March 24, 2005 -- To Gary: 88 Precepts vs. Simple Speech; GL Rockwell - Your Race Is Your Uniform; The Strong Will Survive

by Eric Thomson

24 MAR 05. Hail Gary:

Thanks for your letter of 22 MAR. It is great to read that you are busy increasing your knowlege & skills, & that you still make time available for your informational activities.

Recruitment on a one-to-one basis is, ideally, the best opportunity for communication. I don't think I have, or even recall having "The 88 Precepts," whatever those may be. Why can't we learn to ask ourselves, "Is it good for Whites?" That really says it all. In my files I have several wordy manifestos, that is, declarations of principle & policy. The NSDAP had only 25 points in their party program, for example. A jew said that there were over 200 explicit commandments which 'had' to be obeyed, not just 10. But, I have found out from experience that people, including myself, O.D. on words. The best concepts can be expressed in few words. The objective is to be concise, which means to give much information in few words. This is the opposite of academic writing, which usually gives little information in many words.

A political program is like a menu. The idea is to offer the potential diner things to eat, but can a menu make him hungry? Recruitment has to do with motivation. People can be motivated by a carrot or a stick approach, for instance. I can motivate someone to leave a room by cocking a pistol & telling him that he has so many seconds in which to leave, or else. Or, I can tell him that there is an enevelope for him in the next room which contains a sum of money. Such means can & do motivate people. There are degrees & nuances in motivation, one of which is education. In the abovementioned examples, neither proposition would motivate the individual if he did not know the meaning of being shot, or if he did not know what "money" was. In the case of an ostensible White who is racially clueless, Commander Rockwell's dictum applies, nevertheless: "Your skin is your uniform." This is how non-Whites see you, no matter how you act, & no matter what you may think of yourself or them. You are White & that's how the others see you, whether you can see yourself or not, as I know from firsthand experience.

Since one is White, whether he likes it or not, it behooves him to think & act in ways which allow him to survive in an anti-White society, which this is, more now than ever. To survive, one must lean important information, such as our strengths & our weaknesses. The strong survive, as a general rule, & knowledge contributes to our strength. It also allows us to better direct our energies. If I wish to survive as an individual White, then it is logical that I should work with those of my own kind on behalf of our mutual survival. In my experience, the lone White amid a sea of non-Whties is victimized & perishes. This has been my experience all over the world, & the U.S.A. is very much part of that world. So motivation is simple: the person to whom you communicate must know who he is, & he must wish to survive as who he is by knowing whta's good or bad for him: Since I'm White, is this good for Whites, including myself? Those who do not know such simple facts about themselves, & who cannot & will not learn are not worth your time, for if they are indeed White, they are inferior & dysgenic ones who should perish. In other words, people with survival instincts are already motivated, so our job is basically that of giving them survival tips, not only for them, but for their race & culture. I can predict that our time for such instruction will be short, as we are swept along by the current of events, for which we must be mentally & physically prepared. What is now will not always be, as we learn from history & our own experience.

All the best!


Eric Thomson

ZOG-LOGIC: We kill Arab Moslems in their countries as we let them populate North America. This would mean that those who are here are 'good,' while those who live in their own Arab Moslem countries are 'bad.' Since ZOG believes that one's place makes one 'good' or 'bad,' we should be able to stop the war in Iraq by bringing all the Arab Moslems here. Then we could embrace more diversity. Double-double good!

ZOG says: Homogeneity bad; homosexuality good.

jews say: Diversity is 'good' for Gentiles, but bad for jews. Therefore, ZOG says: Gentiles must be inclusive, while jews can be exclusive, unless they are non-White Gentiles.


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