Newton County Repubicant Party Polytrickal Meeting

Fighting With Some Imperial Whigger Supremacist Politicians & Their Mob

by Martin Lindstedt


Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 13:01:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Martin Lindstedt (martin_lindstedt@yahoo.com)
Subject: Press Release -- Transcript, Speech to NCCCCP of approx 7:15-7:19 p.m. May 7, 2002
To: Jay Kanzler 4 State Auditor (jay@jaykanzler.com)

Press Release from Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt,
Repubican Candidate for U.S. Senate, from a State of

Transcript of Video-taped proceedings before Newton
County Republican Party mob, approximately 7:15-7:19
p.m. May 5, 2002:

     My name is Martin Lindstedt and I am running for
United States Senate and I don't stand a chance in
hell of getting elected. 

[Mob of Repubican-whigger rabble]: (giggles, clapping,
an a-men) 

    However . . . -- Or of getting elected in this

    However, what I can do is pretty much show that
it's set for a Democrat will win and that the Missouri
Republican Party is dead meat insofar as state-wide
elections go.  It's like it was last election. [In

     Ah, . . . Mr. . . . ,  {glancing back at Nick
Myers, Newton County Republican Chairman} Ah. . . ,
Myers, didn't want to let me speak here, but he did
want his state-wide auditor candidate [Jay Kanzler]
[to speak], and then we had a little legal
back-and-forth, and he gave me the choice of talking
tonight or later at Crowder.  And the reason that I'm
gonna say is that generally what happens is that this
is typical for the lot of you because most of you
can't even obey your own rules and laws and you go
ahead and make up exceptions to benefit yourself. And
in fact the majority of the People know that. . . . 

     In this county, it's true enough . . . 

     By the way, there's another opposed
office-holder, it's for presiding commissioner, and
there's a Libertarian running for it, and it's my
girlfriend, and you will [see], there will be
something [opposition] in the general election. 

     But what I'm pleased to see is that nobody but
you politicians and Republicans are here. Which means
that the vast majority of People in Newton County,
they really don't care one way or the other, they're
just gonna vote for whatever gets chosen [in the
Republican August primary election]. And that's not a
good thing for [Repub] state-wide candidates, for the
reason of it is that unless there is a reason to go to
the polls in November, [the] People are not going to
show up for the polls, and the thing about it is
[that] it won't give you guys enough to pull up
[electorially] outside of Kansas City and St. Louis. 
So I assure you, state-wide [Repub] candidates have
already lost the general election [in November].

     This is [gesturing to Newton County Republicans
sitting behind me] an election of who you choose
locally.  And I have fought with quite a few of these
people -- a few were incumbents -- or challengers, and
I'll tell you about what I do know about them on my
Web page. 

    And what happens is that some of you, whether or
not you choose, like Sodom and Gomorrah did choose
their leadership, you will probably end up in the
exact same place they went to.

[Upon mentioning what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah,
the extremely anal-retentive Certified Pubic
Accountant and Repubican County Chair-Critter Nick
Myers acted like he had gotten something
less-than-normally pleasurable rammed up his ass like
a hot poker. He came off his seat and grabbed for the
microphone.  I had been been speaking since I had been
handed the mike for exactly two minutes and 18

     The fact of the matter is, this war [Myers
reaches for mike] we're having now . . . 

     You better watch your language . . . 

      What'd I say? -- About Sodom and Gomorrah?

      That's right.

      It's in the Bible . . . 

     [Inaudible] You didn't come here to insult the
candidates . . . did you?

      I'm not insulting anyone . . .  Who did I name? 

Repubican Mob:  [Inaudible]

      Mister, why don't you let me have my free time,
and then you guys can do whatever you want to do, in
this county for as long as you guys are in power.  OK?

[Myers sits down]

	I'd like, I'd like a few minutes here. . . . 

            This war you guys have started, the
chances are that it is gonna end up with a majority of
you killed. Because the fact of the matter is . . . 

[Claude Blakely then sounded his three-minute bullhorn
three seconds early. Blakely never ever sounded his
bullhorn at any other of the Republican candidates,
just merely waved a sheet of paper and let them finish
as they wanted to. Of course, none of them were
interrupted by a Repubican politician with the
assistance of a Repubican mob either.  Blakely is
retiring as County Assessor after 30 years as a
professional politician, which is why there were so
many Republicans running for the open seat.] 

Myers gets up.

	Ah, can I have a few minutes to make . . . 

Repubican mob:  No! No! Boo! Clap, clap.

	I had my three minutes interrupted by you.  That
simply goes to show that you people can't obey any
	[Handing the microphone to Myers, and walking off the
stage.] G'day.

Myers, fumbling, with an idiotic smirk on his face
waiting while I am walking down the stage stairs.:
	Martin, I think as I told you earlier that your're
the only person that had a choice in which night to
speak on.

Myself, loudly, sans microphone:
	You made up that rule, Mister!  And you went ahead
and interrupted my three minutes time! 
 	No!  I'm just simply going ahead speaking to this!

Myers, with frozen silly smirk:

	[If] this is a democracy, you'll let me speak!

Repubican mob:  Boo! Clap, clap.

Repubican heckler:
	This is a Republic!

	Fine! A Republic of degenerates then!
	You guys can't obey your own rules!

Repubican mob:
	Now! You're out of . . . 

Roy D. House:  (The fool's wife is running for Newton
County Auditor or collector)
	Sergeant at arms!  Remove him!

	I am simply responding!

Repubican mob:
	Sit down! Yeah! [As I have gotten to my chair, and

	I will sit down, I won't say another word if you guys
will obey your own laws.

Mob:  [Inaudible]

	I'm not keeping you guys, I'm not keeping you guys
from proceeding with your business, am I?

Mob heckler:
	Call the next candidate!

	[ Since I have already sat down, provoked the mob
enough, and pretty much gotten what I wanted, I was
all in favor of the next candidate being called. 
After all, the Republican mob had gotten to silence me
and I certainly had no intention of putting the mob on
notice that I had captured their conduct on camera, to
show not only the Democrats, but the entire world that
this is what an American mob, not a whit different
than the homosexual rape-mobs of Sodom and Gomorrah
five thousand years ago, a mob of complete moral
degenerates, fit for the exact same justice that Jesus
Christ warned them about in Matthew 11:21-24.]

	It doesn't take that long to lose control.

Republican mob:
  	Ha, Ha!

	I, next, . . . [listening to Helen Swen], Yes, . . .
that's true, it is a Republican . . . gift . . . ,
that it's open to the general public, . . . I think
that we, we just proved that we can be pretty fair, .
. . Ah, on down the ballot Roy Blunt is running for
Congress . . . . 

End of Relevant Transcript



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