June 20, 2004 -- To Tom: Loss of Community, Chinese Invasion, Christinsanity, Rockwell's Ship Analogy, Future of ZOG

by Eric Thomson

Dear Tom:

. . . . Many thanks for your letters of April 20, 22, 24, 27 May 8 & June l2! Two of these dates have particular significance: April 2O is Hitler's birthday and May 8 is the anniversary of Germany's surrender in 1945. That's when the Zionist allies began their persecution of Germany, while the Germans could no longer defend themselves. The part-nigger, White-hater, Eisenhower, starved thousands of German prisoners to death on the banks of the Rhine in cattle pens. This was reported by some survivors and also in the book by Bacque en­titled "Other Losses". The U.S. is therefore guilty of "war crimes" & "crimes against humanity".

. . . . As always, I enjoy your letters and the insights you convey in then. In my experience, the people who seen to have the most problems are concerned only with their own personal affairs. You obviously have a such broader comprehension of the ills which beset us, and these problems are my constant companions, no matter how well off I may be at any time. I certainly appreciate my personal good fortune, but I am aware that much of what I have, I owe to my race, and to no other community. The major problem is the lack of White community in fact and in sentiment.

. . . . As you observe, community is a two-way street. People must give as well as take, otherwise a community vanishes. When mutual interests vanish, so, eventually does physical proximity, both of which are necessary for the existence of a community. Whites do not perceive their interests in racial terms, as non-Whites do, so we are at a racial disadvantage, which is of our own making (with lots of 'help' from the jews). You also see that people need communication as members of a community, for lack of communication can destroy a community. Community is our source of wealth and strength, but community itself is fragile, and easily destroyed, especially by mistrust and betrayal on the part of its members. The family is the basis of community, and if Whites cannot establish families, it is no wonder they cannot establish communities. We are as close to Jeffersonian-Lockean anarchy as it is possible to be, without incurring a total social breakdown.

. . . . In regard to Chinese interests, I think they want the oil in the west, which FEDZOGUSA wishes to control, and they also want fertile land, especially in North America, for starters. At least, that's where their population is heading. The latest Canadian census reports that Mandarin is new Canada's second language from coast to coast, with "official" French falling into the background of history. I agree that China is above the Armageddon scenario of jewish mythology, but they do have an interest in oil, and they have contracted with the Saudis to lease a major oil tract in Saudi Arabia. With China's new affluence comes the car craze, and the resultant oil-thirst. China will expand wherever it can, especially if the host peoples pay them to invade, as we are doing here in North America. We pay everyone else to do the same, so why not pay the Chinese? Our rulers have decided that we are expendable, and we seem to agree. It is hard to imagine a race which wants to be displaced and replaced, but that describes Whites exactly, whether they know it or not. As we approach the abyss of extinction, many will claim that they have no intention of jumping off the edge, but once there, they'll be pushed over quite easily. Why can't we tell the White lemmings to halt? Perhaps the jews­media are drowning out our warnings.

. . . . In regard to thoughts, it is possible to interpret reality in terms of wishful fantasy, as do believers of Christian mythology, again, with lots of help from the jews. Many of these creatures think that the worse things get, the sooner their Jesus will "return", to solve all their largely self-created problems. History proves that the problems eventually kill those who fail to find a realistic solution to them. Wishful-thinking solves no problems, but often makes them worse. It is obvious when one simply looks around with his brain in gear, but it is not obvious to those who prefer to shut their eyes to reality. I wonder if this society ever had 'protectors', for my reading of history is that we've had only predators and parasites who use clever words to disguise their true intentions. Our people are supposed to die so that Iraqis may 'enjoy' democracy, which we have never had in the U.S.A. The ZOG's intentions are quite other than the imposition of a specious ideology. The real reasons are oil, money and Israel, all of which are against American interests if we speak democratically, that is, on behalf of the majority. As you observe, the jews are parasites, and they often generate the antibodies which curtail their parasitism. In this case, they will require very large and robust antibodies to restore Nature's balance on this planet.

. . . . The Aryans' imaginations are our strength and our weakness, for they include our ability to invent and our ability to empathize with others. This latter ability opens us to jew lies, and allows them to dominate our psyches, if we are not immunized or careful. Whites should be trained to think critically, as the first step in their immunization program, but Whites who are exposed to Christinsanity are taught to avoid critical thinking at all costs. Instead of men, we are supposed to be children, sheep or dogs. "St. Paul" sure had a good racket!

