Millay has extensive support in Libertarian Senate primary

By Oscar Avila
Staff Writer

Libertarian Party Officials have made a clear choice.

Tamara A Millay's resume lists 18 party leaders who have backed her candidacy for the U.S. Senate from Missouri. Martin Lindstedt, her opponent, was kicked out of the party after a convention squabble. He sued to remain on the ballot.

Voters will make their own choice in the Aug. 4 primary.

Both candidates generally support the Libertarian philosophy of limited government.

The Libertarians, the state's third-largest party, won a place on Missouri's ballot in 1992.

Millay, a corporate recruiter from St. Louis, said her top priority is to completely legalize drugs. She said the black market leads to increased crime and violence.

"If you look at history, alcohol prohibition didn't work. Drug prohibition doesn't work either.

Millay also promised not to raise taxes and said she would explore ways to shift funding to user fees. She says she would eventually like to see public schools replaced by a private system for all.

Lindstedt, a truck driver from Granby, in southwest Missouri, said he is fed up with the "scumbags" who voted to ban him from the party.

Lindstedt, a member of the 7th Missouri Militia, calls himself an "extremist." He said his top legislative priority would be something called the Extermination of Regime Criminals Act. That would call for the execution of corrupt politicians and lawyers.

"Just like all great empires, they're going to lead this country to eventual destruction," he said.

The Kansas City Star -- Page B-3, Tuesday, July 21, 1998