Civil War, Whites as debt slaves, Mexican invasion -- May 25, 2004

by Eric Thomson

. . . . Hail Sean!

. . . . Many thanks for your two recent letters and the interesting article on the "slave" versus "free" issue. I read a U.S, history book published for school kids in 1874, two years after Custer's defeat at the Little Big Horn. The Civil War ended officially in 1865, so the book's content on the Civil War was revealing. Slavery did not seem to be a big issue, according to the historian of the time. The main reasons for the South's secession from the U.S.A. was economic and political, rather than moral. The North sought to impose trade tariffs on foreign imports, on behalf of northern factories, and the South wanted to sell their cotton and tobacco to other countries in order to buy manufactured goods at lower prices than those of the North. In other words, the South was an early champion of globali­zation! The slave issue was mainly for the masses of dumb asses who would fight in this rich man's war, for Black slaves were visible and comprehensible, whereas trade tariffs were not. White workers resented Black slaves, who generally lived better. A slave was property, so he or she had a value. A White worker was not property, so when he could not work for any reason, he was discarded like a wornout or broken tool, and so was his family. Black slaves were seen as property, labor and investments. The White worker was only seen as labor.

. . . . In regard to land use, slaveholders were agribusinessmen of their time, like present day agribusinesses which are mechanized and rely on mestizo labor provided often by illegal aliens. In the 19th century, America was basically agrarian and every family had relatives who owned their own land and lived off it. The big change in farm versus city living came just after World War I in the U.S.A. Now, few people live off the land and few own it. Even a tiny suburban lot is usually mortgaged, so the bank owns it and not those who live on it.

. . . . One writer said that the Civil War was not waged to free the slaves, but to enslave the South. The jews' declaration that the Civil War was necessary to end slavery is not true, like most things jews say. Brazil is much older than the U.S.A. and their slaves were freed in 1888, without any war being fought over it. Slavery was not as cheap as hiring 'free' day laborers and sharecroppers. The new chains of slavery are debt, as described in the old song, "16 Tons", in which the singer says: "I owe my soul to the company store."

. . . . Morally, the Yankees were not the ones to point fingers of blame at the Southern slave­holders, for the Yankees and jews sold the slaves to the South! Nowhere in Christianity does it condemn slavery, neither in Old nor New Testaments, so the religious arguments against slavery were bogus. I do not agree with Christianity, so I see no justification for slavery, which corrupts master and slave alike. Had the South been allowed to secede from the U.S.A., slavery would have ended naturally, as in Brazil, not because of morality, but because of capitalist technology which made slavery uneconomic. Slaves were not needed for agriculture, as we saw in the vast farms of the West which were seeded, tilled and harvested by teams of horses or huge steam tractors. Work crews were often seasonal, so there was no need to pay for their food and lodging all year 'round, as with slaves. The Bonanza Farms were in big business around ten years after the Civil War.

. . . . Racially and nationally, the question was not about ending slavery, but sending the Blacks back to Africa, as Jefferson and Lincoln advocated. The Civil War was a genocidal disaster for the White Race in America.

. . . . Whites are slaves and they know it, for if they speak up, they can be kicked out on the street in a jiffy. We lost our economic independence when we left the land we lived on. We got trapped in the jew-bankster economy and we are all debt-slaves. Even our money is jew I.O.U.s, for if we paid off our "national debt" to the Federal Reserve Bank, there would be no money in circulation. Every $l is BORROWED into existence, and we pay the jews interest for the 'privilege' of printing our own money. Such a deal! An economics professor of mine was on the Federal Reserve board and I asked him what was the difference between bankers and counterfeiters. He smiled and said: "Bankers do not print money and counterfeiters do not charge interest." I thought that banking was a much better racket than counterfeiting, but I did not say so, for I wanted my grade. Whites learn not to bite the hand that feeds.

. . . . My parents were debt-slaves, and my chief interest was to escape Judeo-American slavery. Slavery is basically having to do things you do not like, just to exist on a bare standard of living. Consumption is connected with slavery, for one must often go into debt in order to acquire things he cannot buy with his own income. I therefore try to live BELOW my means, so I can avoid debt-slavery. Since I could never earn enough to buy my freedom, I achieved a compromise by doing things I wanted to do, while limiting my consumption so I could live on the little I could earn. A man is rich if he can do things he believes worth doing. A man is poor if he must do things he does not like, even when they pay him plenty.

