June 17, 2004 -- To Sean: Debt Slavery vs. Black Slavery, Immigruntation, Reagan, Soldiers as War Criminals

by Eric Thomson

Hail Sean:

. . . . Many thanks for your letter of June 7th. As always, I appreciate your views on matters of racial importance. . . . . In regard to "slavery" in name or in fact, I think we all should consider reality, rather than labels. What would we call a man whose property is owned by banksters and who must work day and night, along with his wife, for a bare living, just to pay interest on things they will never own, while they attempt to pay for essential living expenses and taxes? Is a man any less a slave when he "owes his soul to the company store"; when he wears invisible chains of debts which are being passed on to his children and grandchildren? Could we call that "freedom?" The best slaves are those who think they are free, and that their shackles are precious jewelry. One debt-slave told me she now had "credit". I said, "That also means you now have debt." Some people think they are getting a 'good deal' at 5% interest. On a 20 year mortgage, that means the buyer will have paid double for his house or any other item bought on those terms. In ten years, one would pay double at 10%. Few people or sheeple ever consider this. The difference between White day laborers and Black field workers was mainly in label, not in reality. The White day laborer had no support for his family, as did the Black field worker, and that is one cost which made Black 'slave' labor more expensive. With the victory of the North in the Civil War, Black field workers' families received no more support than did White factory workers' families. I guess we could call that "equality", for poverty, unlike wealth, can always be shared in abundance.

. . . . The Ostensible White rulers of America have always been, basically, anti-White, as we can readily see from history. Andrew Jackson deported Indians from some eastern states, but he also imported Black slaves, so his efforts were a net loss to Whites. The jewsmedia paint a cartoon version of history on the slave issue, for there were Black freemen and Black slave owners, as well as Indian siaveowners. In fact, the first Black troops who fought in the Civil War wore Confederate uniforms, as reported in the Yankee press of that period. Black troops in Union uniforms came later. The Civil War was a matter of states' rights, not slavery, and it became genocide for the White Race in America.

. . . . Now our borders are open to all comers who will bid lower for jobs than people born in the U.S.A., but their labor is not cheap, because their families go on welfare. The traitors who employ such 'cheap labor' are robbing the tax-payers for their own selfish profit. This means that there is no real patriotism left in this country, except for clueless sheeple, who consume the fantasies of Hebrewood. In fact, the U.S.A. is ceasing to be a country legally or realistically. Up here in Washington, I hear lots of Spanish, rather than English on the streets, and stores have their signs in Spanish, with no English translations. Gringos are only good for welfare, not business. In Yakima there are two "hispanic" chambers of commerce, while non-hispanics have just one. Such a deal! Of course, the ZOG forbids people from hiring Whites only, so we know what side 'our' government is on, and it's not our side! Freedom of association was abolished long ago in the Jew Ass Oy Veh, although not for non-Whites.

. . . . The jewsmedia have made much of Reagan's presidency. All I can say is that he read his lines with all the sincerity of a professional actor, and he followed the script which the jews laid out for him, to the letter. He did his job, but not for us, and he prepared us for the fleecing we are suffering in the present.

. . . . I admire your view of the soldier. That is a German view, not American, and I was a U.S. soldier. All U.S. soldiers swear an oath to defend The U.S. Constitution, as do all U.S. politicians before they take office. We do not swear to defend anything else: not the people, not the country, not the government, not the military, not big business, &c. What is the U.S.A.? It has always been a multi-national empire run by the rich. It was never a nation, nor was it ever a democracy; rather, it is an ideology on paper which is subject to change, depending on who is in office and who they take orders from. World War II changed the way soldiers must think, for the U.S.A. created the legal precedents established by force of arms at Nuremberg, where we declared that "following orders" is no defence. We also declared that "planning aggressive war" and "waging aggressive war" (i.e. attacking first) are "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity", punishable by death. Acts of war without declarations of war are also "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity", and we have been doing all these crimes since 1945! In America, we are "citizen-soldiers", and I take that to mean,we are citizens first and soldiers second. Our legal precedents from Nuremberg require us each to filter all orders of our government through the filters of our individual consciences, for we are responsible, individually and collectively,for our acts of omission or commission. No soldier who serves a criminal regime faithfully is "innocent" because of his faithfulness, and no soldier who serves a criminal regime can be a "patriot", at least not in American terms. One must strive to be a good citizen, even under a bad government. That is my duty, as I see it.




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