. . . . In regard to Commander Rockwell, we cannot say that we had no leaders in America. It was that Rockwell had so few followers that we are in our present dire straits. The Whites were unwilling or unable to comprehend the racial reality which confronted us then, and which has grown monstrously ever since. We are now the definite minority in North America, and most of us fear to say we are White. This self-effacement is the prelude to racial suicide, and we fool no one, except, perhaps, ourselves, until a non-White reminds us who we are. He can say it, but we can't! We fear to be called 'racists', but non-White racists have no such fears, nor limitations, as we have seen. One can be anti-White, but never pro-White, for that would be 'racist', and we fear that word more than death, it seems. Rockwell's analogy of the ship, with its captain and crew, whom the aliens have subverted and misled, is apt. What would we think if we saw alien interlopers sowing dissension amongst a ship's officers and crew members? I think we might have the wisdom to protest their activities, and perhaps, heave the aliens overboard for the good of everybody! Yes, we are passengers on the USS United States, and the captain is steering into the icebergs at full speed, at the behest of his jew 'advisors' and paymasters. Even if we change captains in another rigged election, the contender promises to stay on the same course as our present captain, so our system of government gives us no real choice at all.

. . . . That's the way it was designed from the beginning. Leaders whose interest is the survival of their people are rare. Traitors are many, and foolish sheeple we have in over­abundance. When leaders appear at the right time, when people are willing to follow, great progress can be made. Otherwise, not. Desperate times do not guarantee the appearance of a leader, nor that he will have followers, for desperate conditions do not guarantee wisdom, either. It is usually for lack of wisdom that desperate conditions arise in the first place. That is what made the advent of Hitler exceptional, for he was the right man at the right time and in the right place. Our present racial and cultural diversity makes this population fairly easy to divide and rule, for they remain divided, despite their physical proximity. Their interests are different and antagonistic, as are those of our rulers and the ruled. When one man's good is another man's evil, what leader can unite them, and whose interest do they serve? Before real leadership can occur in North America, racial separation must occur, otherwise there can be no consensus and no community of interest. Diversity can destroy, but it cannot rule a country. Only a powerful minority can rule such an entity, and that is really a tightrope act in which one group's interests must be balanced by another group, as we have repeatedly seen with multi-national empires. The U.S.A. is such a multi-national entity, and it is bound together, for now, by mutual interests and perceived mutual interests, and an ideology which is subject to frequent reinterpretation on the part of the Zionist rulers. A den of thieves can have mutual interests, but there often comes the time when thieves fall out, especially when there is insufficient loot for them to divide. This will occur in the U.S.A. when tax-payers can no longer buy off the parasites and predators in our society, and/or when the dollar becomes worthless, due to a failure of imperial over-reach.

. . . . As Hitler set foot on the path to power, he said that he was "not the one," but he would have to serve until the real Leader appeared. In some ways I know how he felt, for I do not view leadership as a privilege, but as an obligation, conferred by knowledge. That is why I strive to learn and teach others what I have spent years in learning, for maybe I will be able to aid a future leader, if I have no major leadership role myself. In the words of the Chinese curse, we "live in interesting times", so there are no guarantees, one way or the other, for our future. When times become more "interesting", they become less routine and therefore, less predictable.

. . . . As you, observe, inflation in important items like food and fuel are major economic indicators which affect many more people than do stock market speculators. When fuel prices rise, so does the cost of everything transported. As you observe, things have gone much too far for constitutional remedies. Land belongs to those who occupy it and who can defend it. No piece of paper with words, no matter how eloquent, can substitute for these facts. As always, we have a government of men, not of laws, which are themselves subject to men's interpretations. How can our schools dare to teach such lies and such fictions? "A government of laws, not of men" should cause us to laugh out loud, and treat the speaker of such nonsense to a party of tar & feathers.

. . . . Yes, the fate of the Indians' White Gods is intriguing, and the simple cause of their flight, that of self-realization, has merit. As the old joke goes, Tonto and the Lone Ranger were surrounded by hostile Apaches. Soon, the Lone Ranger was down to his last silver bullet, and he tells Tonto: "It looks like we've come to the end of the trail, old friend." T'onto replies: "What you mean, 'we', White man?"

. . . . All the best.




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