Jesus Christ: Protector of Evil, An Aryan Analysis Derived From jew Mythology

by Eric Thomson

Instinctively, I felt that there was something distinctly unwholesome about the mythology of Jesus, as conveyed to me by scripture and by the merchants of "God." My thanks therefore go to various rabbis who have assisted me by their discourses on Judaism, which is the basis of Christianity.

The Jesus myth, like the Yahweh myth, impress the Aryan thinker as a hodge podge of conflicting testimonies. In an Anglo-Saxon court of law, such testimonies would be a job for sane jurors to sort out, such as the number of sons Yahweh supposedly had, ranging from many to one to none, all depending upon which section of scripture one reads, and on which preacher-for-profit one hears. Since Christian mythology is derived from jew mythology, we should use the biblical/rabbinical tenets of Judaism as our starting point.

Like Judaism, Christianity consists largely of puerile piety, pseudo-profundity and murderous immorality, all deeply encrusted by ecclesiastical excrement, on behalf of its profits. As the Aryan thinker explores this dismal swamp of obfuscation, certain principal factors can be noted, just as an explorer in an actual swamp would note its wetness and its fauna and foliage: the theme of good and evil derived from Yahweh, who created everything in foreknowledge of those who would commit such deeds, before he created them to fulfill his plan for the universe.

In theory, Yahweh enjoys his sadistic urges by punishing his own helpless creatures, who merely exist to do that which he planned for them, from the beginning of time. One way in which his creatures may escape Yahweh's fiendish wrath is to find a scapegoat on which to load their sins. In other words, Judaism promotes the victimization of the innocent, in order to protect the guilty, so they can continue to sin in good health and prosperity. The killing of the firstborn as a holocaust to gain special favors from Yahweh is also an ancient jewish custom. Today, even the gentiles do it: if you want that car, abort your baby. Yahweh pays!

Jesus supported this tenet of Judaism when he allegedly inoculated some innocent swine with evil spirits, and then drove them over a cliff, to their deaths. This fate was allegedly accorded Jesus, himself, when he supposedly took on the sins of the world, as an innocent scapegoat. In other words, Jesus is the eternal protector of evil-doers!

How do we know that Jesus fulfilled the role of scapegoat, rather than that of a christ (jew-king) of messiah? Again, we go back to the tenets of Judaism: Yahweh is defined as a male god, and a messiah is defined as a MAN, not a god or part thereof. This man is protected by Yahweh, so by definition, he cannot be scourged by other men, nor crucified, as was done to Jesus, according to Christians. This is proof, say the jews, that Jesus was not the messiah who had come to rescue living jews from their earthly enemies, as any messiah must, if he deserves that title. Not only was Jesus guilty of blasphemy by claiming that he was the son of Yahweh, and therefore "the messiah," but he fell further into disrepute when his storytellers claimed that he was Yahweh's sacrifice on behalf of all evil-doers, that is, a scapegoat, who could be neither messiah nor god, according to Judaism. The Old and New Testaments remain in conflict, as do their believers, but the fundamental tenet of Judaism is common to both sects: the punishment of the innocent on behalf of the guilty.

As I concluded in "The Cabalistic Curse of Christianity," the jews who contrived this mirror image cult of Judaism succeeded in making its believers into willing scapegoats, with their doctrine of forgivenness. Not only that, but jews have long used Christianity as their getaway vehicle when the Gentiles are restless, and the heat is on, just by claiming to be 'converts,' as so many marranos or false converts did in "jew-free" Spain, around 1492. But, in general, the Jesus variety of scapegoats are so supine, they are willing to become jew-slaves, as well as jew-sacrifices. Such a deal!

Christians are taught that they must sacrifice themselves in this world for rewards in "the next world," while jews are taught to sacrifice others for rewards in this world. Hence, the jews are lovers of life, be they ever so perverse and obnoxious, while their Christian victims long for death, albeit hypocritically, as they seek earthly pleasures and sing their funeral dirges in their fart-halls. If evil can be defined as victimization, then those who willingly serve evil by agreeing to be its victims are not innocent, but are guilty accomplices, as the historical record of Christianity proves. Those who facilitate the evil-doers do evil themselves, contrary to their pious pretensions. Their forgivenness proves that they know what they do on behalf of evil, whenever they forgive their victimizers.

Those who seek to do evil in this world should be shunned and/or punished by good people in this world, if we are to have any valid definition of "good," as opposed to evil. It is up to Christians to decided if they will become men instead of scapegoats.


