Dec. 19, 2004 -- To Wayne, Cosmotheism, Geographical Separatists & Covington's Notions, Fashions, Market Researchers, Globalists & ZOG Slave-Thugs

by Eric Thomson

19 DEC 04. Dear Wayne:

It’s nice to be back in Yakima after my stint of house-sitting in the countryside. Many thanks for your excellent letter & enclosures! As you observe, the leader­ship of Cosmotheism leaves something to be desired. Right off, I would say that I am a very bad example of their approach, for I am very much in agreement with its doctrine, but it took over 20 years for me to discover it! This was despite the fact that I was within 20 miles of Dr. Pierce when he moved to West Virginia, & I was publishing a White Nationalist newsletter! Boy, can the blightwing keep secrets! I hardly consider myself a member of the herd of thoughtless masses, for whom Cosmotheism would have no attractions. On the contrary! If I can be overlooked, so can anyone else with sufficient intellectual curiosity to study the tenets of this philosophy/religion.

As we discussed, it is necessary to cast our net as wide as possible in order to catch the elite few. Something like “An Introduction to Cosmotheism” would be relevant & effective in sorting the wheat from the chaff, especially when it could be readily available on the Internet. I disagree with Vogel’s arcane approach to the Internet, which is apparently so secretive that you are the only one I ever knew who found out about Cosmotheism. None of my apparently well-read correspondents, least of all those who supported Pierce, ever mentioned Cosmotheism, except for the two alleged Pierce supporters who visited me in Reedy, West Virginia, & who could explain nothing whatsoever about it, although they had heard of it!

The summary you gave me was excellent, & not at all complicated. Why should a philosophy for the elite be complicated? Methinks that Vogel et al. want to make it appear complicated in order to enhance their ‘priestly’ incomes, rather than spread the ‘gospel’, as it were. I also object to their ‘circles within circles’ policy of an ‘insider’ priesthood. That smacks of Freemasonry & the Assassins. I like my religion up front & transparent. As I said to one Freemason who tried to recruit me when I was a college undergraduate: It is hard enough to teach people the truth, so how can you justify keeping it secret? He would not answer me.

I am reminded, also, of my reply to a Christ-eater who enumerated all of Jesus’ alleged miracles:
Why could he not perform the miracle of conferring understanding upon his disciples? After all, Jesus was supposedly a god! It is one thing for the elite to know important things, but the masses must also be clued in, so they can respond accordingly. Otherwise, we have obfuscation & manipulation, a division between the elite & the mass of their own people, just as we see in Zionist-bankster Britain & the U.S.A. We cannot have a White civilization without White masses, as India shows us. It was conquered by Aryans, but the conquerors were too few to maintain their racial integrity, and Aryan civilization was lost.

Like you, I am also bemused by geographical separatists in this age of biopolitics. If the racial ethos is not changed, geographical separation of races will be no more permanent than it has been in North America, India & now in Europe, where non-Whites are swarming into the ostensibly ‘separate’ countries of France, Germany, Holland, Britain, et. al. With his insistence on avoiding ideology, it appears that Covington thinks & change of place will save Our Race, but history shows he is wrong. As I have said, only a change of mind can save Our Kind, and that must come before we move our bodies around this land of ZOG. Mere movement of bodies within the ZOG’s corral can achieve nothing of racial worth, including racial survival. Stay tuned!

Both Covington & I witnessed the handover of White livingspace to Black Marxist Misrule in Rhodesia, & I have asked him what the remaining Whites should do to preserve them­selves, concentrate in some place like Bindura? What good would that do under Mugabe’s racist regime? As you might expect, Covington has no answer to that question. I used to think that Whites had more of a survival chance in North America than they did in Africa, simply because there were more of them. White numbers did not prevent them from allowing their livingspace to be invaded & inundated with huge numbers of fast-breeding non-whites, so once again, we are in the minority & about to be dispossessed in the lands which once were ours.

In perusing your E-mail correspondence with Vogel, I note a condescending mannerism on his part, with his repetition of your name. Why must he repeat your name, when he is only communicating with you? Perhaps this is how great gurus are supposed to address “the crumbs beneath their table" in Jesus parlance. That is not my idea of a friendly communication with mutual respect. Vogel appears to be the exact opposite of a missionary for his religion!

Iam glad you found “The Hidden Persuaders” to be informative as I did. I would also suggest “A Generation of Vipers” by Philip Wiley. I read these books back in the fifties,despite the fact that I SHOULD have been reading my university textbooks! I also read “The Lonely Crowd” & “The Organization Man”. In regard to “Other-directed” people, we associate “situational ethics”: when amongst canniba1s or Romans, do as they do. Of course, spies adjust their behavior to a situation, hut they also maintain their loyalties. So do foreigners.

