May 10, 2004 -- Swartzenigger, Rural vs. Urban Guerrillas

by Eric Thomson

. . . . Dear Paul: As you say, Schwarzenegger is firmly in the jews’ pockets. In The Protocols of Zion it says: "...we shall arrange elections in favor of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain, some 'Panama' or other -- then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans out of fear of revelations and from the natural desire. . . (for) power and the retention of privileges…" (Protocol No. 10, page 32). The "stain" in Arnold's background is his father's honorable service to the Third Reich during World War II. Judeo-Americans' uncritical belief in jew propaganda permits such bona fides to become "stains" on one's character. That is the danger of believing enemy propaganda. Of course, in their two wars against Germany and the White Race, White Americans have a guilty stake in kow-towing to jewish lies and non-Whites have a stake in jewish lies with which to bash the Whites and to capitalize on their jew-dazed guilt feelings. As I mentioned previously, the World War II Allies had their guilty stake in Holohoax propaganda as their means of diverting attention away from real Soviet atrocities, before, during and after World War II. As one newspaper columnist recently proclaimed: "We are a nation of liars."

. . . . The download which quoted the report from the San Francisco Bay's Black newspaper in regard to urban warfare in slums is quite topical. When I was studying the Mao approach to rural insurgency, which was expounded by Regis Debray in "Revolution within the Revolution", the tactic of 'heading for the hills' was in vogue, but Che Guevara proved that "armed struggle in the backlands" was lethal to the Red insurgents, for the population was not out there, as in China, but was in the cities. When guerrilla fighters are the 'fish' and the people are their 'sea', it is fatal for fish to go where there is no water, and so to become isolated. The rural resistance tactic worked in Cuba but not in Central American countries, largely because of the demographic disparity between rural areas and urban areas. When I was involved in Latin American studies, I was informed that there were two ongoing 'explosions': population and urbanization, which were occurring simultaneously. The subsequent Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) insurgents had rural groups, usually in small towns, and they also had urban groups in large Peruvian cities, such as Lima, where their actions were most effective. The Sendero Luminoso was led by a jew, and they also had jewish support from the U.S.A.

. . . . The ZOG's problem is that it wants to enslave captive populations, rather than to slay them en masse. The ZOG wants to slay only those potential leaders who actively resist ZOG forces, but the difficulty is in separating the leaders from the sheeple, and ZOG-merc incursions into cities tends to even the odds by allowing the resistance fighters to get close to the zoglings so that their puny weapons can inflict casualties on them. As privatization increases, it is conceivable that anti-Zionist forces may obtain better weapons to even the odds further, such as stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

. . . . Urban areas are extremely vulnerable, for they must be supplied with food, water sanitation, energy and communication from the outside. If a conventional military force were to cordon off an urban area, with ground forces and aerial surveillance, the inhabitants could literally be starved to death. Ancient siege warfare succeeded in destroying a city's defenders, even when intrusive assaults failed. This is when sheer numbers may be used against themselves, for numbers are useful only when they are fed, and when their arms can inflict damage upon the besiegers. Denied escape and the essentials of living, an urban population would likely engage in internecine strife, which would hasten its demise from starvation and disease. For a military commander, the only rule need be that no one enters nor leaves the besieged city, whose demise could be hastened with explosive and incendiary bombardments, without risking the life of a single soldier.

. . . . The ZOG does appear to be using its Goy slave-thugs as guinea pigs in its choice of urban warfare tactics. Obviously, the lives of the besieged are of no importance, and their casualties are not even counted, according to ZOG sources. As in Vietnam, all dead are deemed 'enemy combatants', regardless of their lack of weapons. It is notable that our imperial adventures on behalf of jew-supremacy are making us look very much like the villains of history we portray in our own judeo-American propaganda. Our Zionist villains are ever so self-righteous, and they seem determined to impose their definition of 'freedom' on others, or kill them in the process. Orwell would point out that the anti-humans have dubbed themselves 'humanitarians'. Yes, Virginia, "freedom is slavery", "war is peace". "They Live", we sleep, consume and obey. Those who will not resist their dire fate merit it. I recommend that study groups be formed in regard to The Protocols of Zion, for they encompass much of ongoing events and the motives behind them. They are more informative than Machiavelli's "The Prince", and worthy of study, for the Zionists' schemes are not new and their Gentile victims are no wiser now than they were when The Protocols first appeared. Keep up the good work.




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