. . . . There is an old German saying: "Better it is to eat out of an earthen jug as a free man than to dine off golden plates as a slave." Yes, the motto of the SS was "My Honor is MY Loyalty." Under Fascism, Mussolini declared that the individual serves the state. Under National Social­ism, Hitler declared that the state is the vessel which protects the race and the race protects the individual, who must serve his race. There were no rights without duties, and all rights were earned, not granted automatically.

. . . . Pre-Christian religions such as those of the Druids and the Vikings were based in the soil, the sun and the stars, because man's existence depends upon understanding them. If he does not, his crops will fail, for he will plant at the wrong time. Knowledge of the sun's position relative to the Earth is essential for survival in Northern regions where there are four seasons. Christianity was imposed upon White Europeans by force and fraud, on the part of men who were greedy for power and wealth, and to whom freedom had no value. Christianity, like Judaism and Islam, is a religion of commerce rather than agriculture, and it has no roots in a land or a people, whereas pre-Christian religions were usually attached to blood and soil, a people and the land they lived on. Unscrupulous rulers used Christianity to centralize their power, and they also served the jews who often attended their royal courts as traders, advisors, physicians and moneylenders. Often, the jews would rule through popes and kings. Christianity was brought into Europe by the jew, Saul alias Paul, and several popes have been jews, including the present one. Christianity first enslaved themind, then the body, and the Christian rulers' slave armies gradually wore down and defeated the Odinists who were less numerous and less unified than the zombies who slew and enslaved in the name of Jesus, just as pre-Chris­tian Romans had conquered and enslaved the Gauls of southern France, for the same reasons.

. . . . One can see the parallels in the Civil War, for the Confederacy was much less unified than the U.S.A, and its government was less centralized. The separate states did not put the interest of the whole first, and consequently, the whole was defeated.

. . . . In regard to the ZOG's genocide program against Whites, we must ask ourselves who is the problem, Whites or muds? Muds like to blame others for their own problems. Blacks shoot each ether, so they blame the gun dealers, not themselves. Our present status as slaves marked for extinction stems from our own failures, our own stupidity, cowardice and corruption. Non-Whites such as jews do what comes naturally, just as goats will chew up furniture and crap on the floor if they invade our livingrooms. The fault lies not with the goats, but with the person who let them in.

. . . . Yes, Kerry is a Jew who passed for Irish, but Bush is an obvious meztizo who could be a brother of Pancho Villa. Some sources also claim that his family is jewish, like that of President Johnson. Bush looks much more Indian than blond, blue-eyed "Indians" I know here, who qualify for Whitey's handouts even when they are only one sixteenth Asian. Franklin D. Roosevelt decreed that mestizos (Eurasians) were "White", and you can readily see how the ZOG defines "White" if you see the Wanted posters in any post office. I have seen sambos who resemble Tiger Woods, and they are listed as "White (Hispanic)" by the U.S. government. Real Whites are THE MINORITY in North America, just as they were in Rhodesia, where the vast ma­jority were Black, when the Whites allowed themselves to be sold out in 1980.

. . . . Many Mexicans are as ignorant of jews as are Whites here. Yes, there are dark-skinned jews in Mexico, who came in with the conquistadores and the Inquisition, which was founded by the jew, Torquemada (Burned Tower). Jews founded the Jesuit Order in Spain, from Loyola on down as "conversos" (converts) and as "marranos" (crypto-jews who only pretended to be Christians). I knew some when I lived in Spain. In regard to President Fox of Mexico, I wonder if his name is Irish or derived from Yiddish (Fuchs). One Mexican president declared: "To govern is to populate." He was not referring to Mexico, but to the U.S.A. Here in Yakima we have two Hispanic chambers of commerce. Go figure! The troops in Iraq are leaving our borders open to millions of invaders, so I cannot call any soldier of the U.S.A, a "patriot", a slave-thug of the ZOG, yes, but not a patriot. Patriots defend their people's country. They do not act as imperial thugs in other people's countries. Huge territories of the U.S.A, are being absorbed by Mexico, as well as jobs. Such tax-funded organizations as La MEChA and La Raza Unida demand independence from the U.S.A, in the name of "Aztlan", their name for Mexico's lost territories. They have a right to be arrogant, for we are PAYING them to take it! That's why they call us "putos" (wimps and fairies), because we give them whatever they want without putting up a fight. Imagine if we would enter Mexico illegally and then demand welfare for our children and relatives. Imagine if we also demanded that all government offices serve us in English and allow us to vote! Our feet would not touch the ground. All the best.

. . . . ORION!



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