May 19, 2004

Prosecuting Attorney Scott Watson
Newton County Courthouse
Neosho, Missouri 64850

Re: Open Letter to Scott Watson, Prosecuting Attorney

Dear Mr. Watson:

. . . . It would seem that you have been avoiding me the past few weeks. I can't altogether blame you, quite a few criminal regimeists are scared to death of me. Why, when I was trying to make an appointment with you the morning of May 17th, I seen Sheriff Ron Doerge, and discussed a few matters with him. Doerge didn't like what I've put up on my WWW page, but he declined to submit any words of his own, complete and unedited, for me to answer to in my WWW page. Doerge claimed that he had no authority over the Juvenile Officers, especially 'Chief Deputy' Pat Stuart who had me falsely arrested, or over Diamond police or over Granby police or over any law enforcement in Newton County. And, as has been the case since we have met for words on January 21, 2003, Doerge claimed that I was crazy and I informed him that as a typical spawn of Satan that Doerge was evil. As if it is all my fault for my hatred of this criminal regime and the criminal regimeists trying their best to destroy myself and my family (and in the case of my family, doing a pretty good job of it too), and that all that is necessary is some psychobabble from Freudians to 'cure' my ills manifestly caused by your regime. Perhaps some of them Iraqis tortured in Iraq on the orders of this mighty Evil Empire could benefit from some psychobabble that the cause of their hatred is altogether in their little noggins too.

. . . . The last time I talked to you on April 22d, you had handed over the tape of April 9th confiscated by the Granby police department, and the tape of April 15th ending in the false arrest of myself by Chief Juvenile Deputy Pat Stuart. You admitted that these arrests and evidence confiscations were illegal on their face. I pointed out that the assistant prosecutor you have working these juvenile cases, Bill Dobbs, had unlawfully and immorally refused to release one file in the case of State vs. Luper M. Baldwin, CR400- 2353FX, in which your office refused to try my stepdaughter's second husband's biological father even though you had an admission of guilt from Luper. The missing file wasn't about my granddaughter's identity, nor that she had been fingered by Luper, but rather the inflammatory file by Luper's public pretender, Kathleen Byrnes-Ales, in which she begged for no trial at all for 'pore' Luper, as Luper might have had wit enough to commit the crime but not enough wit to aid in his own defense. So contrary to your and Bill Dobbs' public posturing about caging real child molesters, Bill Dobbs deliberately withheld a file in an open record for the purpose of covering up for a public defender working both sides of a conviction mill. Your Bill Dobbs as juvenile prosecutor seems to have a deliberate policy of letting off genuine admitted child molesters, while at the same time kidnapping my grandchildren and destroying my family by arguing that I am to be treated as a suspected perpetrator of abusing one or more of my grandchildren on the basis of an anonymous hotline call and whatever lies have been forced by child psychologists from my grandchildren. You said that you would do something about this abuse of power, yet you seem to have done nothing. However, it would seem that protecting the privileges and corruption of the conviction mill is your first priority.

. . . . Then later on April 22, 2004, when I went back to the Division III courtroom to have my first son-in-law, Shawn Deines, get the record of what Judge Selby had done that morning, the Division III clerks, dealing with juvenile matters rioted. Like usual, they got all huffy that I had Shawn try to get the files in the first place. Since Shawn is an idiot, they didn't like me instructing him to insist on all files. However, Judge Selby had refused to let me be Shawn's Council of Choice and denied him a lawyer simply on the basis that Shawn was not indigent because Shawn has a job. However, Shawn barely has enough to pay for the rental of his room in a double-wide trailer that myself and my brother owns of $200 a month. Shawn hasn't enough money to even buy back his driver's license for $1,000. So how is Shawn going to afford a $1500 retainer? He can't. Shawn can barely take care of himself.

. . . . But upon the unlawful demands that Shawn say the magic words, I said, "Simon says 'Shawn ask for the docket sheet and entries for the day.'" Shawn then said, "I'd like the docket sheet and entries for the day." Carmen Jamison then opened the files on Helen and Adam Deines, Shawn's two children, and there was nothing new on the docket sheet. But I did note some new papers on the left side of the folder. "What is that?" I asked. Carmen Jamison said, "Those are the clerk's notes. We type up what the judge said and ordered." Since most judges write like doctors, to obfuscate what they really said and as a sign of power over ordinary mortals, these 'clerk's notes' would probably be useful in finding out what really went on. I said, "Shawn would like those too."

