My Family, Nov. 2003: Myself, center, cw: Roxie Fausnaught, Grandchildren Adam Deines, Henry Baldwin, JJ Baldwin, and Helen Deines

My Family - Scattered & Destroyed




Dangerous Precidents

Regimeist White Slavery and the Extermination Response

. . . . . I was watching CNN the morning of Jan. 19, 2005, and I saw as breaking news the story of a family destroyed by the criminal regime. Some young man and his wife, having had their two little children stolen by the juvenile authorities of some North Carolina county had been caught after a five day manhunt with their two children and some other relative. The children had been stolen by the authorites in March 2004 supposedly because the young parents were cooking meth and given to some foster parents. After eight months of not seeing their two children, three years and one an infant, the young parents went to the foster home with a gun and got their children back and fled. As is always the case, the children were White -- niglets and beanerspawn are not worth stealing as they always grow up to be big niggers or beaners -- and thus the only thing of any value of poor White folks.

. . . . . Now doubtless these parents will never see their children again and will be put in prison for 'stealing' or 'kidnapping' their own off-spring. They will have their particular bloodline cut off. Their family has been destroyed. And, there are doubtless millions of worthless whiggers (white niggers) who will applaud this state-sponsored terrorism and treason.

. . . . . I suffer from the same problem. I am not a drug addict or meth cooker. However, I am of the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity religion, and am a White Nationalist politician. My four grandchildren, above, were kidnapped under color of 'emergency' and taken screaming from the only home they knew and loved by Children's Division (Formerly Division of Family Services or DFS) personnel, Newton County Juvenile Officers, Newton County Sheriff's Deputies with the collusion of Granby police officers on April 9, 2004. The day these criminals chose to violate my grandchildren's home, their nest, like predatory animals, I swore that I would destroy their criminal families by torturing their children and grandchildren and their entire family unto seven generations and four degrees of relatedness and send them screaming to hell. Not only them, but the rest of the regime criminals who made their destruction of my family possible, by merely voting for funds to support regime piglice and korts, or by passing laws or funding agencies which made this possible.

. . . . . Their plot was to use the vermin living across the street, namely my fat, ignorant, sluttish welfare-queen stepdaughter, her second husband, her cousin and another slut living there to lie that I had molested my own grandchildren, railroad me in a kangaroo kort, and have me murdered in prison as a child molester and racist. In the past six months I have been falsely arrested, threatened unlawfully with contempt of kort three times, had the secret juvenile kort of Judge Kevin Lee Selby, who refuses to recuse himself as a long-time enemy of mine, refused the biological grandmother of the children her right to intervene by shutting out the incompetent and corrupt attorney for which I paid $1500, and then the Missouri Court of Appeals refused to obey the law and make the trial court obey the law by providing the legal file to compile the necessary Record on Appeal. After submitting the record on appeal no less than four or five times because the Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District refused to make the trial kort certify the papers of its secret proceedings, finally I wore them down. But because this corrupt trial-kort judge Selby refuses to make his dismissal of Roxie's Motion to Intervene as the biological grandmother on July 15, 2004, there is a good chance that this crooked judge will in effect have a veto over any appeal because the Missouri Court of Appeals says that Selby didn't make a 'final judgment.' My incompetent/crooked lawyer working the System didn't get one like he said he would do. So Roxie filed a Motion for Final Judgment on Jan. 18, 2005, but Selby hasn't signed it. The trick is that if Selby doesn't sign it, then a Writ of Mandamus will have to be asked for, and unless Roxie gets her in forma pauperis then the appeal might well be dismissed for lack of a 'final judgment' even though the purpose of all appellate courts is oversight at the trial level, and an appeal is supposedly a 'right.' Of course, these regime criminals would be quite huffy if their spawn was sentenced to torture and grinding up in the custody of DFS -- Dog Food Shredder -- and when such tried to pursue an appeal it was denied even though sentence was already processed because of a refusal from a Resistance tribunal to provide for the scrap of toilet paper called a 'final judgment.'

. . . . . So it isn't really a matter of law, but a matter of power. Those in power make up the rules in order to benefit themselves and call it 'Rule of Law.' It isn't 'Rule of Law' but rather 'Rule of Lawyers' who make up the law as they go along. And it is enforced by means of terrorism -- violence or the threat of violence -- by the regime at the point of a gun wielded by mercenary thugs who are its soldiers or police.

. . . . . Here I am, writing out paper after paper, and accomplishing nothing before a secret juvenile court set up to destroy my family except writing pretty papers showing that this criminal regime can't even be bothered with obeying its own rules. My family is destroyed and there simply isn't anything I can do about it any more than the young White meth-cooker was able to see his children but at one hell of a price.

