG-op. Jews remain jews, of course, regardless of 'conversion' from one religious sect to another, just as Japanese may become Christians or Moslems, but thtey remain Japanese. Theology is distinct from biology, & most jews are not religious, as we see in Israel. Yes, why did Hunter S. Thompson shoot himself, IF he really did? I have no particular suspicions that he did not. He may have viewed it as one more drug trip.

(re a kosher conservative flier)
This screed came from Rudy Blaum, who is a kosher conservative Idiot Identity "Christian" (sic). He wrote that he has "many jewish friends," lucky fellow! I replied that if he has jewish 'friends,' he never needs enemies. Ha! The "ex-U.S. Military Officer" with the incredible name, "Donn de GrandPre," allegedly authors conspiracy tales. He is, apparently, much loved by the kosher conservative blightwingers of the geezer variety. I pointed out to Rudy that it was peculiar how these retired military officers only belatedly discovered their 'patriotism.' I said that I never hung mine in the closet when I put on my U.S. Army uniform, as these belated 'patriots' did when they served the ZOG. Anyway, I thought it might amuse you. As you can guess, the military was not my career!

Thanks, also, for the cleverly prepared reusable envelope. I reuse all envelopes, as you may have noticed. Waste not, want not, eh?

All the best!


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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