June 27, 2004 -- To Phil: Chinese Military Capabilities, Chinese Invasion

by Eric Thomson

Dear Phil:

. . . . Many thanks for the report on Chinese military capabilities! After I'd read it, I was reminded of an old joke I heard during the Vietnam War: The Pentagon had acquired the latest advanced computer, into which they fed all the data they deemed relevant. Then the Pentagonian zoglings asked the computer, "Who will win the Vietnam War?" The computer spat out the answer in seconds: "The U.S. won the war ten years ago!" After all, how many air­craft carriers, planes, tanks, troops, &c. did the Vietnamese have, as compared to the U.S.A.? Quantitatively, the U.S. had already won that war, but qualitatively, it lost, because of bad decisions and the usual treason in The District of Corruption.

. . . . The quantitative approach in regard to Chinese military capabilities is one more case of the ZOG's technical tunnel-vision, for it leaves out the most important factor: the Chinese! The report makes no mention about the Chinese use of their demographic weapon: the invasion of North America via massive immigration, largely assisted by jews, such as Caplax, who was recently Canada's Minister of Immigration, and who opened the gates to the present flood of Chinese, so such so, that Mandarin is now Canada's second language, according to the latest census. China is colonizing the North American coastal regions from "Hongcouver" to Tijuana, as well as Panama and other Latin American countries.

. . . . The jew, Schwartz, of Loral allegedly sold or gave the Chinese the most advanced U.S. missile guidance system, so Chinese rockets could become accurate, thus allowing Mr. Schwartz to launch his satellites cheaply and reliably. Aircraft pilots report many Chinese obtaining flight training as co-pilots, and there is a heavy influx of Chinese in U.S. scientific and technical schools, including nuclear research. China is an insatiable sponge for Western re­search and technology, which they are bringing home with them.

. . . . Obviously, the Pentagonian zoglings who wrote this report are fascinated by military gadgetry, and this fascination tends to make them ignore demography, like the ongoing Chinese invasion of the Western Hemisphere. Perhaps they delude themselves into thinking that Chinese airmen in U.S. uniforms will fight Chinese airmen in Chinese uniforms, just as they may believe that Mexicans in U.S. uniforms will defend The Alamo against Mexicans in Mexican uniforms. The most dangerous weapon or poison pill for the Pentagon is for the ZOG to believe its own propaganda, that territory affects loyalty, and that everyone in North America is either "an American" or will become so, regardless of his origin. As we have seen in the case of jews, who remain loyal to their own people, for the most part, change of place does not change loyalties, even when people are born here. Now that the "melting pot" has been junked in favor of 'diversity' and multiculturalism, immigrants' loyalties to the ZOG are even more dubious, although their national sentiments are obvious, like those of La Raza, which calls the U.S.A "Aztlan" and deems two-thirds of it to be "stolen" from Mexico.

. . . . The British fought the Chinese in Malaya, to prevent them from taking over the country, but the Chinese really wanted Singapore, and they have got it. Taiwan is a similar red herring, rather like a magician's trick to focus the audience's attention elsewhere, so the magician's work will appear 'magical', rather than practical. Taiwan is already Chinese, so some peaceful, mutually-advattageous deal may be worked out, as with Hong Kong. The U.S. worries about Taiwan when it should worry about the Chinese invasion ongoing in the U.S.A, and Canada. Does it also make sense for the U.S.A. to transfer its technical and manufacturing sector to China, if it deems China as a likely enemy? The only sense it makes is treason on the part of the ZOG and the U.S. businesses who sell out the U.S.A. for profit. How can we justify making our perceived enemies stronger and more dangerous? If China is our enemy, so are the traitors in government and business who give that enemy aid and comfort.

. . . . The Chinese military sage, Sun Tzu, defined war as the displacement of one people by another and/or the domination of one people by another. Shooting and bombing are not always necessary to achieve these ends. In fact, Sun Tzu taught that the most successful military planners will defeat the enemy before the first shot is fired. If we put our latest military technology in the hands of Chinese in China, can we defeat them by putting such technology into the hands of Chinese in North America? I doubt that very much. Demography should enter the Pentagon's calculations, and pronto!

. . . . The ZOG has installed its Iraqi puppets in theory. Now, we shall see if they can remain in fact. Will ZOG policies prevail, if Arab frontmen carry then out? Stay tuned!

. . . . All the best!




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