The behavior of U.S. men to fashion is indeed interesting, in that they allow women to decide what they should wear. I am surprised to read that most men are like niggers in their taste for loud, garish colors. I never was, myself, but if a woman buys my clothes, I tell her what I want to wear, rather than what she wants me to wear. In my present economic state, I wear whatever fits, more or less, & I ignore fashion & color. Beggars can’t be choosers, as is correctly stated. I haven’t bought a single item of clothing in decades. All I have is either discards or hand-me-downs from co-workers or tenants where I live. I still have a few items of clothing which were issued me in Rhodesia in the mid-1970s, at least one pair of officer’s dress boots which are still quite comfortable. By preference, however, I favor conservative suits & neckties, if necessary, & I even consider camouflage outfits to be garish, even though they are considered “drab”. I prefer black, brown or grey for suits & shirts, as always. Perhaps my personality is sufficiently colorful. Ha! I have always associated khaki with casual.

I also shop with a grocery list, as always, unless I intend to buy one or two items. As for ‘impulse buying’, I leave that to the proverbial Joneses with whom the masses are striving to "keep up." I was never in the running, ever since I left the Judeo-American rat-race in 1961. In this regard, I also recommend Thorstein Veblen’s “The Theory of the Lei­sure Class”: conspicuous consumption. Now that I reflect on my readings in the 1950s, I also recommend “The Insolent Chariots” by Keats, who raked Detroit automobile manufacturers over the coals long before Ralph Nader. It is a good study of economic dislocation, as well as merchandising based on Freudian psychology which assumed the median car-buyer to be somewhat perverted, as proved by subsequent car sales. It also revealed that people lied about their ‘practical’ personal preferences. One car manufacturer took people seriously in a poll, & they made a car which fit the alleged preferences of the public. It flopped in sales! Another poll of people’s preferred publications resulted in an astounding figure for Atlantic Monthly readers, none of which was true. People only said they read Atlantic Monthly because it was a higb-status magazine. They lied.

As you note, the trend in North American men’s fashions indicate an “other-directed” public. As one wag said, “The women get men’s fashions (and their own) from the queers & the men get their fashions from the women.” This presumes that men have no taste, nor do the women! I am very much an “inner-directed” person, despite my parents’ attempts to make me an “other- directed” conformist. Maybe it comes from being “born old”, as others have accused me. I am also lazy, so I ask why I should run around in circles, just because others are doing so. Laziness is often the key to invention, for it promotes ways in which exertion & effort may be avoided on behalf of greater efficiency. It is often the key to self-preservation as well.

I have noted, in regard to market studies, that in universities the Gentiles study their subjects, whereas the jews study ‘their’ Gentiles. That is why jews gravitate to school govern­ment & publications, as well as other student organizations. As I recall, my freshman dormitory had a jew upperclassman as supervisor or “dorm-daddy”, so he could watch the new Goyim & assess them, if not direct them via “counselling”. They live. We sleep.

Earlier market researchers like P.T. Barnum & H.L. Mencken correctly noted major themes in the U.S. public. P.T. concluded that “there’s a sucker born every minute”, which his success as a showman proved, & H.L. observed that “no one ever lost a dime UNDERESTIMATING the intelligence of the American people.” Market successes demonstrate the truth of these observations very much,today. Open rackets like The Federal Reserve are tolerated without question. If I were to tell you that I was prepared to create money out of nothing & charge interest thereon, you’d be correct in saying that I was crazy, but if you let me do it & get away with it, what does that say about you?

Our racketeer-rulers have no trouble manipulating public opinion, for most of us are little more than zombies at the best of times. What an idea for a great horror film: “Zombies of the ZOG”! There’d be lots of consumer-footage in which people might even recognize themselves, but would they ever wake up? I have my doubts. Well, “Zombie” may not be appropriate, for they are dead, by definition. “Cattle” is a better description for us, exactly as the jews deem us to be! Such a deal! Another name for advertiser would therefore be “herdsman”. We are all subjects & objects of “packaging” & ‘products”, including the “industries” of sports & entertainment. The manipulated consumer is thus the “product” of the advertising “industry”, who is designed to consume other “products” such as televised games & snack foods in an endless & infinitely-growing circle, in this “best of all possible worlds”. As you also noted, the “globalists” are perfectly willing to sacrifice North American livingspace on behalf of their current profits. It is too bad that the ZOG’s slave-thug soldiers do not understand where they stand in the present scheme of things, but we know they are not supposed to understand. They might as well march under SPQR as the Stars & Stripes, for the game & the outcome will be the same.

All the best. DOWZ! & ORION!

Eric Thomson

2004 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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