Eric Thomson



Notes & Commentary: As a devout Identity Christian I do not agree with Eric Thomson's views. However, rather than censor or refuse to post Eric's articles, especially this one, I prefer to answer them via footnote as here:

1. Eric has a dislike for Christianity. One cannot 'prove' anything in the face of this dislike. Eric hates jews, which is a correct hatred (cf. Genesis 3:15). But like so many people within the Movement, Eric mistakes modern jew-day-o churchianity, with the historic anti-jew Christianity of the West. jews, both ancient and modern, hate Christianity, and so have played a big part in changing Christianity from a White Aryan religion by which entire populations of non-whites were driven out or exterminated into the present mess in which jewdeo-marxism 'Christianity' is used to condition whiggers for their racial displacement from their own homelands. There is an entire vast gulf in the dogma of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, and the jew-day-o jewnitarians or Lutherians or even the present-day Mormons accepting race-mixing as 'Christian.' Eric Thomson doesn't realize this, or doesn't care to, because of Eric's dislike for Christianity as a whole, lumping together as 'Christian' what has been thousands of sects, each claiming to be the Only True Church. While this is indeed an impossibility, Eric doesn't seem to be able to differentiate between a Zulu and a Swede religiously, and thus puts a universality upon the Christian religion that Eric rightfully decries when mentioning racial differences, as there is no 'universal' racial or religious brotherhood of man.

2. "Since Christian mythology is derived from jew mythology, we should use the biblical/rabbinical tenets of Judaism as our starting point."

By tying the beliefs and activities of modern-day jews, Eric thus has 'won' the argument by making the point of 'guilt by association.' Christianity is jewish, and thus like jews, evil in its own right. Thus Eric 'wins' by defining the 'debate' in advance.

It is a fact that most of today's jews are Ashkenazi Khazars, who at the time of Christ were wandering the steppes of Mongollia harassing the Chinese, and have no racial relationship to the pharasaic jews who were compuling the unwritten law of the Mishna which became the Talmud. These Babylonian jews, who came back with the Judeans, Benjamites, and Levites, and were allied with the Edomites who had never been part of Judea/Israel, had in effect created their own hypocritical interpretation of how to get around the Old Testament. As racial aliens living off of the White remnants allowed to return to their homeland, they never were part of Judea either racially or religiously. In fact, the Pharisees, as proponents of the Talmud, were in constant conflict with the Saducees, the Levites of the Temple and village, who were the only authorized 'rabbis' or 'teachers' or priests of YHWH. After the Romans conquered and scattered the 'jews' after A.D. 70, these pharasaic jews were allowed by the Romans to set up a school to teach their Oral Traditions of Men, the same that Christ rebuked the Pharisees for. The fact that this Oral Law of the Pharisees was not written down until the Rabbi Jochanan ben Zakkai reorganized Judaism in the seacoast town of Jamnia after the Saducees, the temple, and their religious functions had been destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D. See my monograph: The jews and their Talmud, wherein I explain the racial and religious differences between the racial Judeans and these Babylonian, Edomite, and Samaritan interlopers and parasites with their pharasaic perversions of the Old Testament designed to give them entry, and then superiority over the genuine Judeans and their original Faith handed to them by Moses. Five hundred years before the birth of Christ, alien jews were already subverting the racial and religious interests of the Judeans, just as today jews subvert the racial and religious interests of Americans and their religion of Christianity. Eric speaks eloquently about the latter, but is wholly ignorant of the former.

3. Here we come to a commonplace of men trying to judge God: That an all-powerful God created both good and evil, and in so creating evil created the source of conflict so that so much misery can be caused. Thus God is a monster.

Ignored by these determinists is the concept of 'free will.' The entire crux of the Bible, of all Western religions, be it Mosaic Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, is the matter of duality -- the struggle between Good and Evil -- and the interaction of 'free will' in determining this struggle. Eric Thomson, like so many others, ignores the matter of free will -- that Eric has a choice of which to choose. Eric chooses to fight on behalf of White interests, which is why I have an interest in publishing him, regardless of religious differences. Now given a particularly degenerate and evil population choosing evil, the end result will of course be lawlessness, anarchy, tyranny and collapse, which Eric notes very well in his letters published here. Yet in blaming God for the end result of Free Will, Eric as a typical a-theist believes far more in God than most solipsistic whigger ass-clowns, in acknowledging God as the cause for everything going wrong in the world.

4. Eric makes the point that I have often used against jew-day-o churchianity ass-clowns: Where I come from we don't pay for that which we didn't order! If Eric wishes to make the point that he never made any agreement for being 'saved' by YHWH by having his sins forgiven by Christ, I for one think it is a valid point -- for Eric. There is indeed much true said by Eric regarding so-called 'Christians' who having a license to kill, lie, cheat, and steal by Christ or by ZOG, do so with impunity since they pretend 'Christ will forgive me,' refusing to realize that they and they alone are responsible for their sins/crimes. I'm with Eric in my disdain for most 'Christians' and another type of vermin, blight-wing whigger nutsionalists and supporting lemmings.

