June 11, 2004 -- To Tom: ZOG phony selections, ZOG braggidocio, Gore Vidal & Collapsing Empire, Expendible Africans

by Eric Thomson

Dear Tom:

. . . . Many thanks for your letters of 2 & 5 June! In our judeo-plutocracy, in which voters can only 'choose' their 'representatives', the votes of the majority are worthless, and they only serve our Zionist rulers as a sort of public opinion poll. After all, we still have the 'best' government money can buy, and money chooses the candidates available to the voters. Thus is minority rule guaranteed, as the foundering fathers intended. The fact that people still vote at all provides our rulers with some satisfaction. As Eustace Mullins wrote, our elected 'representatives' are beholden to their unelected advisors and lobbyists, who remind them of who put them in office and who could take them out, if not by assassination, then at least by funding an opponent.

. . . . I've seen nothing as stupid as that outdoor advertising sign you saw which proclaimed that "America's military is the best! Let's go kick some butt!" It reminds me of a blood­thirsty poster in a U.S. base building in Vietnam, which depicted an eagle or a vulture, with the caption, "Let's kill something today." According to TIME & NEWSWEEK, those sentiments vanished with the ill-fated helicopter offensive against North Vietnamese supply lines and supply dumps in Cambodia, which were defended with 33 mm. cannons and 51 caliber machine­guns that made smoking hash of the U.S. helicopters. Bloody expressions of bravado are short­lived when the enemy can put up real resistance. No wonder that sign you saw has disappeared! I'm reminded of Anatole France's statement that every country has the 'best' army and they will tell you so. Of course, even the best army is defective when it is badly-used. U.S. Army Rangers were wasted in North Africa in World War II. Only too late did the brass discover that the best-trained soldiers were still not bulletproof. In World War I, the commanders knew their soldiers were not bulletproof, and they didn't care.

. . . . As you mention, Bush needs another 9-11 to boost his chances for re-election, and to distract the public from our present demographic/economic/political mess, and the ZOG has been 'warning' us about such possibilities. A download from the Internet reported the capture of two Israelis in one of the eastern states who had a map showing a local nuclear facility and flight instructions for piloting an aircraft. I have heard nothing since about the case, but it looks as if the ZOG is preparing another 'incident' to panic the Goyim into the tyranny being built for us.

. . . . Gore Vidal is a perceptive observer of trends in America, and his pre-obituary on the U.S. EMPIRE is trenchant. Another writer compared the USA & USSR with other moribund empires, by analyzing the relationships between economic collapse and military adventures. This writer opined that the Soviet economy was collapsing, but its military was still intact, so the military adventure in Afghanistan was decided upon. As Lawrence Dennis wrote in his "Dynamics of War & Revolution", foreign adventures merely accelerate domestic problems, because they are distractions at best and disasters at worst, and they do nothing to solve those problems.

. . . . All economic indicators and sources indicate an oncoming collapse, with rampant inflation. The ZOG CLAIMS THAT "NEW JOBS" ARE BEING CREATED IN THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, but where, and who is taking them? Correspondents all over the U.S.A, inform me that huge numbers of mcstizo aliens are swarming in to take available low-skill jobs, and since we are exporting manufacturing jobs to China and service jobs to India, I wonder if these 'many thousands' of new jobs are in rocket science or burger-flipping. Statistics emanating from ZOG sources are just as kosher and just as unreliable as the laughable Soviet statistics which proclaimed that "all production quotas were exceeded", and went on to inflate the bags of grain allegedly available, while importing more grain from their kosher cronies in the U.S.A.

. . . . As you say, the Blacks are more aware of oncoming events than are the Whites who provide their only protection. The hordes of Latino and Asian invaders have no use for Blacks, since they bring their own people who are so numerous that they provide themselves with labor and a market for their goods and services. In the case of these new invaders, Blacks are seen as competitors for welfare and living space. Poor Whites are falling into the same 'expendable' category. In the coming crunch, anyone with wealth may be deemed a servant of the ZOG, and therefore guilty of treason, for the ZOG rewards its own, just as the aliens did in "They Live".

. . . . The 'educated' Black you described as well reminded me of similar specimens I have en­countered who have memorized a lot of pseudo-technical jargon, which is grotesquely used and comically distorted, like these big words used on The Amos 'n' Andy Show. Our youth are desperately miseducated by the ZOG's indoctrination system, in which they even learn to talk like niggers. Integration = Africanization and the end of civilization.

. . . . Oh, maybe Tenet is looking for a university teaching job. Ha! All the best.




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