Eric Thomson -- To Michael: Conditions in State and ZOG Gulags; jews Popping Up All Over; Some jews Expendible; jew Behavior; 'White' Traitors; Gone until May 11, 2005 -- April. 20, 2005

April 20, 2005 -- To Michael: Conditions in State and ZOG Gulags; jews Popping Up All Over; Some jews Expendible; jew Behavior; 'White' Traitors; Gone until May 11, 2005

by Eric Thomson

20 April 05. Dear Michael; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It was good to receive your letter of April l7th & I’m sorry to learn of your latest tweaks from the zoggies of your gulag. I hope that Nietzsche’s saying applies in your case: “That which does not kill me makes me stronger.” It appears that the ZOG prefers to train hardened, determined, activist opponents by such pettiness in your case. What if the tables were turned?

Yes, ZOG communications to me must be in writing, as will be my response. It sounds like Madam W. is playing bureaucratic bingo with you, but that’s old stuff. I recall a Holohoax-related civil suit in Mexifornia in which a defense witness, the jew, Ditlieb Felderer-Culver, was denied a visa to enter the Jew Ass Oy Veh in order to defend himself in the trial,by FEDZOGUSA. Ditlieb is a Swedish citizen with no criminal record in terms of U.S. law. By federal denial of his right to defend himself from accusations made against him by the jew, Mermelstein, & his lawyers, Ditlieb suffered a judgement against him of $5 million, just one million short of “Six Million”, perhaps because he was jewish. Ha! This judgement is enforceable in Sweden, as I understand, although it emanates from the U.S.A., where he has no right to defend himself. As Hitler declared: “The more we hear of ‘rights’, the fewer there will be!” ZOG knows. The world is falling under the dictatorship of a hypocrisy, which is deemed “democracy” in typical Orwellian terms. To be a Zionist victim, all you need is to believe their words.

In regard to the use of the WSP Chapel, I congratulate all activists on their progress. In a multi-cultural society like this, it ill behooves the minions of Federal & State governments to claim any form of ‘universality’ in morals or religion, & ZOG’s practice thereof. ZOG is an armed, Zionist minority with no valid moral claims in a relativist, multi-cultural society, such as this one. Indeed, who are the victims, other than victims of the ZOG?

Yes, jews are popping out all over. I had not heard of Jensen. Some jews, like The Zud, may have been ignorant of their nationality, but it is wise to find out who your parents are, in national terms, before one embarks in favor of one nation or another: Khazar or German in the case of The Zud. Irving’s behavior is inscrutable. There are many possibilities: a jew may be ignorant of his background. He may be ignorant & nuts, because many jews are nuts, whether or not they know they are jews. He may know he is jewish, but he gets his jollies risking being found out, as well as pretending to be a member of his racial enemy, Whites, in particular. Then there is the instruction of The Protocols of Zion, #5, for example:”We shall assume to ourselves . . . . all parties . . . . all directions . . . . .” This policy has a twofold pur­pose, as I see it: jews will sponsor & direct all contending groups so as to confuse the Goyim with a multitude of programs so as to produce a weapon of mass-distraction. Also, they will seek to direct & control their ostensible opposition, either with actual jews, or with corrupt Goy frontmen, thereby creating a ‘loyal’ & misled opposition, which is easily defeated, and/or used for Zionist purposes. The Christian churches were the original jew-contrived “Trojan Horse” for use against Gentiles, with their folly of ‘conversion', regardless of race.

Another bogus doctrine was that of Marxism or Communism, with most of its tenets in common with Christianity, except for a Big Sky Jew. As I recall, many of the Bolshevik propaganda posters depicted evil capitalists who were obviously jews with penguin proportions who grasped bloated moneybags in one hand & fat cigars in the others. Yet, it was largely jews who led & backed Communism in Russia, & who spread the lie that Red Russia under the jew, “Stalin” & his mentor, Kaganovich, was ‘anti-jewish’. I watched a CBC-TV feature on Russia under “Stalin”, & one jew was interviewed in Moscow as a Communist Party member under “Stalin”. He said in Yiddish (Yid-Deutsch): “Ja, Stalin wahr zehr gut für die Yidden.” (Yes, Stalin was very good for the jews.) The few exceptions, like "Trotsky” & Company, whose ‘crimes’ were failure to conquer Europe, allowed “Stalin” to conceal his own plans for conquest. Yes, Sarah, jews are deemed expendable by jews, just as Lansky deemed Bugsy expendable, and jew Israelis deemed Rabin. Jews who kill jews remain jews, but dumb Goyim do not understand! Perhaps this explains why jews are so ubiquitous in fields which are perceived to be in their national interests, such as pro- White, anti-Zionist efforts. The role of Christianity is clearly outlined in The Protocols, complete with jew Popes & their sheenie-beanies. Even Zionist ‘enemies' are supposed to be ‘kosher’, to bemuse the sheeple (Goyim). Orwell depicted this tactic in “1984” in which Big Brother was always ‘combatting’ the eternal ‘villain’ & 'enemy' "Goldstein", if I recall his name correctly, but it turned out that “Goldstein” was a government agency!

