My Family, Nov. 2003: Myself, center, cw: Roxie Fausnaught, Grandchildren Adam Deines, Henry Baldwin, JJ Baldwin, and Helen Deines

My Family - Scattered & Destroyed


Two More Months of DFS Captivity for my Grandchildren

Scaring DFS-ZOG & Interview With A Whigger Jooper, May 20, 2004

. . . . . I went with Roxie to the Adjewication for my grandchildren, in which their little fates would be sealed. I had decided to publish on my WWW page an open letter to Scott Watson, Prosecuting Attorney for Newton County, detailing Division of Family Services (DFS) corruption and lawlessness in abusing the power they have to steal children. I also knew that the DFS baby-stealers were the most avid readers of my WWW page. So I was not surprised to see an additional Deputy pig in addition to Miller standing in front of an elevator door at the entrance to the Division III Jewvenile Kort lobby, trying pigfully to not stare at the reason for his posting, i.e., me. Heh, heh.

. I knew that the lawyer I had hired for Roxie was supposed to show up early. Scott Watson showed up first and I talked to him as he huddled in the elevator. To his dismay and my pleasure the elevator door wouldn't shut. I informed him that he had a letter waiting on his receptionist's desk and would appreciate an appointment to talk sometime. Watson looked like he would rather take his chances getting raped up the asshole in prison by niggers rather than take up an invitation from me to join the Aryan Brotherhood. I suppose that Watson had read my open letter to him on my WWW page as well. I bet that he's seen too many eppysodes of 'Oz' as well to know that it's not safe to be a Beecher. Imagine how easy it would be to simply file criminal charges against Pat Stuart, Bill Dobbs, Kevin Selby, and two little kort clerks and hand back the grandkiddies, regardless of what Candi Butts and Dougie Baugh have to say, and get Martin Lindstedt off your ass.

. . . . Of course, the DFS pukes and the Newton County Jewvenile Orificers, along with jewdge Kevin Lee Selby don't want to back down. Yet they have heard, from sundry sources, that I advocate as a revolutionary policy the torturing of their children and families, grinding them up into dog food, and in the case of those who have anything to do with the stealing of White children and destroying White families, like they have done with my family, of actually making them eat their own children out of a dog-food can as part of their deserved torture. Of course that is not going to make me any friends with the criminal regimeists, but such a course of Revolutionary action is both good polytricks and godly action. Every modern Revolution has secured its power over the middle by exterminating the regime criminals and their families. Power, as Chairman Mao said, grows from the barrel of a rifle. And as Joseph Stalin wisely remarked, "One cannot expect parasitic counter-revolutionaries to liquidate themselves." The French Revolution practiced guillotining the ancient regime and ancient criminal regimeists and their families wholesale, getting so good at it that on a good day they chopped off over 14,000 heads, several every minute. The Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution routinely would send the Tzar's piglice, lawyers, judges, soft-handed goyim -- everyone associated with the ancient regime to be torn to pieces by a whipped-up vengeful mob, and then send the regime-criminals' families to death camps where such little pampered darlings would be set to work upon starvation rations for the rest of their short lives. YHWH's Law has always made special provision for the extermination of tyrants and their families.