Yet to the genuine Christian, especially the Identity Christian Resistance, then the obverse of Christ's sacrifice for sinners is true as well. Could not by taking the sins of the World upon Himself, could not Christ, instead of forgiving, damn sinners irrevocably? And is that not done by default religiously. After all, the reward for being good is being written in the Book of Life, c.f. Revelation 22:14, 19. The penalty for being evil is not inclusion, but rather exclusion from reward: Revelation 22:15 -- For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolators, and whosoever liveth and maketh a lie. In fact, it is urged that adversity make no great change, Revelation 22:11 -- He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. So likewise with Eric. If Eric cannot claim to be a follower of Christ, then Eric shouldn't be disappointed with not gaining a Christian reward. The ancestors of both Eric and myself expected some reward from Odin for following Odin, did they not? So why is there a different deal with Christ?

Having ZOG steal my grandchildren and try to trump up lies about my molesting them doesn't keep me as a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity politician and Resistance soldier from saying that the penalty for destroying any White family is to destroy the regime criminals and their spawn absolutely. When the innocent have a claim against ZOG, its jew parasites and supporting regime criminal evildoers, then no punishment can be too small. As one who has had my family destroyed, I support 'modernizing' Deuteronomy's Chapters 20 and 21, of Christian Israelite way of war from the original precept of destroying absolutely all males and non-virginal females, and if racially compatible, of marriage of these female slave prisoners of war. The Resistance in the future will force regime criminals to bite off the testicles of their spawn before torture to death, sent to the dog food shredders, and made into something useful while being given no funeral other through the ass holes of dogs, cf. Ahab's House. cf. II Kings Chapters 9 & 10. The female spawn of regime criminals should be made into nothing more than 'walking wombs' with half of them lobotomized and the others crippled to where there is no chance of anything other than a life of misery and humiliation while acting as nothing more than as the carriers of the lineage of those who conquered them and destroyed their families.

Thus, the concept that the innocent have moral power over the guilty who wronged them, that the good have a claim to life and imposing death over the evil, is the foundation of not only Christianity, but of Justice itself. A godless world is a miserable world, and at the very least, the godly are written in the Book of Life, and the evildoers are the dogs, sorcerers, whoremongers, murderers, [self] idolators, and those who make and live a lie.

5. Eric has given a muddled explanation by the jews as to why they don't respect Christ as the Messiah, in that Christ was a sacrificial victim. In reality, jews always have some racial reason for hating Christians because they are the spawn of Satan. To tie jew lies with Christian dogma even when as such admittedly are in conflict is like tying nigger behavior to White law. The nigger behaves in natural racial defiance of Whitey's laws in large part because they are niggers and have a natural antipathy against Whites and White law. So too with jews and Christians and Christian law. For Christian Identity, there is no conflict between the Old Testament and the New Testament -- in fact we refer to those among us, like baal-priest Passturd&Pasturdess Klunt and Ksludge Downey who would argue that the New Testament did away with the Old Testament as 'New Covenant Corn-holers' wanting to have female and faggot priests and niggers & jews in the House of Israel.

6. Agreed with Eric in that evil-doers deserve punishment for their crimes. However, there has usually always been a separation of both Church and State, and punishment of criminals needs proceed regardless of whether the regime-criminal claims, like BushyII and his marching morons, to be 'Christian.'

Let me say that I am in agreement with Eric on many things, which is why I publish Eric Thomson, and without censorship, even where I disagree with Eric on this, Eric's reflexive anti-Christianity. The most effective Resistance activists are Christian Identity, and the most degenerate and cowardly of the of the [bowel] Movement are the whigger nutsionalist ass-clowns with no religion other than Solipsistic Hypocrisy. Nothing effective can be done against ZOG other than with the Resistance soldiers holding a sort of religious faith which supercedes love of self. Self-serving solipsists will not do anything which might get them hurt or cut into their short-term profits. Hence this is why the Resistance contains so many Identity Christians and so few so-called jew-day-o khazarinsanity Zionists. Eric makes so many valid points against so-called Christianity as practiced by jew-lovers, evildoers and regime criminals. But in his dislike against all Christianity and Christian principles, even those in direct oppostion to jews and jew practice, Eric Thomson is wrong.

--Martin Lindstedt

2005 Public Domain -- provided credit is given to Eric Thomson and



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