. . . . . But the viciousness of the juvenile korts in collusion with the social-worker baby-stealers don't end here. Oh no!

. . . . . My fat stupid sluttish stepdaughter whose white-trash antics the 'Children's Division' (formerly Division of Family Services or DFS) has had a long history in taking advantage of in this common herd, is probably about to lose her children in Judge Selby's secret kort later today. You see, by taking the false accusations over an anonymous hotline call that I supposedly was molesting two of my grandchildren, and then later taking the false testimony of a professional 'Children's Advocate' named Stephanie Thesis that she had gotten a different child, my grandson Adam, to draw on a paper doll where 'Papa had kissed him all over' the DFS enabled me and Roxie to be kept out of our grandchildren's lives forever. Then they could work as they are accustomed to with the poor whites, specifically my stupid stepdaughter Amalie Baldwin and her idiotic second husband James and my slow retarded ex-son-in-law Shawn Deines. The strategy in destroying a White family is to always destroy the ability of the strongest White male to protect and defend his family. As a politician with a long history of litigation, simply by making the accusation in a secret kort before a corrupt judge with a long history of combat with myself, the hearsay second-hand accusation alone would be taken as 'proof' enough. Thus both Roxie and myself have been 'legally' prevented from ever seeing our grandchildren since they were stolen on April 9, 2004. In the case of myself, I dare not try to 'accidently' see them because my stepdaughter has been threatened by DFS, particularly Doug Baugh, with the collusion of Linda Rasmussen, with Amalie never seeing her own children ever again.

. . . . . But all of the biological parents were allowed to see their children. Sometimes Amalie would make photos of them and let myself and Roxie see the grandchildren provided I promised to not put the pictures up on the Internet. I promised. The children were never allowed to speak my name for fear of punishment, or so I heard. After I bought the house across the street wherein my grandchildren lived on Sept. 1, 2004, both Amalie, James, and Shawn blew their money. And, after being assessed by Selby to having to pay 'child support' for the children stolen in order to help the thieving State of Missouri and DFS pay for the foster parenting, they were threatened with never seeing the children again unless they moved from their old house which I was letting them live in rent-free. You see, the State of Missouri, in order to make stealing children easier, assessed child support payments against poor white parents to pay for the foster care so that they will have another excuse to take the children away when these people who have been living on food stamps, welfare payments, and Medicaid can't pay the child support, along with their other bills. So since Shawn was assessed $400 per month, which was Selby's gift in April to move away from his room in my trailer, and James was assessed $350 per month, and now had to pay over $500 per month rent where before he had owned a house across the street, I was pretty sure that they wouldn't be able to heft such burdens. Neither, I suspect was DFS or Judge Selby. What were people unable to make ends meet on food stamps, Medicaid, and payments when they did have their children now had burdens of $600 and $800 without their children having to pay the criminal regime that had stolen their children.

. . . . . Now the State of Missouri is supposed to pay for clothing and shoes, but for some reason these items, along with some toys, were asked by Amalie to Roxie and myself for our grandchildren for Christmas. And so, on the shoe boxes, I wrote that "Grandma and Papa love you, miss you, and will never forget you." And I asked Amalie to take a videotape made by myself and Roxie and show it only to Helen, maybe Adam, but not the smaller two. In this videotape, I showed the old house across the street they lived in and our small old house with the wood stove heating it. I reminded them to never talk to the pigs or DFS baby-stealers because they will use it to further destroy our family. I criticised Amalie and James for letting the way they lead their lives get the children taken away for the second, and possibly final time. And I expressed a desire that no matter how long it took, some day we'll be together. That and told them to never get friendly with the spawn of regime criminals, for they must be exterminated for the sins of their parents. Then Roxie and her cat, Peanuts, waved and said that they too loved the children, Helen, Adam, JJ, and Henry. Both Roxie and myself were crying, and I shut off the camera.