. . . . Then Dana Wallace exploded. "You get out of my office, Martin! You get out of it now!" I asked her under what rule of law she made that demand. After all, this was a public place and no legal activity was taking place in chambers. She had no lawful authority for her demands. I told her that a complaint would be made and she told me that I could complain all I want. Then Wallace demanded that I leave again. I told her that I had heard her the first time, but her demands were unlawful. There were two or three Newton County police there, one fat and bearded with hippy- looking hair probably used for meth investigations and another, usually a bailiff, named Miller. I was told that I would be arrested if I didn't leave. Since these regime criminals have a proven history of false arrest, and no fear of prosecution by yourself, Prosecuting Attorney Scott Watson, I decided to step outside the office door. Looking through the window, I saw Carmen Jamison harangue Shawn Deines.

. . . . A minute or so later, here came Bailiff Miller. He said, "Judge Selby wants to see you immediately." I made no objection and we proceeded to the small kort room.

. . . . Selby was in a fine lather. He said that he wouldn't allow me to speak, that I had been rude to his clerks and that he wasn't going to have it happen again, that next time I would be arrested and jailed and charged with contempt of kort. I spoke and told Selby that this was the second time in a week that he had covered up for the criminal activities of his judicial officers and kort clerks by unlawfully threatening me with contempt. That it wasn't a matter of politeness, but rather law, and that as a judge he was supposed to know and act within the law rather than as a tyrant on the bench. He had put me in jail for 30 days for contempt of kort as a lawyer, illegally and immorally, and that if necessary I would stand trial before a jury for these alleged contempts for the sake of my family. Selby then yammered about how I like being put in jail. I said that it wasn't a matter of liking confinement but rather being willing to risk unlawful confinement for the sake of my grandchildren. Selby, getting nowhere, told Bailiff Miller, "Take him away." Miller grabbed hold of my arm and led me out of the kortroom and out of the office.

. . . . These two clerks, Dana Wallace and Carmen Jamison, violated Revised Missouri Statutes, (RSMo) 483.165:

Nonfeasance or misfeasance, misdemeanor.

483.165. If any clerk shall knowingly and willfully do any act contrary to the duties of his office, or shall knowingly and willfully fail to perform any act or duty required of him by law, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor in office.


. . . . They engaged in a conspiracy to refuse to release court records to a party of interest, and then engaged in a criminal conspiracy to have unlawfully arrested someone trying make sure that they released all pertinent records to that party of interest. Judge Selby then engaged himself unlawfully in that criminal conspiracy by unlawfully extorting and terrorizing under color of lawful exercise of judicial power by threatening unlawful arrest and imprisonment of myself.

. . . . You as Prosecuting Attorney have a duty to investigate this matter under RSMo 483.170:

Duty of court when clerk is charged with misdemeanor in office--notice --temporary clerk during suspension.

483.170. 1. When any court shall believe from its own knowledge or from information secured from others given to the court under oath or affirmation, that the clerk of the court has committed some act or acts constituting a misdemeanor in office, the court shall give notice thereof, stating the charge or charges against such clerk, to the attorney general of the state or the prosecuting attorney of the county, requiring him to prosecute the same; and such court may by order of record suspend such clerk from office until a trial upon such charge or charges can be had.


. . . . This duty of removing the clerks and Judge Selby falls upon yourself as the Prosecuting County Attorney because Judge Selby is involved himself in covering up and enforcing the misdemeanor defined by RSMo 483.165. Since the judge is a culprit, aiding, abetting, and possibly instigating this criminal activity and conspiracy to engage in criminal activity, then it is your duty, upon receipt of this complaint, to prosecute it, just as you have a duty to prosecute Chief Deputy Pat Stuart and Judge Selby for false arrest and unlawful imprisonment.

. . . . The problem of it is that you, me, and everyone reading this open letter knows full well that you won't do your duty as Prosecuting Attorney to prosecute these matters because it would involve prosecuting the very regime for which you work for its crimes. We live under a system where there is no real rule of law, but rather rule of lawyer deciding who and when to selectively prosecute. Judge Selby, his kort clerks Carmen Jamison and Dana Wallace, policemen Pat Stuart and Mike Miller know full well that they are above any law and that they shall never be prosecuted for their crimes by the System for which they work. Perhaps under pressure, just like in the Army kort-martials of the Zionist military police torturing Iraqi civilians, a few scapegoats shall be sacrificed for the good of pretending that the System is still working, maybe a few scapegoats shall be sacrificed someday sometime later, but for now the only satisfaction I shall receive is the yelps of anguish from posting this open letter. The only chance for real justice is a Revolutionary drum-head tribunal dedicated to making an example of the former criminal regimeists and solidifying their Revolutionary state by simply executing entire criminal regimeist families and cutting off their treasonous bloodlines wholesale.

