April 6, 2005 -- To Michael: Getting Everything In Writing; A Different Mirror; Perkins Interview As 'Economic Terrorist'; Civil War II; Wars with Columbia, China

by Eric Thomson

6 April 05. Dear Michael:

Many thanks for your letter of 4-4-05. Firstly, my net nerds recommended double-spacing for ease in scanning typewritten text. I get by with 1 1/2 spacing. They did not specify any particular margins, so they seem to be satisfied as long as I do not run off the edge of the page with my text. Until I hear differently, I shall continue with this format.

Congratulations on your ‘correctness’ in regard to your two cellmates. I deem all such procedures as tests. Maybe I’ve associated with spooks too long. Ha! Congratulations, also for your receipt of not one, but two whole copies of “The Color of Crime”, thanks be to ZOG! No, I do not understand what the zoggies of your gulag find so objectionable about the RNPA subscriber/membership card. As I recall, it had no inflammatory slogans thereon. Nor is the RNPA an illegal group. Its leader, Karl Hand runs for political office in U.S. elections. Hey, maybe those are banned by ZOG! I do not know their motives in seizing or prohibiting the card. RNPA is no more racist than the NAACP. In regard to my status as expert witness, it seems that your zoggies may get paid for their alleged legal expertise, but they don’t seem to know much about law & legal procedure. Any lawyer will tell you to “have it in writing.” I do not do business over the phone, nor on a mere face-to-face basis. All proposals must be in writing, such as written orders and/or financial statements. The ZOG-mercs who got into hot water over the Abu Ghraib torture scandal DID NOT HAVE written orders. Those who did were not prosecuted, for they could prove who told them to do their dirty deeds. Since my residential address is not secure for receipt of mail, all written communications may be addressed to my P.O. Box. I do not run a drop in center for lonely zoggies, nor do I engage in casual, ‘off the cuff’ chit-chat on legal matters. Perhaps zoggies are ignorant that we have an adversarial system of justice. I am not ignorant of that fact, however. All communications must be in writing.

You are correct about Scharnhorst being a German military hero around the time of Clausewitz. Scharnhorst was a Prussian general from the Napoleonic Wars who lived from 1755 to 1813, according to my dictionary. As you know, battles may be fought in many fields, with a multi­tude of strategies and tactics. Politics is people-power, and it is far more creative and inclusive than is mere military procedure, if the politician knows his art. The winning strategy is to get the enemy to use his strength against himself. This was a tactic we used against the jews’ Holohoax propaganda: the well-heeled hebes would use their media to shout "Holocaust!" and we would whisper: “Is a hoax.” There occurred a great gnashing of teeth and outraged wailing from the Zionist liars, which continues to this day. Politics is indeed the “art of the possible.”

As I see it, “A Different Mirror" is grist for the White Nationalist mill, for it shows that the U.S. system exploits all races, including Whites whom it uses as slaves and as cannon-fodder. Takaki avoids mention of non-White slave-owners and Blacks who fought for the South in Confederate uniforms before there were Blacks in the Union Army. Slavery was abolished in Brazil in 1888, without a civil war, so the U.S. Civil War could have been avoided, if slavery was the ONLY issue. Writers of the Civil War period have stated that slavery was not really the jssue, but states’ rights.

Thanks for supporting my views of the Perkins interview by a kosher commie type. Perkins impressed me as having a death-wish, for I would take such warnings and bribes seriously, were I in his position. No, I wouldn’t try to sell him any life insurance. Banksters have their ways of doing business, and they have not changed since Lincoln was president. It’s “borrow or else”. Three 20th century leaders who refused to borrow were Tsar Nicholas II, Adolf Hitler and John F. Kennedy. Ceaucescu, the Red dictator of Romania, was the only dictator killed in the changeover from kosher communism to kosher capitalism, and Romania was the only country on earth which had no national debt. The Jew, Landau, changed his name to “Roman” and took over Romania which now has a national debt, like all other countries. Such a deal! I found Perkins’ story of interest because it reveals the ‘privatization’ and globalization of U.S. government agencies, and it updated the recent victims of bankster extortion, which confirms that it’s business as usual.

According to a Polish source, the late Pope would be deemed Jewish if he had gone to Israel. His mother’s name was Wanda Katz, which is not Polish!

The Civil War II scenario is conceivable, provided all races in the U.S.A. deem open borders to be adverse to their perceived interests. So far, there is no such general consensus as long as Democrats want the votes and Republicans want the ‘cheap labor’. Margolis asked his fat-cat colleagues in Beverly Hills why California was broke. They replied that illegals were ‘cheap labor’ for them, but their dependents cost the tax-payers plenty. The jew textile mill owners in Rhodesia worked the same racket: low wages for workers and subsidies from the tax­payers. I knew these rascals by name, since I was also Assistant Registrar of Companies. Eric Margolis is a U.S. citizen whose columns are not published in this country, but only in Canada, to my knowledge. He is a cosmopolitan and independently wealthy as I understand. I read that his mother is Egyptian and he is probably Jewish, but not necessarily a Zionist, unlike President Bush & Company.

Further to the purpose of Perkins’ revelations, the U.S. tiff with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela comes to mind. A Jew writer in the recent National Review targets Chavez for removal by any means, since he is populist and charismatic, and he displeases oil-banksters big time. The Jew does not mention his connection with China, however, but with Castro. Oil-hungry, money-rich China would be the one to watch, but the U.S. appears to be bribing Colombians to oust Chavez. A proxy war in Latin America could spread into the U.S.A., so our ZOG is playing with Chinese firecrackers. It is likely that the U.S.A. will get its fingers burned and/or blown off in the process. One net-nerd declared that the U.S. could defeat China’s superior numbers with superior weapons. I replied that we are giving the Chinese all our latest military technology via Israel and Jews like Loral’s Bernie Schwartz, plus we are letting them occupy North America without a fight, so a great military writer like Sun Tzu would deduce that we have already lost any conflict with China which we may decide to embark upon. Sun Tzu wrote that the superior general wages war successfully before the battle, so the battle is merely a military fanfare for his victory over an enemy who is already defeated. Your reputation will be achieved with your legal actions and your excellent writing. Keep up the great work.

All the best.


Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and www.MartinLindstedt.org.



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