Sep. 19, 2004 -- To Mike, The Parthenon Code, Dualism in both Greek and jew, New god of 'Tolerance', Lawrence of Arabia quotes

by Eric Thomson

13 SEP 04. Dear Mike: Many thanks for your mailing of SEP 7th.

"The Parthenon Code” & “New World Vikings” are excellent source materials, which I shall use for my reference archives.

It is interesting to note the dualistic nature of many religions and philosophies. I was impressed by the mirror-imagery of the Greeks’ religion and the Jews’ Genesis mythology. There seems to be some ambivalence about men as gods and/or gods as men. In the jew Genesis myth there is mention of “sons of God” who came to earth and took earthlings as wives. This contradicts later statements in regard to Jesus being “God’s only begotten son”. What about those previously mentioned, or were there more than one god? Yahweh claims there are, when he refers to Dagon. As I understood from reading “The Parthenon Code”, it would appear that the Greeks believed in gods & goddesses of earth, and also, a sky-god, with whom they wished to have nothing to do.

Judaism also has its dualism, as described in the conflict between followers of Moses & those who “worshipped The Golden Calf”. This conflict was expressed in that between the Pharisees and Sadducees, and is seen today on the part of Jews who seek world domination by means of money and those who seek to isolate jews in Israel in terms of their myth or lie of exclusivity. The reality is that Jews depend on their hosts and history shows that they have never lived by themselves. As Ben Franklin said, “Vampires do not live off vampires.” Hitler gave them their best chance to prove otherwise, but they have merely confirmed Franklin’s dire warning, that they are the world’s foremost parasites and predators.

As you say, the Idiot Identity cultists will gibber and gnash their teeth over “The Parthenon Code”, but they will probably not rend their garments, for that is now unfashionable. Nor are they likely to wear sackcloth and dump ashes upon themselves. These days, it is fashionable to buy pre-rended garments.

I note a theme in present-day theological discussions in regard to scripture and morality (sic) as practiced. Cultists reveal themselves as being high1y selective about ‘divine law’, which has been written down, allegedly, “for all time”. The new god is Tolerance, and all intolerant statements ‘attributed to the old god are pretty much ignored. 1 recently heard a debate between a “born-again Christian” politician and a “gay-pervert” politician. The Christ-eater stated his current interpretation of Yahweh’s condemnation of buggery, but he was baffled when the fag asked him if his church forbade divorced couples from attending services and taking communion because they had violated the commandment against adultery. Since the Jesus-juice sipper tolerated “adulterers", why could he not also tolerate sodomites? So where do we draw the line? Score: Fruits one, straights zero. I tend to think that the radio presentation was rigged, but then, Christ-eaters and churchophiliacs can be dumb, honestly. I’m sure the jew who hosted the program knew the outcome in advance.

In previous times, people who believed in Yahweh and his alleged Son were also god-fearing. The object of obeying divine commandments was not to please man, but to please God, OR ELSE! The new age of tolerance reveals that the churches and their members no longer believe in nor fear their touted god, even though that may not be obvious to hypocrites. There was a good line in the film”Lawrence of Arabia” in which the French representative played by Claude Raines says to Lawrence, diplomatically, that a liar knows where the truth is hidden, but the hypocrite forgets, and starts believing the lie. It’s one thing to “go along to get along”, but it is ludicrous to pretend that it is a virtue. As Graham Greene observed, we do less evil when we are bad, than when we mistake badness for ‘virtue’, due to our innocence and/or our hypocrisy. That’s why we kill Iraqis “for their own good”; certainly not for our own good!

That reminds me of another line from the “Lawrence” film: The Arabs capture a trainload of fine horses with British help, and to the consternation of the British, they depart for their homes, instead of continuing to fight the Turks. The Arab leader played by Anthony Quinn is confronted by the British machinegunner who demands to know why the Arabs are leaving. Quinn says: “We got what we wanted, so now we shall go home. When you get what you want, you will do likewise, unless you are a fool.” Ah, the truth hurts!

Once again, many thanks. All the best. DOWZ! & ORION!


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