April 2, 2005 -- To Chad: Diversity Brings Disease; Changes in Employment Since 1960s; Open Borders; Ron McVan & Lack of White Creativity

by Eric Thomson

2 APR 05. Hail Chad!

Many thanks for your letter of MAR 28th. Not bad for 'snail mail,' eh? I'm glad you're over the flu. 'Diversity' seems to make the flu bugs more frequent & more persistent, as I've noticed here in Brownest Yakima. Then, too, TB is epidemic here, so a little flu is preferable. According to a New York Times article of a few years ago, Asians & part-Asians, which include "American Indians," Mexicans, Chinese, mestizos (Eurasians), etc. are not only prone to TB infections & the spreading thereof, but they are also resistant to the drugs which are used to treat the disease. They also like to spit, which is a primary means of passing the infection on to others. AIDS brings out dormant TB, by lowering the body's immunity. Current U.S. statistics report that over 1 out of 50 Black males is HIV+, so we are suppoesd to "embrace diversity." I tell the zoglings to embrace a porcupine, which is probably much healthier. Ha!

Life on the outside is a big change for people who have been 'institutionalized' long enough for them to adapt to such a lifestyle. In other words, prisoners, hospital inmates, military personnel & people who never left their parents' homes, as well as former residents of communist countries exhibit one major characteristic: their lack of initiative. When they are on their own, there is no one to tell them what & what not to do, nor when to do it. There is no assigned job for them, nor assigned living quarters. Under their previous regimes, there was little freedom, if any, but when things are suddenly left to the individual, there is freedom to starve & to freeze as well. Fortunately, I understand that prisoners can look forward to "half-way houses" which allow for a gradual transition into civilian life. I returned to the Land of ZOG alias "Usrael" in 1992. Although I had not been living in any institutions, I had lived outside the country, so life was quite different here, than it was when I left for my first long expatriation in 1961. Car expenses were a much greater part of one's expenses than in the fifties & sixties. Car insurance was exorbitant, even though I purposely bought a 'granny-mobile,' & I never got a traffic ticket, nor flunked a driving test in my life. Fuel prices were also higher, but nothing like now.

My first U.S. job since 1961 was as a gardener at minimum-wages of $6 an hour. After working to exhaustion every day at temperatures averaging 100 degrees F., often in 100% humidity, I discovered that my normal living expenses were COSTING me $1000 every 5 months, so I was working and going broke at the same time. The rent & car expenses were killing me, not to mention the hard work. Back in the 1960s, people could drive across the U.S.A. & find work wherever they ran low on gas. My "ace in the hole" was my willingness & ability to take any job, no matter how hard & dirty, but the illegal & legal aliens have pretty much taken those jobs, including my old gardening job in Louisville, Ky. Skilled jobs remain, to some extent, but the better paid manufacturing jobs are leaving for China, or have already left. Mexicans complain about that happening in Mexico, as well. Computer-related jobs, like the one I had here in Yakima, leave for India, as mine did, so I exist only on Social Security + Foodstamps + subsidized housing. I am bilingual (Spanish & English), but I am the wrong age, the wrong race, the wrong sex, so I'm as well off financially as I can be right now. If I were younger, I would not be so lucky! In other words, I've never had it so good! How long this will last, I have no idea, for this Land of ZOG seems to be heading for the bottom pretty fast, as the muds pour in & the jobs pour out, while the ZOG blows our jew I.O.U.'s on wars for the sole benefit of Israel, & our economy borrows from Japan & China, our dollar's sole support these days.

As I write, the U.S.$ has already lost 35% or more in relation to the euro. Fuel prices are up because the dollar is going down. It is not the scarcity of oil, but the SURPLUS of worthless dollars which drives fuel prices up. But the ZOG claims "there is no inflation (to speak of)." One major advantage of the present Social Security system is that it is indexed to the cost of living. The private savings & investment programs recommended by el presidente Bush do not mention this important factor, so let the people beware!

Meanwhile, on the border down Mexico way, some U.S. citizens are protesting the ZOG's open border policy. The alien invaders & the ZOG are worth watching. For the "U.S.A.," this will be "the Moment of Truth," as they say of bullfighting. If the ZOG refuses to protect the border from the alien invaders, & therefore refuses to maintain the territorial integrity of the U.S.A., then we are justified in asking why our troops are commmitted overseas, when 'our' government is not committed to defending the U.S.A. The U.S. people appear to suffer from a combination of stupidity & cowardice, both of which are fast losing them their former country. Yes, we can also throw in the Greed Factor: hire "cheap" labor; lose the land on which you stand. Such a deal! Welcome to the Jew World Ordure of "globalism." (It used to be called "communism," back during the days of the phony "Cold War," but it was always the same kosher-bankster racket which goes back at least to Christianity & Freemasonry.)

My idea to help our former correspondents with their "labor shortage" is that they could exchange their labor: the Texan could go to Idaho & clear the gutters, while the Idahoan could go to Texas & clear brush. Ha!

In regard to Klassen's recruitment policy, if he admitted non-Whites, why stop? He seemed to believe in "the more the merrier," somewhat like the Pontifex Maximus of Rome. I'm unaware of the present Panzerfaust palaver, & I don't know any of those involved in the squabble.

I hope you know that Ron McVan is a multi-talented artist, whose works I have attempted to promote amongst my network of correspondents, without any success, to my knowledge. He is also a good musician, whose songs & music should be promoted in our circles. It is a great shame that our people who are so lacking in creative talent would let Ron dry up on the vine, so to speak. What is wrong with our people? I also suggest that those of us with the means would have no difficulty making White Adventure Movies, using digital technology & video cameras. Movies are easier & cheaper to make than ever, so why is this not being done?

I am glad to learn that you will have lots of help when you get out of the ZOG-gulag. That sure beats being let out in front of the prison on a cold, wet night, all alone, to fend for yourself. Ha!

All the best to you & yours.

14 Words, DOWZ! & ORION!

Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and www.MartinLindstedt.org.



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