Stuff I Should Have Wrote

But Didn't



Have you ever come across something pretty good that you really liked to read, but wish that you had written yourself?

Well I sure have.

And in many cases it is something that you either know you could have maybe duplicated, but not have originally created. And then you know you really got to put it up for display because you know that since you got something out of it, then somebody else like yourself is going to want to see it as well.

Well, the following body of work are essays, poems, treatises, literary or political masterpieces which I think when I see them -- "This is Stuff I Should Have Written -- But Didn't."

--Martin Lindstedt



Tom Seaman

Patricia Neill

SFC Barry of 'The Resistor'

The Incomparable Jim Floyd Archive -- Jim Floyd

The Luke LaVellian Archive

William Michael Kemp

Willie Martin

Dr. William Pierce of National Vanguard or National Alliance

Tom Chittum of Civil War 2

Deimos Soderlind

James Barnes

The Nationalist Observer

D.E. Johnson

Lee Allen Martin

Osama Bin Laden

Mark Twain

King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella of Spain

Clifton A. Emahiser

Eric Thomson -- Partial Mirror for FAEM Mirror

Eric Thomson's Sundry Comments Without (Assigned) Dates

Steve Stein, Prisoner of ZOG, Archive

Eric Rudolph

Sundry Internet Sages



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