. . . . YHWH sent a famine for over three years until King David destroyed King Saul's family (II Samuel Chapter 21). Two of Saul's sons were hanged, and five grandsons from Michal, David's ex-wife. Unlike the capital crimes of commoners, Saul's family was specifically set to be eaten by dogs and birds, and only the intercession of Saul's concubine, the mother of two of Saul's sons, kept the bodies of Saul's sons and greandsons from being eaten as carrion. Michal didn't even brave YHWH's wrath to protect her own. Of course, in the days to come, Mrs.'s Pat Stuart, Doug Baugh, Kevin Lee Selby, David Jones, Ron Doerge and Misters Cathy Gorham, Shelly Leonard, Candi Butts and many, many more won't get an opportunity to play Michel -- or Rizpah -- because they will get to enjoy the company of their spawn fresh from a can or raw parts, but such is no more than what such deserve. Likewise, let these ZOGling regime criminals learn the hard way from the example of what happened to King Ahab's family, baal-priests, and camp followers. YHWH raised a Rebellion of General Jehu. In II Kings Chapter 9, Queen Jezebel was eaten by dogs. In Chapter 10, we read where all of Ahab's family, and all of Ahab's 'great men,' his kinsfolk, and his priests and left none remaining (II Kings 10:10). Later in II Kings 10, we see where Jehu destroyed all of the baal-worshippers and was rewarded with a guarantee of a four-generation dynasty for destroying Ahab's regime (II Kings 10:30). Therefore, YHWH has set a precident that exterminating the families of a tyrant and denying them burial except through a dog's asshole is in line with YHWH's Law. It is pleasing to YHWH when tyrants and regime criminals are publicly tortured, with their bloodline exterminated, and the carcasses fed to the dogs in the cities and to the carrion birds of the field. Woe unto them who would call good evil and evil good, for unto them is reserved the same punishment of being made of an example of what happens when one would dominate by terror and evil legistreason the lost sheep of the House of Israel!

. . . . Modern technology negates the concern for hygene behind YHWH's Law which said that normal criminals which were hung and stoned needed immediate burial but created an exception for regime criminals and their spawn. Today, DFS could not only stand for 'Division of Family Services' but for 'Dog Food Shredder' as well. A Revolutionary tribunal could not only carry in their train the necessary instruments for sending regime criminals and their entire families screaming to hell, but hygenically shred and then package canned meat from the cadavers of regime criminals to feed to both dogs and uncondemned regime criminals. In fact, I proposed exactly that same program of action on November 26, 2004, soon after my grandchildren were returned the first time, at a 'fact-finding' commission in Springfield Missouri concerning 'reforming' the Division of Family Services. The state senaturds and jewdges on that commission were visibly in shock, especially when over 100 people whose families were destroyed by DFS applauded my proposal. There is a lot of hatred for Mo-ZOG's DFS on the part of those who have had their children taken by these White slavers. I don't recollect hearing a single boo -- only stunned silence on the part of the regimeist commission members at the open hatred supporting my proposal that Division of Family Service members, along with their entire families, be ground up into dog meat. I also felt a rush, as I realized how easy it is to whip up a mob by promising, then delivering unto them a chance to pay back old scores, especially ones regarding the taking of their offspring by the state. I bet Robespierre felt the same way, whipping up the French mob to chop off the heads of the children of their oppressors. Someday, perhaps soon, the Newton County Sheriff's Office, Juvenile officers, DFS, lawyers and judges shall find out how it feels to be eating their son's and grandson's testicles after getting on the wrong side of a mob whipped up to a homocidal frenzy by a Resistance Robespierre. The veneer of civilization, at best is so very thin, and it is being ripped apart by the stupidities and greed of regime criminals who foolishly think that just because they hold power today that such shall be the case tomorrow.

. . . . I really have problems understanding the stupidity of these regime criminals. They actually think that they can destroy White families, drag little children screaming from their home like they did with my four grandchildren, proceed to have secret kort proceedings based upon an anonymous hotline tip (well, not altogether anonymous, the probable suspect is one Terri Schmitz, the DFS bitch spy and psychotherapist that my stepdaughter Amalie Baldwin had to put up with), that supposedly I was molesting my grandchildren. While I am putting these missives under the heading of Naboth's Complaint, in honor of the man who was falsely accused and which crime brought about the end of Ahab's regime, actually I am surprised that my grandchildren are being messed with. The Division of Family Services, known in other states as Child Protective Services, have a long history of stealing White children from the poor and weak. They are very, very good at it. In fact, they have played my sluttish stupid stepdaughter Amalie Baldwin and her two idiotic and weak husbands, both Shawn Deines and James Baldwin like catgut fiddles. But for all of the hundreds and thousands of poor, stupid, weak degenerate idiots that their 'welfare' programs have created, still it is extremely stupid to mess with a Revolutionary Resistance political and religious leader both willing and able to use this incident as an excuse for overthrowing their criminal regime and exterminating themselves and their families. It is as suicidal as having the Czar's Child Protective Services kidnap the children of Joseph Stalin and Felix Dzerzhinsky. Neither of them needed any such excuse to overthrow the criminal regime and exterminate criminal regimeists. Likewise, I too advocated using biological warfare on ZOGlings and overthrowing this current mighty Evil Empire for the past decade or so, and this latest incident hasn't changed my mind whatsoever. However, what this kidnapping and White slavery incident under color of state-sanctioned perjury has done is to give me additional excuse for torturing and exterminating the families of regime criminals, provided, YHWH willing, that I live to see that Day of Judgment. However, it is the duty of all Sons of YHWH to in the due season sever forever the bloodlines of those treasonous regime criminals, evildoers, Under Satan's Administration (USA).

