The Grinch That Stole Holocaustmas

by Jim Floyd


. . . . . Arik Scheinerman, (AKA Ariel Sharon) is the Grinch who stole Holocaustmas.

. . . . . What a horrid state of affairs! Sharon and his henchmen have taken a day of tolerance and made it intolerable. If there was ever a year in which Holocaust Remembrance Day should have been called-off, it was this year.

. . . . . Holocaust Remembrance Day has clearly become a profanation, an assault on truth and memory, overshadowed by the hubris of Dos Yiddishe Folk. You can not be a Holocaust victim while perpetrating a Holocaust against others.

. . . . . Have you no conscience, Sharon; at long last have you no conscience?

. . . . . Ask yourself, people, what is Holocaust Remembrance Day without tolerance and how can the world learn tolerance from war criminals?

. . . . . A beastly, fat and waddling cretin has stolen the day. Millions of us around the world were prepared to commemorate the Holocaust, but it was not to be, nor will the day ever be the same again.

. . . . . How can we worship at the altar of the eternal, iconical, corpuses of six decades ago, while Sharon murders an old man in a wheelchair, a deaf, blind, paralyzed preacher slaughtered, in the doorway of his church? And this blatant outrage did not end such mayhem, no, no, Sharon bragged about it, and promised to, and continues to, murder others.

. . . . . What is to be said about the smokestacks of Auschwitz while smoke from smoldering dead bodies rise from one of the most crowded, filthy, ghettos in the history of this planet?

. . . . . How can we ever again teach the 'never again' theology of Remembrance Day with Sharon firing deadly missiles into Gaza, Israel's and the world's largest ever concentration, death camp? Gaza makes the Warsaw ghetto look like a brief stay at a Club Med resort.

. . . . . Did anyone notice that these beastly little assassins stopped blowing-up homes, and sullying the earth with the blood of precious children, for just one single damn day. What atrocious ogres! These fiends stopped their blood fest just long enough to solicit our pity and have us commiserate with them their perpetual victimhood.

. . . . . This day, Holocaust Remembrance Day, is supposed to teach us that we must 'never forget' that genocide, ethnic cleansing, walls of hatred, hate-walls of barbed wire, the establishment of state institutions which deny others their human dignity, and state sanctioned mass murder must 'never again' be used to attain living space for a racist, fascist conqueror and his 'willing executioners.'

. . . . . Ariel Sharon and his jack-booted thugs have truly out-Hitlered Hitler!

. . . . . Is there an antidote to these moral and intellectual insults? Yes! Let us have our own Remembrance Day.

. . . . . Men and women of intellect and conscience must scream-out in unified disgust at these White Jews and their Fuhrer, before their filthy historical revisionists succeed in erasing from our memories their crimes against humanity and the peace of the world.

. . . . . So, let this be our first, our very own, Holocaust Remembrance Day. Join me as I remember two victims from the early days of this present Holocaust, the Palestinian Holocaust.

. . . . . These two innocent men were British army sergeants, Clifford Martin and Mervyn Paice. These were peace-keepers sent to Palestine to serve, protect, and bring democracy to a place plagued by cowardly terrorists, Jew terrorists.

. . . . . Sergeants Martin and Paice were taken hostage by a group of Jew terrorists calling themselves the Irgun Gang who were lead by the radical cleric, Menachem Begin.

. . . . . Begin and his Irgun thugs were not alone in this ingenious method of terrorism. He had help from a demonic dwarf who called himself, Yizhak Shamir. Shamir, in Kabbalah mysticism, is the name of a worm that can eat its way through stone.

. . . . . Shamir's real name was Yitzhak Yezernitzky, and together with some criminals whose real names were Cohen, Levi, Friedman, and Levstein, ran an equally barbaric band of serial killers, the Stern Gang.

. . . . . These two terrorist, Jew, Zionist organizations and their fanatical leaders were the first terrorists to establish the practice of taking hostages in the Middle East.

. . . . . On July, 12, 1947, these two British non-commissioned officers were abducted in Nathanya by heavily armed Jews. On July 15th, 1947, the British Secretary made a statement about these two innocent British non-commissioned officers who were kidnapped, taken hostage, then hanged by the Jewish terrorists. He stated:

It is with deep regret that I confirm the reports which have been current during the past 24 hours that the two British sergeants, Paice and Martin, abducted at Nathanya on 12th July, have been murdered by Jewish terrorists. I received today the following telegram from the High Commissioner for Palestine: "Most deeply regret to inform you that the two bodies were found at 9 o'clock this morning in an eucalyptus grove at Umm Uleiga, near Beit Lid. They were hanging from two trees. Notices were pinned to the bodies saying that the men had been hanged by the National Military Organization as British spies. The first body was cut down by an Army captain, and as he bent over it a small bomb exploded, injuring him in the face. The surrounding area was found to have been mined.

. . . . . This ingenious method of terrorism was the product of the wicked minds of Menahem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir. It was Begin in consultation with Shamir and the Hagana leadership who gave the order to hang the two British sargeants. (Hagana together with the Jewish Agency, were like today's al Qaeda, and gave approval to carry out proposed terror attacks.)

. . . . . Of course, the terrorist carnage continued and continues today. But we must never forget, nor forgive, these Khazar Jew sadists. And we must hold in our collective, living memory, a deep respect and reverence for all victims of the Jews infamous methods of extermination.

. . . . . Although the British government cut, ran, and gave-up their war on terror, and now hope that we all will forget the horror of their failures, and perhaps most have forgotten.

. . . . . But who can forget the limp bodies of two young men hanging in a grove as an eternal testimony to the evilness of Jew terrorism.

James Floyd
19 April, 2004



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