March 31, 2005 -- To Johnathan: Siegmund Fraud & Schidzoid jews; Mental Illness Hereditary & Caused by Bad Diet; Mark Vonnegut; Karma & What Goes Around Comes Around

by Eric Thomson

31 MAR 05. Hail Johnathan!

It was great to receive your letter of MAR 26th, with your usual insightful discussions of always interesting topics. I'm glad to read that you enjoy reading my letters, since I also enjoy writing them. Psychology & psychiatry are "a pair to draw to," as some cynics would say. I believe that they must be related with anthropology in order to make them more understandable & more accurate, for man exists in a social, cultural context, & not all by himself.

Jung said that jewish psychology makes no sense when applied to Aryans, any more than Chinese psychology would apply to ancient Greeks. It is now admitted by psychiatrists that Freud projected his own perversions upon society as a whole, & that he promoted a whole school of thinking based on his own peculiar images, which only seemed to apply to some of his fellow Viennese jews. Freud's school of psychoanalysis provides a good income for Freudian psychoanalysts, but apparently provides few cures of its patients, unless they quit going to their sessions. Wiser people observe that it's much cheaper & just as effective to confess to one's priest or bartender if one has weighty problems on his mind. Freud was ballyhooed by his kosher congeners, just as they did Einstein & Picasso, who were both kosher Communists, & also quacks in their purported fields.

Freud palmed his personal pornographic imagery into a pseudo-science. Einstein plagiarized E = mc2 from its inventor, Poincaré, whose patent thereon Einstein copied when he worked as a patents clerk in the Swiss Patents Office. Picasso admitted that he was a phoney in a 1935 interview published in Le Soir, & that he was bilking the "damned bourgeoisie" by selling his works to them. Spoken like a true kosher Commie. As I understand, his collage/montage mess which he or some propagandist dubbed "Guernica" in 1937 had been created by Picasso, back in 1935, & not AFTER the alleged incident of 1937 which allegedly occurred that year in Spain. As I read, the London Times correspondent, Cardoso, reported very little damage, aside from demolitions on the town which were perpetrated by the fleeing Reds, as they had done to all the towns liberated by advancing Nationalist forces. "Guernica," the name of a famous Basque town, was labelled as a Nationalist "atrocity" by Red propagandists.

Mental illness is said to be hereditary in large part. A jovial insane asylum attendant had read up on the subject & he said that most of the inmates in this state "flip out" when the program in their genes flips on, so insanity is very much like baldness, growth, hair or eye color. That's why it's so important, he said, to check family histories before getting married & having children, but instead, people just find a hole & fill it or find a pole & stuff it in carless, reckless fashion, so mental illness is a growth industry in this country.

In many cases, schizophrenia can be brought on by a very low protein diet. I have known two people here who have described their mental impairment as full-blown schizophrenics, which was only cured by proper diet. The first I ever heard of diet related to mental illness was in a German book which was illustrated with paintings made by mental patients as they entered the asylum for which treatment & as their treatment proceeded. The entering schizophrenic patient painted just like Picasso, but as his diet & therapy proceeded, his painting became similar to that of classic Dutch masters: people looked like people, trees like trees, &c. One writer has correlated schizophrenia with jews. A film which I watched cited data from the Weimar Republic, although it had a Nazi narrator. It was entitled "Erbkrank" (Hereditary Illness), & it reported that the jews of Germany were a very small percentage of the country's population, but they made up a much higher percentage of asylum inmates, decades before Hitler. This is similar to the Blacks' percentage of the U.S. population, which is much smaller than their percentage in the U.S. prison population, according to ZOG statistics. As we see in the case of Freud, the jew points an accusing finger at his host people, & he points 3 fingers back at himself, in regard to mental illness. To top things off, Freud was also a cocaine addict who believed that cocaine was a cure for most everything, including cancer! He was wrong, of course.

A good study of schizophrenia by one who suffered it is called "Eden Express" by Mark Vonnegut, son of writer Kurt Vonnegut, who wrote Slaughterhouse Five. As the jovial insane asylum attendant whom I met in Yakima, where he was attending a mental health conference, told me, mental illness takes hold, regardless of stress, just like the onset of baldness. This was certainly the case with Mark Vonnegut, according to his own account. Gradually, he became totally dysfunctional as a person, a danger to himself & to others, who lived in a very unpleasant prison which was of his own making, albeit unwillingly. He was not happy with his state of mind & there was no apparent cure, regardless of the drugs prescribed. Vonnegut, as I gathered from one source, is a jew, so he went back to Jew York City where he met a jew-doc who knew what ailed him: protein deficiency! Maybe the quacks who treated him unsuccessfuly on the west coast were Gentiles. At any rate, Mark soon left his schizophrenia behind him, & he vowed to shun his previous hippie macrobiotic diet which apparently got him into trouble because of lack of protein. No, Freud would not have cured him in any shape, form or manner!