. . . . But I did get an inkling of some of the reasons for these regime criminals' hubris. A little before 8:30, when Selby's juvenile kort was supposed to open for a busy day of child stealing, I saw a ZOGling whigger (white nigger) couple. Both were blond, including the dumpy wife and shaven skull 'man.' I asked them why they were there and they told me a tale of woe, courtesy of DFS and now jewdge Selby.

. . . . The whiggroid 'man' was a ZOG jooper ('joop' is my term for jew-dupe troops). He was in a MP company (Military Piglice -- as a ZOG torturer) and had been back from Afghanistan for some time. In order to get some real ZOG-bux, the fool then became a 'independent contractor' for Halliburton, driving a gasoline tanker between Kuwait and Baghdad, making them big ZOG-bux for Bushoil & Cheney. Why, some ragheads actually tried to kill him on March 28, 2004, with a RPG aimed at his tanker. Why, this whigger would have lit up first time, every time if the RPG had hit. This whigger had had the fool 'protection' of ZOG, with two helicopter gunships flying overhead, but still them ragheads didn't know that they were holding up Iraqi 'freedumb' given them gratis by this mighty Evil Empire, and so the ungratefool scoundrels fired off an RPG that missed by less than a few yards. But not to worry, this gratefool whigger was looking forward to being called up again any time soon and sent by ZOG with his Military Piglice company to edjewcate the ragheads to shit on Allah by some proper techniques of military interrogation. Since I wanted to hear more, I didn't bring up how much them A-rabs just loves being tortured by ZOGlings.

. . . . This whigger claimed that 40% of the A-rabs just loves ZOG joopers and being force-fed dem[on]ocracy while having their testicles crushed by pliers. [Strike the part about pliers, I just made it up.] So I said that that leaves 60% of A-rabs pissed off and some of them have RPGs which they like to shoot tanker trucks with. Does he really think that Bush's War is still winnable? Oh, fer sure, said this whigger. He'd be willing to stake his life on it. Which is just what this fool is doing, I thought.

. . . . This whigger's tale of DFS woe? Why, all two or three of his little whiggerlings have been stolen by DFS for over two years without them getting to see them except for the eleven-year-old son. The son was returned recently when the whigger got back from Afghanistan and was there for a month or so. But DFS 'treatment' of two years duration had rendered the whiggerling feral. The whiggerling assaulted his mother and then his father, and according to jooper daddy, he had to push the kid back and the kid fell on his ass and had a bruise. The feral whiggerling then brought that bruse to the attention of their DFS keepers, and the whiggerling was taken away. Now jooper daddy has to undergo therapy before getting the little feral monster back again. I felt like telling the whigger jooper that it is less than six or seven years before the little feral DFS tyke could be drafted to fight alongside his old 'man' shooting sand-niggers in Afghanistan or Pakistan or Iraqistan or Syriastan or Iranistan or whatever -stan ZOG was fighting for jews and oil in, but to make sure that the little DFS tyke didn't frag his ass, but he had trouble enough, what with being a degenerate idiot and all. He did say that he was represented by a wonderful lawyer -- Aaron Farber. I told him that Aaron Farber was a 'wonderfool lawyer.' Why, Aaron Farber got my second son-in-law, James Baldwin off from a juvenile child molestation case from humping his first cousin when he was fifteen and she was twelve or thirteen. DFS loves them genuine child molesters, they are so much under their thumb, as opposed to Resistance leaders like myself whom they try to manufacture charges against. In fact, both Scott Watson and Bill Dobbs love them intra-[de]generational child molesters like Luper Baldwin, James' daddy, because they let Luper get away with fingering my granddaughter Helen, even though Luper admitted to the crime.

