June 10, 2004 -- People-Power = Economic Power, Petro-ZOGbux, jew Outsourcing & Inflation, jew Parasitism

by Eric Thomson

Dear XXXX:

. . . . Many thanks for your latest selection of articles, and in particular the financial analyses. Over the decades, I am coming to realize that the division of politics and economics is largely establishment disinformation, for people-power and economic power are indivisible. Hence, it would make just as little sense for medicine to divide its studies of the human body into left and right sides, and to treat the two sides as being mutually exclusive. The truth is that there is political economy in all times and in a11 places in which human affairs occur.

. . . . Several writers, including myself, have noted the oil/dollar nexus, in which the U.S. dollar is linked to U.S. control of oil markets worldwide. Since the dollar is worthless, otherwise, energy-dependent countries wishing to buy oil from the Anglo-American petro banksters must do so with dollars. Iraq under Saddam was allegedly going to demand payment for oil in Euros or in gold, which allegedly prompted the U.S. to invade Iraq. Now, it appears that Russia will demand payment in Euros for its oil. The U.S. attempts to control all oil-producing countries by all means, including military intervention, shows signs of being doomed to disastrous failure for the U.S.A. This is an unavoidable symptom of the disease known as 'rule by special interests'. U.S. policies are further distorted by our abject servitude to Israel and Zionist interests, including their Federal Reserve racket.

As if the approaching dollar crisis were not sufficient to wake up people, one would think that the problems compounded by job exports and jobless alien imports might focus some minds on these major problems. Instead, we have a New York Times jew, Friedman, lauding the alleged benefits of "out-sourcing" jobs. In a recent NPR jewsradio interview, he admitted that that newly affluent Indian recipients of formerly U.S. jobs are buying "U.S. products" made under licence in China -- Such a deal! As Hitler warned in his 1928 book, the transfer of Aryan technology to Asia will benefit only a few coupon-clippers and it will deprive Aryans of their jobs, thus impoverishing their countries. What Mr. Friedman did not address was the basic matter: If we do not make the things we need, and we do not make things others need, then how do we buy the things we need from others? The 'answer' is that we borrow the money to buy the things we need, as long as we can get away with it. That erroneous 'answer' accounts for our present trade deficit and our domestic debt. Meanwhile, the U.S. government is doing the same, only worse, by spending money it does not have and never will have, in terms of present-day values. Perhaps the demented 'logic' is that if our money becomes so worthless, then our debts will also vanish! This was tried in Weimar Germany, as I recall, when the regime tried to pay its international debts with inflated currency. The creditors did not buy it, and the domestic inflation amounted to the robbery of its citizens on behalf of a few crooks, plus hordes of alien invaders who bought up German properties for pittances, thanks to the Weimar banksters who were members of the same tribe as the invaders.

. . . . The lesson of history is that the more people aid the jews, the worse the fate in store for those people. This rule goes all the way back to ancient Egypt, as recorded in the jew-book. Why should the U.S.A. be any different? In the U.S.case, the collapse of the dollar may be the prelude for a massive Asian invasion of buyers for U.S. real estate, provided the U.S. people are stupid enough to allow such an invasion and conquest. When the game is rigged, we must break the rules or perish. That is my simple message, and the U.S. game is a racket in which we are the jews' marks and rubes. In biblical Egypt, the Jews allegedly caused the money they controlled to fail and thereby impoverished all the Gentiles of Egypt. Jewish behavior follows this predatory pattern faithfully, over millennia, so we would be foolish to expect them to change. It is up to us to come to our senses and deactivate the jews' U.S. golem, which appears to be out of control and insane. As Chinese military philosopher Sun Tzu would say, we are behaving like "mad bandits", thereby assuring us of a brief and dark future.

. . . . Stay tuned.



Notes & Commentary, (M.L.):

. . . . . Said Sun Tzu: "Know your enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant of both your enemy and of yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril."

. . . . . To which the commentator Li Chu'an added: "Such people are called 'Mad Bandits.' What can they expect if not defeat?"

. . . . . According to Ta'i Kung, another commentator, "Know them and know yourself" is the great essence of military strategy. Contemporary generals, even if they do not know the enemy, ought to be able to know themselves, so how could they lose the advantage?



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