5 MAY 2004

Dear Tom: Many thanks for your letter of March 27th & the news clips! I see that "meth labs are busting out allover", as local DEA minions say. "Speed kills", said the hippies of the sixties, and those who have been "speed freaks" show permanent signs of brain damage, as well as bad teeth, for meth removes the enamel of one's teeth. The old movie starring Sean Connery as "the marshal" of a space mining asteroid entitled "Outland" depicts some symptoms of meth-consumption, such as violent craziness.

The U.S. really put its proverbial foot in the do-do (to use Bushese) by admitting that the prisoner-abuse photos were genuine. The Brits are much better liars, for their. first response was that the pictures of their troops abusing prisoners were "fakes". The anti-ZOG people, including Arabs and Moslems, will believe the worst anyway, but by admitting the abuse of Iraqi and Afghan prisoners, FEDZOGUSA leaves its supporters no room to claim that the photos were..."fakes" and "plants". The ZOG reveals its stupidity in so many ways that I wonder how even normally dumb Goyim can still support it so willingly. The ZOG claims that dying for this regime shows "heroism", but then it wishes to conceal the number of "heroes" which have been created, as their flag-draped coffins arrive at Dover Airport. So when is a hero not a hero? Answer: when there are too many of them arriving!

GermanyA U.S. General Odom admitted that the purpose of NATO was to keep Germany down, by occupying it with ZOG forces. He also admitted that The Vietnam War was an extension of Soviet policy! That further confirms what I wrote in my book, "China, the Jews & World War III". I stated that the U.S. forces were in Vietnam to open a second front against China, should there be a serious conflict between China and the USSR. The fallback position was to keep the U.S. bases and war materiel intact for the Vietnamese client state of the USSR, should the U.S. pullout, which was done by handing them over to a "South Vietnamese" regime, and dumping its ammo into the ocean, just as we did to Chiang Kai Shek! Vietnam was unified under its northern Soviet ally, and China attacked it, with the message that Vietnam had better not pick sides against China. I wonder how the G.I.s would feel if they knew they were being killed and wounded on behalf of "Soviet policy". Well, that's what we did in both World Wars, so what else is new?

"Outdated computers" sound more like an alibi for the FBI's role prior to 9-11, as is revealed by the article in Canada's Globe & Mail. Many more people knew about 9-11 than the ZOG wants to admit, and the present 9-11 commission is performing the same sort of cover-up that the ZOG did for Pearl Harbor. Gentiles never seem to learn old tricks, so they work every time.

AfghanI wonder how the CIA would be kept in the dark by Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, for both he and his Al Qaeda were CIA assets during the Afghan campaign against the USSR's occupation. Then there is no mention of Mossad involvement nor prior knowledge, although many reports are rife with Mossad presence at the Trade Towers, before and during the 9-11 incident. Again, the question to ask is "cui bono?" (who benefited from the crime?). Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu both admitted that 9-11 was "very good for Israel", before they realized who was listening and began to shed their crocodile tears for the "poor Americans".

Thanks for the report on the MacArthur biography with the admission that the Korean War was mainly used to conceal just how Communist the U.S. regime really was. By fighting Communists in a no-win war, the wind was taken out of Senator McCarthy's sails, for the sake of the dumb Goyim. The Cold War Hoax certainly worked, both here and in the former Soviet Union, for it kept the Goyim worried and preoccupied and busy about "enemies" whose regimes were partners in their war against their respective governed. The present phony war on "terrorism" serves the same purpose as the former Cold War, for it constitutes tyranny in the guise of "combating terrorism", and it promises to last as long as the ZOG itself: perpetual war on behalf of The Jew World Ordure.

As you say, there are always several presidential candidates, but only one policy, to be carried out by whoever is elected, and if, by a fluke, someone 'unco-operative' is elected, he is simply assassinated, or forced to resign. And still, the Goyim do not catch on!

Taiwan is becoming less of an issue as time goes by, for mainland China's system is Communist in name only. In fact, all smaller entities such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vancouver, San Francisco, Seattle et al. are Chinese colonies first and foremost, with loyalty and identity common to mainland China's peoples. There are many islands, but only one Chinese nation. Because they know who they are and who they will be, the Chinese know what is good or bad for them, and they are persistent and patient. In a competition between the semi-Asiatic Mexicans and the fully-Asiatic Chinese, I would put my bets on the Chinese to take over North America. The majority of people in North America are mestizo (Eurasian) and Asian right now, although the ZOG claims mestizos as "Whites" for phony statistical purposes. Mandarin is already the second language of Canada, according to its latest census.


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