Blightwing Zundelization -- A Paragon of Political Pathology

by Eric Thomson

It is notable that members of the blightwing have raised their pens and their voices, purportedly on behalf of Ernst Zundel, who they believe is now safely put away in Zionist Occupied Germany’s gulag, with no chance of getting out alive. These characters were doing their blight-wing thing before, during and after Zundel’s decline and fall, but only recently have they touted their sympathy and their indignation for his mistreatment by the ZOG. When Zundel was leading a big anti-Holohoax campaign with active supporters, the blighters kept very, very quiet about him, more so than did the jewsmedia, for Zundel represented competition, financially, organizationally and above all, egotistically. I know this because I was an active Zundelist for many years in which blightwing support, even in the form of grudging publicity about his considerable efforts on behalf of truth, freedom & justice, was entirely lacking, especially among his present purveyors of publicity. So, why now?

It has to do with blight-wing mentality, as if we didn’t already know! I have mentioned the initial reasons why the blighters reject all newcomers on the scene, but there are other reasons which bear consideration for the future: Blighters are not the only ones who choose not to heed, but to shun potential leaders whose programs have sufficient validity to incur the wrath of the ZOG. Yes, folks, it is risky to be pro-White and anti-Zionist, even when one takes the money and runs, as in the “Zud’s” case. By doing so, The Zud made himself both vulnerable to ZOG attack, and he had inflamed the Zionists: “How dare he make money at our expense?” They obviously felt that their egos had been tweaked, as I would agree, so it was ‘adios’, Mr. Zud!

FEDZOGUSA let him reside in the U.S.A. Being jew-dominated, it was no surprise that they pulled an old KGB/NKVD/CHEKA trick on him: they let him enjoy his ersatz Berchtesgaden on his supporters’ money, just long enough for him to become accustomed to his new life. Then, they swooped down upon him and threw him into their ZOG-gulag in “China-duh” alias Canada, where he languished in solitary confinement, under the pretext of an ‘immigration hearing’ which lasted over 2 years! CANZOG took that opportunity to squeeze more money out of the hapless Zudniks who responded to the shekel-grubbers’ siren song of “please send us funds to free our Zud”, even when knowledgeable people realized that no amount of zogbucks would free him from the kosher clutches of the ZOG. In brief, it was just more money down the rathole, perhaps donated in lieu of doing anything effective, since that would have required an organization, and The Zud had personally destroyed such an activist group, before he took the money and ran. The irony is that several of his touted shekel-grubbers alias fund-raisers, were blighters who had given him the silent treatment during his active years! Does this reflect a change of heart, albeit much too late, or is it another blightwing scheme to boost their egos and their supply of zogbucks? Stay tuned, for the answer will not be long in coming!

E.Z., R.I.P.,


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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