. . . . I didn't get his name -- whigger ZOGlings should be disposed of by their own stupidity in the anonymous millions. But I did figure out why this criminal regime is so stupidly arrogant, never believing that it shall be destroyed. There are literally millions of these hue-man herd animals, bred like white chickens to be fed upon by the jews and whigger traitors running Ameri'Kwa. These sheep are unable and unwilling to do anything other than what they are told by their [d]ruling watchdogs. Why, there are millions of these cannon-fodder, quite willing to murder, torture and rape Muslim men, women, and children without qualm or question. Why, except for the fact that they were too stupid to know that I was shitting on them, they'd be willing enough to kill me and my common-law wife Roxie if someone in authority told them to do so. As for being willing to revolt, why there is absolutely nothing which will make them revolt. Most certainly not having their children taken away and raised by the Division of Family Services to hate their own father and mother and assault them in their own home. They are mass economic 'man,' bred only to love and respect Mammon, creatures without a soul. They are like zombies in one of them horror pictures, living only to kill and eat healthy men, women and children.

. . . . Listen up, White man! Listen up, Muslim man! There is no dealing with these creatures. They are nothing except herd animals like sheep or cattle. The only way to deal with ZOG is to exterminate, using biological weaponry, these animals. Like Generals Sherman and Sheridan noted, it was mighty hard to kill the Souix and Commanche without first destroying the herd animals that they lived off of -- the buffalo. Killing stupid herd animals like the buffalo was easy. When all of the buffalo herds were destroyed, Lo the Noble Savage had to get on the reservation or starve to death. Likewise, destroy the whigger herd animals and ZOG is finished as well. It is only by having their gods of government unable to save them that one can deal with the criminal regimeists.

. . . . I sure learned a great deal from that whigger herd animal. This herd animal merely let his family be scattered and destroyed plus to top it off, is a supporter of the very criminal regime that destroyed his only hope for having something live on after he is gone -- his children. This mighty Evil Empire is creating yet another dysfunctional set of the underclass and slaves, and this fool supports his oppressors. Over two years and thousands of dollars of his ill-gotten loot from participating as a low-level mercenary destroying the lives of a People nearly 10,000 miles away from where he lives spent on a parasitic lawyer to jack him around, and he worships the crimiminal regime that has fucked him and his children up the ass. Over two years of letting state-sponsored professional perverts and child molesters mess up the minds of his children to where they attack their parents, and the degenerate idiot supports this regime and believes in the System. Like millions of other whigger ZOGling hue-man herd animals, this critter can learn nothing. All that can be done is to help this mighty Evil Empire proceed with their unplanned great die-off of millions of these animals when the System collapses.

. . . . The lesson I learned was that it is far better to fight this System openly than to live as a cowardly slave. Post these messages upon the Internet, target those who are directly responsible for stealing my grandchildren. Scare Ron Doerge, Pat Stuart, Scott Watson, Bill Dobbs, Kevin Lee Selby, Dana Wallace, Doug Baugh, Candi Butts into thinking that perhaps ZOG will find them expendible to safeguard the rest of the Beast's parts. Wildlife biologists found out that by marking a wildebeest with paint to where it sticks out from the herd, that that marked animal was usually singled out and pulled down by lions and hyenas within a day or so. Herd animals pursue a survival strategy by mixing into a herd of thousands so that their individual chances of being pulled down by a lion or hyena are lessened. But a marked animal attracts attention. The very same result works with regime criminals. Their fellow regime criminals have no more loyalty to them once marked than other herd animals have for the marked wildebeest suffering from the attentions of lions and hyenas. In fact, they would gladly give them up, throw them to the wolves, if it meant that they would get to live for an extra day or so. Regime criminals are herd animals themselves. They'll sell their own in a heartbeat. Thanks to the Internet and a Google Search, those outside Newton County who don't know these regime criminals personally might mistakenly think that once these regime criminals and their families are exterminated that all will be well. Nothing is further from the truth -- all regime criminals, along with 80-90% of their hue-man herd animals deserve extinction, but those who are marked, like the lone wildebeest, are inevitably first.