. . . . After that affray of approximately 4:00 p.m. Thursday April 22, 2004, I then went out to my car and saw the papers that Shawn had gotten from the clerks. The 'clerk's notes' said that the DFS were granted custody of all the children on the basis of 'emergency,' that there would be allowed visitation by both fathers and mother, that at DFS discretion the paternal grandparents would be allowed supervised visitation. Roxie Fausnaught, as the maternal grandparent was omitted. From what I have heard, she is to be prevented from seeing the grandchildren that she raised because "she is siding with Martin," i.e. won't perjure herself on behalf of Division of Family Service (DFS) pressure that I molested my grandchildren. Ann Wells, the very bitch who has threatened to jail me for appearing in open court at Granby on Sept. 10, 2003, and who did have me falsely arrested at the Diamond municipal kort on February 16, 2004 would be appointed guardian ad litem of my grandchildren. This is a conflict of interest given her history of fear and animosity against myself. And there would be an Adjudication hearing scheduled for May 20, 2004.

. . . . Since then the destruction of my family has continued. The oldest, my eight year old granddaughter, Helen has been separated from her brothers because she wants to come home. From what I have heard, she says that I never molested her or any other grandchild and so the DFS is working to separate this leader from her three little brothers, Adam Deines, 6, Jonathan James Baldwin, 4, and Henry Baldwin, who just turned three in DFS foster-home captivity this April 27, 2004. I was hoping to get this matter in the open by having Shawn Deines file a Notice of Appeal of Final Judgment of April 22, 2004, but obviously the DFS got to him, and he went to his father's home in Pineville to hide. Shawn told Amalie Baldwin to claim that he had gone home to Kansas and wouldn't be back to visit so he wouldn't be on hand to file by the 10-day deadline of Monday, May 3, 2004. I didn't pursue the matter because if Shawn wants to cut a deal to get his two children, then so be it, although Shawn is barely able to take care of himself. He got a bonus and spent much of it on Amalie Baldwin, paying off her fine for felony forgery of prescription drugs. The underclass of petty criminals and degenerates living with Amalie Baldwin across the street at 337 Rabbit Track Road have been slashing my tires and stealing my chickens. The Newton County Sheriff's Department wanted me to come in for questioning, but I saw no reason to submit to their lies and trickery, so I proposed an open meeting with witnesses and video-recording, which they have refused. I've received plenty of notice from Amalie Baldwin and others that there is a conspiracy between the Newton County Sheriff's Department and the Granby Police Department to have me railroaded for manufactured charges of child molestation, sent to prison, and murdered there.

. . . . You yourself, Scott Watson, can see that testimony for yourself as I gave you a copy of the video deposition on Monday, April 12, 2004. You have given me all of the videotapes confiscated, and admitted that their confiscation was illegal. You said that you would do something about Bill Dobbs protecting his public defender counterpart from criticism by redacting her petition to let an admitted child molester, Luper Baldwin, get away with molesting my granddaughter Helen Deines. You yourself claimed that while you were the prosecuting attorney responsible for representing the interests of the juvenile authorities and the DFS, that you didn't often know what that hand was doing. Well, I'm notifying you of that hand's crimes, but it would seem that by your refusal to talk with me or to act upon my criminal complaints against Juvenile officer Pat Stuart, Division III clerks Carman Jamison and Donna Wallace, Judge Selby, or even your own assistance prosecutor Bill Dobbs, that you are determined to whitewash this matter and simply let my family's dispersal and destruction, which I consider to consist of only myself and Roxie and my grandchildren, continue.

