Some Observations On The Age Of Total Politics

by Eric Thomson

. . . . In his book, "Imperium", Yockey described certain characteristics of the Age of Total Politics, which, like Orwell’s "1984" we have been experiencing for many decades already. Orwell, in fact, described certain features of the Age of Total Politics, particularly in regard to the total politicization of the media of entertainment, education and information, in particular historical information. It is an old and wise saying that the most effective slavery is that which poses as ‘freedom’ and those who have been brainwashed with the credos of liberal democracy are blind to important political developments, mainly because they refuse to see.

. . . . Since the conquest of the United States by alien forces who established the so-called Federal Reserve System in 1913, we have witnessed the gradual erosion of political choice as exercised through the democratic multi-party system. Political candidates run on diametrically opposed platforms, but there is really only one policy, which indicates that political policy is being made by persons other than those who hold official titles of office in so-called democratic countries. In the short period of time before the United States’ entry into World War I, presidential candidate Wilson ran on the platform slogan, "He kept us out of war." Naturally, it was thought that Wilson’s opponents, among whom were the outspokenly bellicose Theodore Roosevelt, were the grim alternatives to "peace and prosperity". Once elected, the hypocrite Wilson made every effort to put the United States into the war and eventually succeeded. So too did Franklin Roosevelt promise to "keep our boys out of foreign wars" as he was using every means possible to do just the opposite. In more recent history, Barry Goldwater ran for U.S. president on a platform of greater U.S. involvement or escalation in Vietnam. The voters chose Johnson who had assured everyone that he would do exactly the opposite of Goldwater, if elected. Johnson was elected and he did nearly everything Goldwater had recommended, short of using nuclear weapons. Time after time, we have seen that choice is just an illusion for the electorate in the West, although on a more sophisticated scale than in the East, where there is often only one candidate running in an election.

. . . . The U.S. is not, of course, the only Western country suffering from the malaise of invisible government. Little Rhodesia elected Ian Smith almost unanimously because he promised "no majority, that is Black, rule in his lifetime". Smith was re-elected and promptly handed over his prime ministership to a Black who had no popular support and thus precipitated the Marxist Mugabe’s accession to power. And Smith lives on!

. . . . Canada has been operating for decades on policies promoted by communists whose mouthpiece minority party, the so-called New Democratic Party, makes them public. The Liberals then put these policies into law and the Conservatives unfailingly see to it, upon their election, that these basically communistic policies are strictly enforced.

. . . . In regard to constitutions, bills and charters of ‘inalienable rights’ and all the rest of the meaningless and hypocritical folderol, we see no better example than the Constitution of the Soviet Union which guarantees government assistance to any opposition party, even to supplying them with printing facilities! In Canada, where there has been adopted recently a so-called Charter of Rights, we see total disregard of the letter of the law, or the cynical use of the letter of the law to defeat the spirit of the law. The Charter specifically states that no citizen of Canada may be forced to leave Canada. In the recent Rauca Case, the victim was accused of ‘war crimes’, deprived of the Canadian citizenship which he had held for decades and then deported to die in a West German prison -- without even being tried in a court of law. The Charter supposedly guarantees absolute freedom of speech, but falls into abeyance whenever someone insists on saying things disliked by the Zionist power brokers and their government stooges.

. . . . In West Germany, persons who are not charged with any crime are denied their passports, have their mail searched and seized and their bank accounts blocked. But they have broken no laws! And this brings into the light a new wrinkle in the exercise of power in the Age of Total Politics: the circumvention of the legal process through extra-judicial punishment. By maintaining the façade of checks and balances in government, the multi-party system and the independent judicial system, the powers-that-be encourage the belief in the liberal democratic myth on the part of those they rule. We are all free, it is said, because there are no political prisoners.

. . . . Dictatorships in earlier times had the honesty to designate certain acts as political crimes and classified political prisoners as such. Nowadays they call their dissidents ‘hooligans’, ‘criminals’ and ‘lunatics’, much as Western ‘democratic’ governments have been calling their own dissidents for decades. In both dictatorships and democracies, real criminals, that is, thieves, murderers, arsonists, swindlers, embezzlers, extortionists, etc. have certain rights within the legal system, but dissidents have none.

. . . . In Canada, for example, so-called Human Rights Commissions can supercede the law courts and impose their own sentence upon dissidents, using their own Nuremberg-style rules of evidence, wherein "truth is no defense". At present, any Canadian human rights commission may impose the command of silence upon an individual, although there are no laws or regulations outlawing speech per se. In true Orwellian tradition, the word for ‘tyranny’ has been supplanted by the word, ‘rights’. This progressive encroachment upon our freedoms is now becoming so obvious that the electorate must know what is going on. Do they play out the empty liberal democratic charade because they fear the actions of their real rulers? Or are they so blind and stupid that they simply cannot see? Whatever their mean and miserable reasons, such people prove that they do not deserve freedom, for freedom belongs only to those who exercise it and who fight for it. Have we so degenerated as men that we can no longer choose Liberty or Death, but only a little more porridge? "Forbid it Almighty God!" as Patrick Henry once said.




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