June 8, 2004 -- To Sean: Eric's experiences, Saddam as CIA pawn, ZOG 'jewstice'

by Eric Thomson

Hail Sean!

. . . . Many thanks for your letter of May 26th & the great cartoons! I always appreciate the envelopes. As you know, I've lived overseas for decades, so when I returned to the U.S.A. in 1992, I felt as if I had returned to another foreign country. Living as a foreigner defines who one is. My experience being surrounded by foreigners and foreign languages allowed me to learn who I really am, for there was no need to adopt alien conventions. Most people are really sheeple, so they conform to the people around them and they even adopt their likes and dislikes. By living surrounded by others, and yet in isolation, I found out my likes and dislikes. Some people waste their lives pretending that they like and dislike those same things others like or dislike. In this country, many try to "keep up with the Joneses", and they never really live their own lives, nor are they happy when they try to live according to other people's ideas. That's why I left the Judeo-American ratrace back in 1961, and I've never regretted it. For me, the rewards of the rat-race were few and the penalties many.

. . . . I realized that I was always a National Socialist, for that label best described my beliefs and my values. National Socialists are also White Nationalists, but the "Socialist" aspect involves an economic outlook which is neither Communist nor Capitalist, as these are both jewish scams, and they are anti-Aryan. It is a matter of choosing the definition which best describes your values and beliefs. Economic beliefs are important because we cannot have freedom without political independence and we cannot have political independence without economic independence. The ancient Spartans knew that, so they outlawed gold as a means of exchange, because gold was controlled by aliens called "Habiru Sagaz" (Desert Cutthroats alias Hebrews). It is therefore difficult to have a White lifestyle when one is a jew debt-slave. To achieve independence from the Jews, one must turn off the TV and stay debt-free. That is a radically different lifestyle, and it has worked very well for me, throughout my life. The American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau, saw the relationship between wealth and slavery, so he chose to live with the degree of personal freedom which a certain degree of poverty can provide. I chose to do things, rather than have things, because I could not buy both with my limited income. I mention these points so that you can understand why people think in economic terms, for politics (people-power) depends on economics. As the jew founder of the Rothschilds proclaimed: "Give me the power to issue money and I care not who makes the laws!"

. . . . In regard to the artillery shell which was charged with nerve gas (SARIN), that was supplied to Saddam by the U.S.A. during the Iran-Iraq war, so any "weapons of mass-destruction" Saddam may have had were supplied by us! The ZOG knows how much of what Saddam received, and they know he used it against the Iranians to make up for their greater numbers. Saddam was our puppet from day one, and he did everything we wanted him to do, including the invasion of Kuwait. If the ZOG wants to plant "evidence" that Saddam had an atomic bomb, they can do it, but it is easier to claim that Saddam had "programs" for "weapons of mass-destruction", for then, no hard evidence is needed. If I have a chemistry book at home, I could be accused of "planning" to make explosives. If my country has a chemical plant where insecticides are manufactured, then my country can be accused of "planning" to make chemical weapons, even if nothing of the sort is on hand. If there is a book on nuclear physics in my library, then I can be accused of "planning" to manufacture nuclear weapons. Under ZOG, accusations are sufficient. No other evidence is needed, as our invasion of Iraq proves.

. . . . As you know, "double jeopardy" is supposedly forbidden in Anglo-Saxon law, and federal courts supposedly have precedence over state courts, since The U.S. Constitution which rules federal courts is "the supreme law of the land". Yet, we see Terry Nichols exposed to double jeopardy by being tried for the same crime in state court that he was tried for in federal court. I also note that civil suits can be used to try a person after he is acquitted by a criminal court. That is another form of double jeopardy, as we saw in the O.J. Simpson case. Sometimes the case is tried 3 times until the ZOG gets the verdict it wanted all along, as in the case of Byron de la Beckwith. Then, if the ZOG likes, a guilty murderer like the jew, Ignatow of Louisville, KY, can go free when a jury found him innocent, but subsequent evidence proves him guilty of murder. He will not be retried on grounds of "double jeopardy"! That's why it's called "jewstice" and not "justice". Under such a system, no one can be sure that any penalty is being applied justly. ZOG knows!

. . . . I'm sorry to learn that you got robbed of your education in the ZOG-gulag, but just remem­ber: everyone is SELF-EDUCATED and we never stop learning.

. . . . Yes, Old & New Testaments were written by jews for the benefit of jews, directed at the public and the Gentiles, but The Babylonian Talmud is "The Law" of Judaism and is not for public access, without rabbinacal approval. It is 63 volumes in the English Soncino edition. Keep up the good work!




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