3 MAY 04

Hail Johnathan! Many thanks for your letter & enclosures of 25 April. I will send your "115s" to those most appreciative of them. Incidentally, Franklin D. Roosevelt, our jew president, decreed that "hispanics" are "White", as I understand from reading wanted posters in the post office. If, under ZOG, you are "White" and the spics are also "White", then how could you be involved in a "race riot"? The ZOG wants it both ways, it seems, always.That's why we live in a hypocrisy, not a democracy. Your replies to the skraelings of all persuasions were great, and they reflect knowledge on your part. Congratulations! When jews ask me if I'm "anti-Semitic", I reply, "No, I don't shoot Arabs." Ha!

Great SealYes, I confess to being a Son of the American Revolution, that is, from a long line of "illegal combatants" who broke their oaths to King George III, and who decided to take over the rackets in North America. Samuel Adams was disgusted by Charles Thomson's design for The Great Seal of the United States, which Adams decried as a "tawdry Freemasonic device". He was entirely correct, although I would not say "tawdry", but "Satanic", for that is what Freemasonry is. On the left or sinister side of the "Great Seal", just above the evil eye or all-seeing eye, we see the words in Latin, "Annuit coeptis", which translates as "He approves our work." Who is "He"? Since Charles Thomson was a Freemason, we can refer to Albert Pike, a very high-ranking Freemason who was involved in the building of the Washington Monument and the Ku Klux Klan. Pike said in a treatise to his fellow Freemasons: "Be it known unto the brethren of the 30th and 31st degrees, that Freemasonic doctrine must be preserved in its LUCIFERIAN purity." Now that we know who "He" is, we can also understand why Freemasons have told me that "U.S.A." really means, "Under Satan's Administration". If we deem killing the White Race to be Satanic, then the truth is obvious. Freemasons are not only Satanists, but they are jew-supremacists, that is, Zionists, who love to serve the jews as their loyal slaves, according to their mythology of "Hiram Abiff", the mythical master-builder of the mythical King Solomon, whose temple has never been located. Now, this mumbo-jumbo emanates from the jews' Babylonian Talmud and the written Kaballa therein, which we recognize as "black magic". I will not go much deeper into the foul morass of jewish mythology, but, according to The Talmud, if one is going to commit a crime against someone, he must eventually, "make all things manifest" to the victim. If the victim does nothing in his own defense, or even forgives the criminal, then the guilt for the crime passes onto the victim! That's why jews shout, "Never forgive. Never forget!" Christ-eaters are taught to "forgive", and since Christianity was made up by jews who knew their Talmud, we can recognize Christianity as Judaism for Gentiles, just as tyrants teach others to be slaves. Below the pyramid on the sinister side of "The Great Seal" are the words in Latin: "Novus ordo seclorum." This translates as "New World Order." In small Roman numerals above that, on the base of the pyramid, is 1776. To declare a "New World Order" means that our founders' intention was to conquer the world, ever since 1776. Successive gangster governments in the U.S.A. have accused others of intending to "conquer the world", although there is no evidence, say, that Hitler declared that to be his intention, whereas we openly stated our world-conquest intention on our "Great Seal" from the very beginning of this regime's existence!

The "dollar sign" is itself a Freemasonic symbol, for what does an "S" superimposed upon two upright lines mean? Freemasons have explained that the "S" represents The Snake of Solomon, and that the two upright lines represent the pillars of Solomon's Temple. The Snake also represents Satan. The "dollar sign" is the least representative symbol for "dollar", and we can readily see that other currencies are more representative, such as the pound, schilling, lira, Krona, ruble, etc. The new Euro has a more representative symbol than the dollar, which should really be some sort of modified "D", rather than an "S" with two vertical lines.

Charles Thomson was secretary at the signing of The Declaration of Independence, and half-jew, Alexander Hamilton was George Washington's aid, and the first Secretary of Treasury, who put us right back into the British Empire with his incorporation of the First U.S. Bank, which used Bank of England currency in its reserves. The Federal Reserve destroyed U.S. sovereignty, that is, self-government, in 1913, with the passage of The Federal Reserve Act, which illegally transferred monetary power from Congress to a private bank run by jews. As I said previously, the U.S.A. has never been a nation, nor a democracy. Nor is it a sovereign country. It is in fact a plutocracy (rule by the rich) and that plutocracy is principally jewish, and has always been anti-White. The fact that evil is old does not make it 'good'. Whites here are actually living on enemy territory, and this fact will become more manifest as time goes by. The edifice of evil erected by my ancestors is immense, but the least I can do is to denounce it as the evil it is. I hope you do not find my words too trite or tedious, but I do say that we have a whole lot of work ahead of us. All the best!


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