Christians tell me that their priests may be corrupt, but their blessings are still valid, as if a dirty vessel allows for clean contents! Jesus has already been portrayed as a Black female by a Christian nun. If you’d like a photocopy, I can send it to you. Christianity has waged war against Whites ever since the jew, Saul, inflicted it on the Greeks. Boy, was it ever effective! Your behavior with your cellies proves the efficacy of The Protocols’ adage that “might makes right” & that it also quells disorderly mobs, for whom Napoleon recommended “A whiff of grapeshot.” I enjoyed your poem in regard to “flappin’ gums”. Ha!

Weigand’s scheme is apparently to have you reveal your arguments & evidence so she can alter her case accordingly. CANZOG did that after the conclusion of the preliminary hearing in the First Holohoax Trial, by calling entirely different witnesses against the Abominable Zud’s defence team, including myself. My witness of the jewdicial tricks & perjured kosher testi­mony was truly educational, however tedious. It helps us to know that the ZOG is One, just like The Symbolic Snake of The Protocols, which behaves like a snake everywhere it goes. Would you be able to compel Weigand to submit similar documentation on her case, before the Summary Judgement Hearing? In other words, what is the purpose of pre-hearing submissions? It sounds like subversion of the legal system to me, like a 'trial' before a proper trial. Weigand seems guilty of contempt for law & due process, so she could be getting deeper into trouble by seeking to avoid trouble in her ostensibly devious ways. “What a tangled web we, weave, when we practice to deceive!”

My assessment of Thomas Paine coincides with yours. He produced a vulgar rendition of Thomas Jefferson’s egalitarian insanity designed to befuddle the Goyim, whichit did. As you say the jews continue to promote all sorts of discredited views in hopes of catching more Goy suckers. It’s like running a constant opinion poll: Let’s see, Armageddonist Judeo-Zionism is up 63%, Biblical Flat Earth proponents are down 54%; Judeo-Communism & Judeo-Capitalism are about 40 to 60 percent, &c. On the pedophile front, Cardinal Law & Michael Jackson are running neck & neck. ZOG policies are adjusted according to such trends, but always in ZOG’s favor, as described in The Protocols.

As you note, “The Id of the Yid” is unnecessarily verbose, although I thoroughly enjoyed it. As an Aryan, my feelings about civility reflect my ability to think of others’ comfort & wellbeing. I consider civilized behavior as that which I feel comfortable with in others’ company. Therefore, I would not wish to inflict behavior upon others which I would find offensive myself. The jews’ pathological insistence on “letting it all hang out” conforms with their unpleasant & disgusting behavior in others’ company. This behavior is no virtue, but goes beyond vice, for it is a form of hostility, a declaration of war upon those who suffer such behavior. It is indeed jewish paranoia inviting counter-attack from their victims.Freud revealed this jewish attitude in “Civilization & Its Discontents”. It is obvious from such notable hebes that they are here to destroy what remains of our society, as well as render us extinct as a race. Jews cry “Genocide!” & they are the worst perpetrators of it, as they boast since biblical times. That’s why some observers say that “The one who points a finger at another points three fingers back at himself."

As you say, the jews promote beliefs, doctrines, parties & programs in which they do not be lieve themselves, for such ideas are for the Goyim whom they divide & confuse, in the service of the jews. Once you see the pattern, it is as if you have put on those ‘special sunglasses’ in “They Live!” What I see is that the jews change their emphasis. Douglas Reed predicted that the jews would drop Communism in favor of Zionism, since Communism was a stepping-stone toward Zionism, & led to the establishment of Zionist Occupied Palestine alias Israel. The USSR was first to recognize that genocidal state, shortly followed by the USA. Israel still gets its oil from the former USSR, so all the blather about “Russian Anti-Zionism" is just more jew-lies for Goy consumption.

I do not blame jews & Zionists for the world’s misfortunes, however, despite their ubiquity & their iniquity, for the blame clearly rests upon those of us who serve jewish interests against our own, just as the Freemason-like Earth-Traitors served the jew-like aliens in “They Live!” As we know, most servants of Zion are neither Freemasons nor Christians, so there is lots of blame to go around. Whites are demonstrably their own worst enemies. Years ago an “Identity” preacher bemoaned the evils done by jews, so I said: “Suppose I had a magic wand which I could wave & say, ‘jews be gone!’ and that they would vanish in puffs of room deodorizer.” “Great!” exclaimed the preacher. I said, “The next thing you would hear would be the thunder of Goy feet, rushing to hop into the jews’ shoes so as to get into the jews’ rackets.” Henry Ford opined that more jews were not getting into business. It was that more businessmen were behaving like jews!” As Ford said, “The Protocols fitted then, & they do today.” What the jews say of us therein explains our present status, if their words are true. Thus, it is wise for us to read what they say about us, & if we find those words to be true, it is incumbent upon us to CHANGE our behavior so the jews cannot profit by their behavior, at our expense. Let’s start: Stay debt-free & shun TV. Ask always: Is this good for Whites? These things are within our power to do, so the sooner we do them, the better for us.

All the best!


Eric Thomson

22 April 2005: Hail Martin [Lindstedt]! I must be out of town until May 11th, so I'll write when I return to Brownest Yakima.

All the best! DOWZ! & ORION!

Eric Thomson

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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