Myself, center, cw: Roxie Fausnaught, Grandchildren Adam Deines, Henry Baldwin, JJ Baldwin, and Helen Deines

My Family - Scattered & Destroyed


I Get Falsely Arrested by Juvenile Pigs

& Judge Selby Condemns Children to DFS

Impressions, April 15, 2004

Today, Thursday April 15, 2004, I went to the Hearing concerning whether my grandchildren are to be kept in DFS custody. I wrote out a Motion for Shawn Deines asking for a continuance, a lawyer to be appointed him, and a denial of the allegations set out in the 'emergency' sheet. Shawn signed his, my stepdaughter did not sign hers. This signalled a wedge between us, driven deeper by the authorities, that shall not be healed. The entire time they sat at the other end of the korthouse on the first level.

I had drafted a previous motion the day before, had Shawn file it, and then when we went to serve the copies to the Juvenile Authority Office at 117 North Jefferson Street in Neosho, a fat pig deputy named Pat Stuart demanded to know my name. When I told him, he said that I was not allowed anywhere in the courthouse tomorrow and that Division III (juvenile kort) should have told me as much. I asked if it was a matter of collusion between them and that kort. Stuart got extremely belligerant and seemed frightened and screamed something about spelling his name right on this Web page, and so we left, having served our papers.

When I got over to the korthouse, I decided to bring my videocamera. I first got Shawn to file his Motion for Continuance, Attorney, and Denial of Allegations. Then I loaded up and got pictures of all of my adversaries, including Candi Butts (her real name) a juvenile deputy, a bald faggy NAMBLA-type named Doug Baugh, Amalie's Social 'Service' caseworker. I even got a picture of Judge Kevin Selby, going up the stairs and then down, with no complaint from him. However that abruptly changed when this Chief Stuart Pat Stuart came into the korthouse at around 8:45 a.m. He immediately screamed that I was taping juveniles that he was bringing, although there were none in sight. He demanded the videotape. I said that I would turn it off, and did so. He then lunged for the videocamera and grabbed it, but Roxie cried that I should give Deputy Stuart the videotape. However, he wanted the entire camera. Meanwhile, Stuart demanded that a fat pig named Greg Sweeten, the McDonald County pig who brought the BATF upon the Kuriatnik family back in 1995 and who is now a bailiff, handcuffed me without resistance and took me upstairs. Then he filled out a booking report.

I was then taken to the Newton County jail, where they proceeded to book me for the third time this year. I was to be booked on the novel-to-me charge of 'wilfully disobeying a deputy sheriff.' I had never heard of any such law before. Doubtless it is an unCONstitutional catch-all 'law' to allow the piglice to do whatever they want. While the booking was going on, some fat sow jailer named Whitehall demanded that I spit out my chewing gum, that I had brought to relieve stress and keep my mouth moist. When she demanded for the fourth time that I spit out my gum, I asked, "Or what?" "Detention in de-tox," she said. So I said, "De-tox." So her and another jailer walked me back to a holding cell without a toilet but with a gutter with all manner of slimy stuff in it. I told her that she must be a rather petty evil person to want to be a jailer for the cheap sense of power it gave her. And there I was kept for 5-15 minutes.

A much more humane jailer named Fischer decided to issue me some orange pants and finish my booking when there was a call from a judge. This was the first time ever that any judge had wanted to see me on a matter ever before, so still in my street clothes minus boots and plus jail sandals Fischer and I went back to Division III kort. While I was sitting in outside the kortroom, I discussed jailers, like those of Doerge's 'fite-club' of Feb. 22, 2004 and the behavior of Whitehill. This Fischer actually seemed like a decent sort, and remarked how 'power games can go awry,' like the gum incident.

Judge Selby was on his bench, in the middle of things and I looked around while Selby ordered my shackles released. There were quite a few of the Sanhedron of the bar, like buzzards around a carcass. There was the chief deputy Pat Stuart who had had me arrested. Selby informed me that I was to be released, but to not say anything while he read me the riot act. I listened to him talk about how it was forbidden to tape juveniles in the korthouse and how if I did it again that I would be arrested for contempt, forgetting the irony that he had jailed me for contempt for refusing to pay a bogus fine for a burnt-out headlight.

So I said my piece. First of all, I had seen no evidence that it was illegal to film whatever happened in a public place such as a korthouse, even though juvenile cases within a kortroom were held under secrecy away from the public eye. Secondly, there was no evidence that Selby had seen that I was doing any such thing wrongfully other than the word of a liar, such as this Deputy Stuart. Thirdly, I might well have a federal civil rights lawsuit against Newton County, its Juvenile Authorities, and thus might need the videocassette tape as evidence. Shouldn't I have something as evidence as to whether or not I had broken any law for such a lawsuit back in my possession and everyone having a copy? Deputy Stuart said that I was taping in the kortroom lobby and I said that that was a lie, I had been taping outside in the hall, where the public walks indoors. Judge Selby had Prostituting Attorney Bill Dobbs the duty of reviewing the videocassette tape. Then Selby made Deputy Stuart return to me the videocamera as well. The fat pig looked agitated at his embarassment. I asked if this matter was 'on the record' and Selby said not. I remarked that it was a pity that some people couldn't be caught in their own lies, and then I walked out of the kortroom with Jailer Fischer a free man.