. . . . This reality isn't unfair (Not that 'fair' has nothing to do with reality) because these regime criminals marked me and my family for destruction. They wanted to railroad me for manufactured charges that I had molested my grandchildren so that I could be murdered in prison by niggers. They have failed because of their own stupidity and corruption in doing that, but have succeeded under color of that anonymous lie in stealing my grandchildren. So it is not 'unfair' that they and their families are tortured to death and exterminated unto seven [de]generations for their sins, especially since there is no hypocrisy in the matter. They took what was a functioning White civilization and usurped power so that they could rule over us. Now the bill is coming due and this social order is about to be destroyed both from within and without. Since this regime criminality is endemic, soon hundreds of millions, most likely billions, will be dead. And that is the way it should be.

. . . . Some Newton County Deputy pig stationed himself in front of the elevator. He pretended to not see me, but I was not fooled. He was there to keep an eye on me even though he didn't make eye contact. Pigs are so funny in their cowardice. Pat Stuart walked by to the elevator. He too pretended not to notice me, although I made sure to flash him as pure a look of hatred as I could manage. Likewise with Doug Baugh. Doug Baugh looks like a bald-headed faggot -- a DFS poster-faggot from the North Ameri'Kwan Man-Boy Love Association, although I heard from James Baldwin that Baugh has a wife and child. I told James that I thought that it was wonderful that the little faggot has left a hostage or two to outrageous fortune for messing with my family, but I am still convinced that Dougie is a little faggot merely playing house in order to get close to kids to molest courtesy of his DFS job. Since James mentioned that one of Dougie's little beefs was reading this WWW page, I get great good pleasure at the thought of Dougie reading this WWW page, along with his DFS and Juvenile Office friends and imagining his children sodomized up the ass by bi-sexual nigger bucks with GAIDS until dead, and then chomping on what remains of them in DFS (Dog Food Shredder) custody while Dougie's entire family and co-workers is also sitting, blinded and castrated, 'enjoying' the feast. If these regime criminals ever imagined that they would have to pay for their crimes, they would behave better. Thanks to myself, now they get to see an alternative reality of how their behavior should be 'rewarded.' None of them will learn good behavior until what goes around comes around to them. Now Dougie can bitch at Amalie Baldwin all he wants, especially now that the feral little bastard found out that Roxie got to see the grandchildren (I'll write more about that later), but Dougie has absolutely no hold over me and my merry men. Yes, he can bully weak-minded women and children all he wants, but if he wants to sue then I'll get hold of all the paperwork in a federal district kort lawsuit. Millions of people are reading this, many of them wronged by DFS regime criminals. This is political content 'protected' by the pretense that the First Amendment of the Bill of Goods still applies. I welcome the day that the pretense ends and ZOG becomes a free-fire zone.

. . . . The lawyer I hired came in at 8:32 a.m. and went into the kort-clerk's office. Then the names were called of Shawn Deines, Amalie Baldwin and James Baldwin. They went in. I urged Roxie to go in as well. She refused. I said that the lawyer was for her. She still didn't want to go in. So we waited. We heard that there was going to be a continuance. The lawyer got out and said that jewdge Selby had granted a continuance until July 15, 2004. Even more interesting, jewdge Selby had refused to let the lawyer ofishully appear for Roxie as a biological grandmother, and refused to let the lawyer get discovery until July 15, 2004. Without discovery there is no way in which this lawyer can competently represent Roxie, thus this is probably yet another illegality by jewdge Kevin Lee Selby. Thus the lie behind the stealing of my grandchildren, that there is an anonymous hotline call claiming that I have molested my grandchildren gets to stand so that DFS can keep the grandchildren of a political enemy for another two months. There was nothing he could do. Wild Bill Dobbs, protector of admitted child molesters and crooked public pretenders was going with his family of two wanna-be lawyer spawns to Bermuda and wouldn't be back until July. Everything for the convenience of lawyers, children be damned.

