Myself, center, cw: Roxie Fausnaught, Grandchildren Adam Deines, Henry Baldwin, JJ Baldwin, and Helen Deines

My Family - Scattered & Destroyed


Family Situation of April 13, 2004

Impressions, April 13, 2004

In response to your query, things have improved and I am re-asserting political control of the situation. Yes, there are some very stupid pigs who have been caught salivating about railroading me to prison and having me murdered. Only good pig is a dead pig, and some need killing more than others. The Granby piglice, especially a mestizo bandito named named Chris Moreland, especially so. Sunday night I made a VHS video deposition detailing a murder plot and got it out to the 'Movement.' Then I posted a call for retribution for my martyrdom. I am feared as well as hated by ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government).

But a talk with the prostituting attorney Scott Watson, an old enemy, revealed that there is a sexual abuse allegation but care is being taken to avoid naming the party involved. The Division of Family Services in Newton County is deliberately 'mistaking' sexual abuse of my granddaughter by my stepdaughter's second husband's James Baldwin's biological father, Luper M. Baldwin. In the case of State vs. Luper M. Baldwin, CR400-2353FX, this piece of living dogshit figured out my stepdaughter was on to him, and he literally ran for his life. He wasn't scared of his son, but of myself for I have a cold reputation. I wouldn't have killed him on purpose, but I would have figured out how much original defective parts I could have removed without a felony rap, just a couple of Class-A misdemeanor stuff to where I'd have had to pay ZOG for it's "don't take their 'law' into your own hands bullshit" but to where they wouldn't want to risk a jury trial. I didn't want my stepdaughter to report the thing to Doerge's dogs because I thought that they would cover up what that dog did against Martin Lindstedt's granddaughter. And that is exactly what they did do. That damned Luper's father, a child molester too, paid to get more effort than usual from a public pretender named Kathleen Byrnes-Ales, and she filed a Motion to Strike and Luper got off with being scolded by some old lesbian hide. Go over to the Newton County Korthouse and at a quarter a copy you can get a copy of it all for around $3.75 to $4.00.

So what the Newton County DFS is doing is keeping this matter 'under investigation' so that they can keep me from aiding my stupid stepdaughter and the weak ex-husband and husband under her thumb. No, I don't consider her much of a mother, so that is why myself and Roxie live right across the narrow street to take care of the slack. All of them kids are able to walk across the street, and I take care for them to look before crossing on pain of spanking. And there are plenty of meth-head children who are far more screwed up than my grandchildren. Helen is vary much like her mother, but much better behaved and far more responsible. I'll bet she ends up weighing 200 lbs or so when she grows up, but that is far better than 330 that her mother weighs. She is pretty smart, around 115-120 I.Q. Her brother, Malachi Adam Deines is much like his father, Shawn Deines. Sweet disposition, but difficult. He has around a 95 IQ, low normal. The little boys, Jonathan James Baldwin, or JJ, is like his father, James Baldwin. A complete little chickenhead. It is extremely difficult to make him learn anything, regardless of spanking. I despair of him ever amounting to much. But I so much want him to grow up and live to the best of his abilities. The youngest, Henry Baldwin, not quite three, is one of the handsomest children I have ever seen, and quite intelligent, probably 115-120 I.Q. He doesn't take after either Amalie or James. I almost think that he is a changeling, switched at the hospital at birth. A male child of great promise. I just don't know where he gets it from.

Nineteen months ago, the DFS took all four children:

I beat the odds of only 23% state average of kids taken by DFS of getting them back. I did that by having Amalie file a Motion for Appeal to the Missouri Southern Court of Appeals and getting it out of the secrecy under which the Division of Family Services kidnap and sell and buy and trade children in order to get foster funds. Even back then, the first time, the DFS pukes screamed to Amalie, "Make Martin back off! Make Martin back off!"

But now the DFS scum are keeping me out of the meetings and Judge Kevin Selby's Division III Juvenile Kort chambers by deliberately mistaking the behavior of Luper Baldwin with that of myself. The piglice are drooling over running me to prison, but they have over-reached and they know it. So today I called the Jefferson City headquarters, got a burrocrat to call back, explained the situation, got his name, and his promise to look into it as well as his explaining that he couldn't give me a report. He doesn't want his name or the conversation repeated, but I shall do what I have to do if necessary. Selby is the one who as a lawyer had me sent up for 30 days in the Jasper County jail for contempt of kort for my refusal to pay what I knew was an illegal traffic conviction for a burnt-out headlight. Last year he refused to make a temporary restraining order permanent against James Baldwin after he tried to run off with his kids, even though James is a third-generation child molester. Luper's father was a child molester, Luper is a child molester, James' mother Inez has an abuse neglect conviction for letting her boyfriends abuse James and his sister. This sister has a new name and refuses to have anything to do with her brother and her mother after she was in foster care. Three lawyers, Judge Kevin Selby, Greg Bridges as lawyer for James, and the dishonest idiot Terry Neff went along with Bridges getting me separated from Amalie Baldwin on August 20, 2003 last year by means of Greg Bridges claiming that he might want to call me as a witness -- a transparent lie in controvention of the arrangement Selby had promised me that I would be allowed to help Amalie out -- and then them three lawyers tore Fat-Ass's ass all apart. Selby did what he intended to do -- let James see the kids and make permanent the restraining order against Inez. Selby also vengefully made the order permanent against James' aunt and aunt's boyfriend because of their antics. Amalie then went home to her child-molester boyfriend. Then on October 8, 2003, the same day I moved the first ex-husband Shawn Deines into my mother's trailer at the foot of the hill south of my house as a counterweight, Amalie expelled her child-molester boyfriend and reinstalled husband #2, James.

Amalie is under a felony suspension of sentence for falsifying a prescription painkiller Vikoden. She screws up once she can go directly to prison for 7-14 years. She was charged with a Class-D felony of drug abuse, and would have had the benefits of drug-kort and all that happy shit, but the public pretender found out that Vikoden was not a controlled narcotic. So rather than take it to jury trial and have it blow up in Scott Watson's face, the pubic pretender gave Watson a chance to dismiss the Class D felony up to a Class-C felony of forgery. She pled guilty and has to be a good girl until June 2005. The problem is that she lets all manner of whigger trash over across the street, and has done a number of stupid thangs already. All DFS or the piglice have to do is to close the trap.

So essentially the problem I face is an evil regime intent on scattering my grandchildren is trying to keep me out in the cold while they deal with three weak fools of biological parents, Amalie and her feeble-minded husbands. Then they can scatter the children and split up the foster-care money amongst them. It's like taking kittens from an alley cat and her dumb toms.

So maybe I can scrape together $1500 and hire a 'good' lawyer (ain't no such critter). Or I can have Amalie get the papers that they are keeping from her illegally, and have her 'file' a Notice of Appeal as a pauper and bring this matter before the general public and cause a public outcry. Nobody who knows me thinks that I am a child molester. I would gladly destroy the spawn of my enemies, but my own children I deem precious in my sight. So I have a lot to do before juvenile kort at 8:30 a.m. Thursday.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri


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