I handed the videocamera to Roxie and got back into the back of the squad car. On the way back, Fischer said that I sure scared a lot of people, that they thought that I was an extremely dangerous man. I said that sometimes I scare me.

I was well pleased with this incident. I had gotten them stupid pigs to over-react in fear and hatred and they had been caught in a compromising position. Unlike the situation with my grandchildren, where they can use all of their well-honed wiles to coerce 'admissions' and implant 'memories,' I caught the juvenile piglice out in criminality and lawlessness without need for coercion.

Myself, Roxie and Shawn went out to eat. I heard about Roxie's testimony. That she had been asked by Amalie Baldwin, my stepdaughter, if Roxie ahd ever seem me abuse or molest my grandchildren or whether or not I was capable of doing any such thing. Roxie said 'no' to both questions. Shawn said that he would be allowed visitation with his two, but I would never be allowed to see them. My very name was to never be spoken before them ever again. It was to be as if the State had made me an 'unperson' before my very own grandchildren, whom I consider to be my children. A man's memory is to be erased fully upon the minds of the next generation of his family. I don't think that such an evil thing has ever been imposed by any mighty Evil Empire since Ancient Egypt did that to Akenaten the Heretic. I didn't believe all of what would befall me while I went and helped Shawn fill out and file his application for a lawyer to be paid for by the kort.

When my stepdaughter did come home around 6:15 p.m., I found out the rest of the good news for Job. James and Amalie Baldwin are going to have to move away from across the street and get HUD housing in order to get their four kids back. The DFS has found out about Amalie's having sex with her first cousins at the age of 12 and 13, and with about half the junior high school at the ages of 14, 15, and 16. The DFS are going to squeeze the noose even harder. A restraining order will be filed against me from talking to Amalie and James. Then another filed against me ever seeing all four of my grandchildren again. Shawn is to be allowed visitation with his father of his two children, Helen and Malachi Deines. However, my name is to never ever be mentioned to my grandchildren at this visitation. Roxie is to not be allowed visitation, even supervised visitation, as long as she lives with me. And, when the time is deemed right, I am to be charged and put on a railroad docket for allegedly molesting my granddaughter Helen Deines and 'playing with the pee-pee' of my grandson Jonathan James Baldwin.

This is quite a shock, and quite a nightmare. My family is to be torn apart and I am to be imprisoned. Over seventeen years of my life spent with Roxie is to be destroyed, with no appeal from the secret workings of the juvenile apparatus. Testimony is to be manufactured from secret coersive proceedings done upon my children by professional juvenile 'workers.' The only good thing about it is if they get what they want, there is no need to further harm my grandchildren, I hope.

There is nothing much that I can do about this but to see my doom coming and to work harder until the day this doom might or might not overcome me. While it might well be ZOG which proposes, it is YHWH which disposes. I am not to fear evil, but rather to obey YHWH's Word. If my martyrdom inspires others to absolutely destroy this mighty Evil Empire and its minions and their families, then that is all to the good.

I swore an oath after the criminal regime murdered my father, Richard Lindstedt, in a federal prison that I would destroy this evil regime for revenge. I would never breed slave-children to serve this regime. Being but a man, I decided to enjoy the affections of a fat widow who was fixed. But she came with a sluttish daughter, who my friends warned me accurately enough, would be an enemy within my camp. After today, she is the enemy expelled from my camp. As grandchildren came, I took pity on those who never asked to be in this world, and loved and cared for them as best I could. I knew that they could be used against me, but that such was the nature of the Beast. Now that they have been taken, should I demean myself crying for something that has been taken by my enemies? These children, like the spawn of criminal regimeists, are in the hands of YHWH. They are no longer my responsibility. Thus I can write, and speak and act in a manner that I couldn't before for fear of the consequences upon their little heads by this regime. There is so little time left, both for this regime, and for us all. I might as well enjoy my life one day at a time for as long as it lasts.

My death shall not be a suicide. My fellow Resistance fighters are to treat my death as a murder to be avenged, as I have tried to avenge my father. No mercy is to be shown to the men, women, or children of criminal regimeists in a district appropriate to how well I have served the Resistance. There are no innocents, only sides. The time in which advance messengers of Revolution and civil warfare such as myself are drawing to a close.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri


Booking Report, April 15, 2004, Newton County Jail, p1


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