. . . . I find that I must fear the knock on the door from the police, who have a license to accept perjured testimony from an anonymous hotline call that I am allegedly a child molester (while letting confessed child molesters like Luper Baldwin get away free). I am kept from working to return my grandchildren by the secrecy of juvenile proceedings. You have split away my stepdaughter and her two idiot husbands from us being able to come together as an extended family to protect ourselves and our children from the lawless and corrupt power of the state. You have separated my grandchildren from the oldest who can help keep them together as a unit. My stepdaughter and her husbands are in their late 20s and unable to change or grow much in the way of intelligence. The Division of Family Services is skilled in destroying the families of the poor and weak, and the same methods have been used against the political and religious enemies of this corrupt System known as 'The Beast.' I am to be made to live in fear for my life, liberty and family while my grandchildren are raised like puppies in a puppy mill, three of them along with five others, in foster care. I am in grief about the destruction of my family, and so is Roxie. She cries every day, while I look at her stupid sluttish daughter, missing only the money that she got to raise her children. Often I wake up with chest pains from stress and grief for my missing grandchildren. For now the status quo is that you have my grandchildren held hostage but you cannot prove your anonymous lies that I have molested them. Thus the status quo is the same as April 11, 2004, in which I announced that my grandchildren were kidnapped, that I was to be railroaded and murdered in prison, and requested revenge in the future for your regime crimes. The situation has improved due to your incompetence and corruption being revealed. Now all that remains is standard DFS practice in destroying families.


. . . . I pray every day that YHWH or the Muslims will use biological warfare on this degenerate mighty Evil Empire, destroying over 90% of the degenerate human herd animals supporting your regime. I look forward to destroying your families in retaliation for destroying not only my family, but the families of so many others. It is as if you regime criminals realize that you have but a short time left, and must do as much evil possible as fast as possible, hoping to stave off justice by as many murders and imprisonments as possible.

. . . . I have retained the services of a lawyer by parting with $1500. He called up Candi Butts, the Juvenile Officer, and found out that I am a suspect for child molestation. This lawyer said that he would appear on May 20, 2004, and see if he couldn't get Roxie allowed to see her grandchildren plus whatever else was possible. I might well have wasted my money. He also said to not stir trouble fighting with your System, which I have decided to ignore since while I am paying for him, he doesn't represent me, he represents Roxie, as a biological grandparent.

. . . . You have a duty to prosecute criminals for their crimes, Scott Watson. Pat Stuart committed a false arrest. Division III clerks Dana Wallace and Carmen Jamison committed a misdemeanor in office and conspiracy, along with Judge Selby threatening contempt of court proceedings in order to cover up the lawlessness of his flunkies. You have a duty to prosecute Bill Dobbs for deliberate refusal to release a public record for the purpose of protecting a public defender who asked that an admitted child molester not be tried for his crimes. All of these criminal activities have been to my detriment. Yet you refuse to even discuss this matter, much less do your duty. I have no choice but to embarrass you and your Beast System by writing this letter and posting it on my WWW page. I simply cannot, by my inaction, let matters drift to where my grandchildren are condemned to the indifferent care of the state paying mercenary drones to create more degenerate cowardly herd animals supporting this evil regime.

. . . . I want my grandchildren back. I have not molested or abused or neglected them. I would prefer that custody of all four, or at least the oldest two, be granted to Roxie Fausnaught, and then we would live in my brother's and my double-wide trailer house at the foot of the hill. If not that, that you would see to having my grandchildren restored to the indifferent care of my stepdaughter, or even my first ex-son-in-law. What I consider most important is their safe return, even with their parents, although they are idiots and self-centered fools. But I suspect that this System will settle for nothing less than the destruction of my family, to hurt myself by using my love for my grandchildren against me.

. . . . I have a mission from YHWH, to propagandize that this Beast System must be utterly destroyed and regime criminals damned. Obviously the events of the past six weeks have helped make my point, that this System is of Satan and must be destroyed absolutely. I cannot lawfully bitch to YHWH that the price on this bill is too heavy for me to bear. What goes around shall come around, and I wouldn't be a criminal regimeist for anything, not even my grandchildren. They are in YHWH's hands now, and I hope that they are protected by YHWH from what is to come. I have faced so many of you criminal regimeists down because none of you are able to take responsibility for your crimes. It is not as if you have the courage to face yourselves, see what lies within, and change sufficiently to save yourselves or your families from the Wrath to come.

. . . . I think it would be best, Scott Watson, if you simply talked to Judge Selby and Bill Dobbs and asked them to cut the crap and return my grandchildren to across the street so that Roxie and myself could take up the inevitable slack of raising them as we have done since the first grandchild was born. In return, you need not fire or prosecute them for their crimes in this matter. Eventually soon enough all accounts shall be settled. Do think on it.

Sincerely Yours,

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor -- 2004


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