. . . . The lawyer said that a lawyer from California saw my new WWW page, the 'Open Letter to Scott Watson' and concluded from that that there was an imminent threat. I said that there was no such imminent threat but that if these regime criminals wanted to pretend that there was one that that was fine by me. I am not responsible for what scared regime criminals read into political tracts. The lawyer said that I would be arrested if I came into the kortroom. I said that I had made no attempt to enter Selby's kortroom, but rather was falsely arrested and dragged into that kortroom to face extortionary threats of contempt of kort as Selby's means of covering up for the antics of his juvenile officers and kort clerks. The lawyer said that he wants them scared of him for his lawyer prowess which was legitimate. I didn't see much effective lawyer prowess, but I have simply proposed some political and legal changes concerning the punishment of regime criminals. As this lawyer had said himself, he did not represent me, but rather Roxie. I asked him when Roxie could see the grandkids, given that there was no lawful complaint against her, rather the libellous bitching that Roxie should be 'punished for siding with Martin.' Since there are no charges against myself, then there is no lawful reason that Roxie shouldn't be allowed to see the grandchildren, especially under conditions of supervised probation. The lawyer then said that that was a matter to be worked out with DFS. I was annoyed. Why bother to pay him $1500 to have Roxie get to see the grandchildren as a start if all it was a matter of working with DFS?

. . . . So what is the situation? For the next two months my grandchildren shall remain in the custody of DFS. I don't get to see them, although there is no lawful reason why I shouldn't be able to do so. In the mean time, I shall write complaints trying to get the DFS and the local lawyers in hot water, write WWW pages like this explaining why these evil criminal regimeists and their families deserve to be exterminated in as an excrutionary means as possible, and cause political trouble using my race for Governor of Missouri. I have quite a few informants telling me all manner of material, and I shall use this dirt as effectively as possible.

. . . . During the past few days, my stepdaughter has been separated from her worthless second husband, taking away the parasitic criminal Matthew Whittenburg who stole my chickens and slashed my tires. Given that the second husband is now living with the first husband and took the car, my stepdaughter has no means of getting to Neosho to see her children or visit her parole officer. So this Saturday, May 29, 2004 Amalie had no choice but to allow her mother to see her grandchildren for two hours in the park. I own the two cars available, but I decided wisely that it would be best if I stayed home. So Roxie got to see her grandchildren while the foster mother said nothing.

. . . . When Dougie Baugh found out upon returning to 'work' as a state-sponsored child molester that Roxie had gotten to see the grandchildren, the feline little bureaucratic monster threw a fit. Amalie had to tell the little bald pervert that she had no way to go see her parole officer or the children unless the DFS was willing to give her a ride or let her mother take her. And that her mother didn't own the cars -- I did. The little pervert liked to throw a fit, threatening Amalie that he would have her parental rights terminated because Roxie was allowed to see the children. Later the little bastard seemed to make what it could of the situation, explaining that what was important was that Amalie have no contact with me. Tuesday afternoon, rather than see her parole officer, Amalie stayed home, cowed by the lawless threats that Dougie Baugh that his piglice allies were keeping her under surveillance so that she couldn't go about her business in the only source of transportation available to her.

. . . . Look folks, this is what this criminal regime and its child-stealing White slaver outfit is all about. They are unable to deal with their political enemies directly, so they steal children under a pretext and then bully and threaten the very sort of fat, stupid, degenerate unfit collectors of welfare checks that they create. There is no 'new, improved Division of Social Services.' Only the same collection of perverts and lawyers making money over stealing children. They will not 'improve' until such time as the social order simply decides that it has had enough and makes an example of them by means of torture and by extermination, root, trunk and branch.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor of Missouri


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