When I lived in Europe, I encountered a young jewess who was very unhappy, as she often said. She frequented a small cafe in Brussels which was a hangout for the sort of people the British describe as "odds & sodds," the sort of people I get along with, in other words. If you recall seeing any foreign-intrigue movies, say, with Humphrey Bogart, in which he finds himself in a dive with slowly-turning ceiling fans, waiters wearing fezzes, Peter Lorre & Sydney Greenstreet plotting at a corner table, &c. Then, I'd be there, chatting with a certain German officer in the smoky background. Ha! Well, many people imagine the 'worst' of me, & I can say they're absolutely correct! In this small cafe in Brussels there was an old fellow who recruited for the Congolese mercenaries. I wa not tempted to join up, since my own U.S. Army experience was too fresh & my Colombian Civil War experience was even fresher. As it turned out, my African Adventures occurred in due course, much to my surprise. This unhappy jewess who attempted to cadge soup & beer from all who would listen to her tale of woe became the subject of discussion in the cafe. One Englishman & his Belgian girlfriend thought her problems were mental. I agreed, because poverty is largely dependent upon one's realization that one is poor. I asked them if there was any problem about which she complained which could not be cured by cash. Yes, we concluded: she is crazy for lack of cash!

One evening, I suggested that she find a job. With that, she stomped out, after calling me an "anti-Semite." As they say, never give free advice. This is the rule in Freudian psycho-quackery: always charge just what the victim, er, patient will bear. If the sessions are too cheap, the patient will think that they are of no importance & hence, ineffective, but if he finds payments sufficiently painful to his purse, he will think that they must be worth a good deal for his recovery or his achievement of mental health. This is jewish-thinking: if it's free, it must be worthless, but if something is costly, it 'must' be valuable. This reveals that the person has no taste, & that he judges the world by its price tags, rather than its qualities. As economist Werner Sombart declared: "America is the distilled essence of Judaism!" That's where we get the idea that 'more & bigger is better & better,' when it's the quality that counts, rather than the quantity. The jews claim, however, that "It's all a matter of numbers." That's a pretty sick statement, come to think of it. I'll bet the Bush regime would freak out if someone told them that poverty was an illness which required adequate 'medication' in the form of food, clothing & shelter. "Oy veh!" Bush would say.

In regard to others' judgment of oneself, the Scottish poet, Robert Burns, said it would be quite a gift if we could see ourselves the way others see us. As you observe, the jews fear that "what goes around comes around." Savitri Devi, with whom I corresponded when she was in India & later, in Germany, believed in "karma," which I understand to be a fate which one has earned by good deeds or bad ones during his lifetime, & which will be rewarded or punished in this life or the next, or the life after that, ad infinitum. I was surprised to read the reaction of thoes who asked you to explain who the Odinist/Asatru deities were. Rather than being frightened, I'd be inspired by your definition. It's as if they had asked you what The Statue of Liberty represents (the goddess of Liberty) & they got scared when you explained THAT to them. Actually, her previous name was Commerce, & she was meant to stand at the entrance to The Suez Canal which the French had built & the British took over. The Brits did not want a republican statue decorating their canal, after they'd bought controlling interest in the Suez Canal Company, so it got palmed off on the Americans. "Liberty," indeed!

Further to anthropology, a jew professor of the subject declared that "there is no such thing as a 'sick society'!" I asked him if he would call Nazi Germany & Soviet Russia 'healthy societies.' The jew flipped out and accused me of "sabotage." I did get a "C" in his course, but maybe he didn't know my name, since there were about 300 students in his course. I have never had a jew teacher who did not do his subject a great disservice, but we sure could learn plenty about jews!

All the best.


Eric Thomson

P.S.: Newsflash: The Mexican invaders of this part of "Aztlan" are protesting about having to show I.D. in order to vote. When I voted in 1960, in California, I.D. & proof of citizenship were required from all voters. Elections are pretty much a joke, & the joke's on us. Our income tax forms arrived yesterday, all in Spanish. In King County, WA, I understand that they are in Chinese.

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