. . . . . I heard that Amalie and James watched the videotape and bitched about how I kept on criticising them, although I did say that they were trying to straighen their act up in order to get the kids back. I left the videocamera and an extra cassette for them to take pictures of the kids opening up their presents. I didn't really expect Amalie to show myself in the tape, and from what I seen of the videotape gotten back of my grandchildren opening up their presents, Amalie made a duplicate tape, and only played the end where Roxie and the cat are waving good-bye. But that was enough. One of the DFS baby-stealing bitches grilled a young child and got him to say that he seen 'Mama' on the TV. The DFS bitch demanded the vidoetape and got my videotape. Since I doubt that they want to face me in open kort, I probably am in no danger. But now they want to use this tape as an excuse to steal the children away from Amalie for good, in Judge Selby's secret juvenile kort. You see, DFS thinks that they are god on earth. Don't do everything these hater parasites demand, and lose your children for good. It is doubtful that any child mentioned my name because as I saw, there has been psycological, perhaps even physical pressure to destroy my memory from the hearts and minds of my little grandchildren who loved me as I loved them. This demands a hideous retribution upon the spawn of regime criminals. I've never heard of anything more innately vicious than these regime criminals who destroy families just to fulfill their idiotologies of social engineering, even in the former Soviet Union or China.

. . . . . So I'll post this upon my web page so that what I think will happen -- Amalie and James and Shawn losing their children, and my grandchildren, forever -- won't happen in Judge Kevin Lee Selby's secret juvenile regime kort. But like all regime criminals, they really think that they can do whatever they want without retribution.

. . . . . Well, I have news for these regime criminals. This regime, like all evil regimes, will not last forever. Kevin Selby, Bill Dobbs, Ron Doerge, Scott Watson, Dano Jo Wallace, Carmen Jamison, Doug Baugh, Linda Rasmussen, Pat Stuart, Cathy Gorham, et. al., you won't be in power forever. These evil sociopaths don't have the iron character to run a police state tyranny forever. All they can do is imagine, like Janet Reno at Waco, that they're doing it "all for the good of the children." Regardless of how it ends up, they are going to be forgiven, because they had such good intentions.

. . . . . The point is that they did evil because they are inherently evil. The only just penalty for anyone destroying a White family is to have their own family destroyed and with the uttermost humiliation sent screaming to hell. That includes everyone even remotely connected with destroying families, be they foster or adoptive parents, the legistraitors who appropriated the money and started the agencies, of course the police and lawyers who enforced and profited from evil, the clerks who stowed the paperwork. That includes the presstitutes who lauded destroying families. The baal-priest clergy who told the piglice, lawyers, politicians, judges, social-workers that they were doing good in God's sight. May they and their spawn be crucified for the sins they did encourage. And let them all prey for an end to sanctimony as they are forced to eat their only begotten sons' testicles, a fit sacrifice unto their gods who forgot to tell them, "Woe unto them who call good evil and evil good."

. . . . . It doesn't matter any more. There is no real 'law.' There never was any justice. All that is left is revenge. Revenge not only upon regime criminals, but the entire population which let these regime criminals flourish without fear of retribution. May the aggrieved learn to kill without mercy or remorse. Let there be no quarter asked nor none given until this rotten regime and its decayed social order and degenerate population are all destroyed absolutely, and none are left except for an ungovernable lot of survivors. For from the death of tyranny comes the absolute freedom of anarchy and despotism, of rule by neo-aristocracy by warlords able to keep their subject populations alive.

. . . . . The best sense I can make of this is that since society is breaking down, that YHWH allowed this to happen simply because as a politically savvy Revolutionary with enormous talents that I would bring the gospel to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel. Your birthright has been given and wasted. Nothing remains but to cleanse with the sword our own house first, destroying and running off the alien, destroying with fire all that is evil within ourselves. Therefore I preach that it is moral to prion-poison the entire land by first taking deer dying of Chronic Wasting Disease, rendering them down in pressure cookers, mixing it with corn and feeding it to deer or cattle in uninfected areas. If a White man sees a chance to spread mayhem and not get caught, then to do so. To hate the criminal regime with a passion. To look the other way whenever a regime criminal gets vigilante justice. To never tell the piglice anything. To not pay any taxes unless you have to. To collect as big of a government check as possible. To boycott the phony [s]elections or just vote no on all taxes. To never co-operate with any regime criminal in any way and to make your contempt and hatred known, but only when it is too late for them to do anything about it. To sit on the jury and find 'not guilty' anyone charged with an offense against the state. To be a very 'bad citizen' in any and every way. And to hate anyone who aids and abets the criminal regime. No regime, no matter how tyrannical, can long endure the withdrawal of the People. It doesn't matter if when this civil war is over that there remain only 20 million or two million or 200,000 or two people alive -- just as long as they are White and none else survive. The 'gospel' or 'good news' of Revelation is that the world will almost be destroyed, but none shall remain but righteous people.

. . . . . Anyone and everyone who supports the criminal regime in any way is a traitor and criminal with no rights you need respect. Hate them all and never forget, that they deserve whatever they get because they supported evil.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Candidate for Granby Municipal Judge


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