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Letter From Newton County Jail -- June 10, 2005

(Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2005 2:48 am by Hengist from May 24, 2005 letter)
Tuesday, June 7, 2005, afternoon

Dear Hengist:

I got your letter of June 2nd on Monday June 6th. That and Roxie's letter. Over the past twoweeks only you and Roxie have written me -- according to the jailers, who are rather lazy andvicious about delivering my mail, or letting me read the stock of paperbacks that Roxie leavesme in her visits, or delivering the newspapers, especially on the weekends. Getting mail fromfrom suspected seditionists or even 'enjoying' the jewsmedia line of the Sunday 'jewplin Glob'is something too good for the likes of me.

Why, this week, even Lt. Duerhring, the burrocrat in charge of running the jail, claimed that "Wenever have allowed the weekend paper to be delivered. Never have, never will." This in responseto my grievence of Monday, June 6. Of course the Saturday, but not Sunday jewplin Glob wasdelivered (via US mail), along with the Monday rag, thus making of Lt. Duerhring a liar as well as a fool.Prisoner writes down his grievences and they are either ignored or answered in part or simplylied about. Or some jailer is in charge for the day and I get to recieve the full force of his venom.

For example the Monday, June 7th, 2005 Grievence du Jewr: Prisoner would like to read thepaperbacks brought before release to library. There was an agreement with Lt. Duerhring that3 paperbacks at a time could be in Prisoner's cell. Now with Lt. Duhring's interpetation andjailer's intrepetation, Prsioner isn't getting to read many of his paperbacks. Also no SundayJoplin Globe.

Tuesday evening:

Now someone of normal mentality would perceive that since I was complaining that I didn't getthe Sunday jewspaper that I had recieved the Saturday paper, and since saturday is on theweekend that saying 'never' is foolish and an easily caught lie.

But not piglice, or lawyers, or jailers. They don't need to tell the truth. It doesn't matter if they getcaught out in a lie. They have power -- and power means never having to say you're sorry.

The whole purpose of these 'rules' is to turn basic rights into privileges which can be denied bythose in power. If I have access to the paperbacks that Roxie provides, then I can read then.Better yet, I can after I've read them, put them ouit in the POD A common area during my hourout, relieving somewhat the hatred of the criminals out there. Not all of them -- the muds and mamzerslike the mestizo Wheeler and jew Yawk Bagley and whigger Arnold will of course always hate me.But the normal whigger prsioners, who merely wish to serve out their time or await trial will besomewhat grateful for me helping them relieve their jail time. This also goes for me sliding (?) theprevious day's paper for them to read. Many prisoners see my name on the paper and know whomakes their life easier somewhat. If I was interested in determining the good from the evil, I'd seewho treats others well and those who act evil in their natural habitat. Their 'natural habitat' or homebeing the jail.

Wed. afternoon, June 8, 2005

The professional criminal is in fact the symbiote of the piglice -- their bread and butter -- their very excusefor ruling. After all, ZOG pretends to protect the herd animals from criminals, both foreign and domestic.Rather the piglice get to rule as the muscle for the regime criminal, to deal harshly with political foes ofthe regime, and to bully, rob, torment and harass the herd animals because they are dealing with privatecriminals. The Bible has no provision for prisons or jails. Nor did the ancient Greeks and Romans.A minor crime carried with it a flogging. A major crime was punished by death. Today's mighty EvilEmpire prefers to torture through taking a man's life one day at a time -- a novel punishment meant toterroize 'humanely.' Thus am I punished for my contempt of Kort and their criminal regime -- by placingme incarcerated for weeks, months (years?) at a time simply because I refuse to go along with theirrailroading. I still haven't been properly arraigned according to their own Rules of Kort, with a copyof the charges, the reason for the arrest, the law I am supposed to have violated given to me, then readaloud. Much less arrangements for bond or release. Judge Stremel knows that his arrest warrant is basedon third-hand hearsay -- what a pig name Kevin L. Young heard this Division of Family Services 'therapist'claim that my grandson Malechi Adam Dienes supposedly said that I kissed his penis, buttocks, stomachand back several times between March to August 2003. This after she got him alone in her custody formonths of 'therapy.'

Since this is a railroad even by ZOG standards, this same Judge Stremel has panicked whenever calledto justify the bogus arrest warrant he signed. Thus three times before this homosexual judge, and threetime me failing to 'co-operate' with being jailed without provision for release throgh a just bond I canafford. The charge on the 'Probable Cause' Affidavit, alleged First Degree Child Molestation, under566.067, a class C felony carrying with it a jail term of 7-10 years. Mild Bill Dobbs and Judge Stremelupped it to First Degree Sodomy under RSMo 566.063, which is a Class A or B felony carrying with ita minimum of 10 years to life imprisonment.

Thus they upped the charges, but didn't want me or the general public to know, which is why they didn'twant a lawful arreignment which would have shown their trickery.

It is somewhat frightening to face such malice, even from Satan's regime Korts. Yet what can I do aboutit? And the only answer, as so many others have found out, is simply to endure until the end and trust inYHWH.

Not that I am leaving it all up to YHWH. I did mail out a 35-page Motion for a change of judge, pointingout the illegalities of the current situation, how they smelled even to some criminal regimists, that I reliedupon 'Leaderless Resistance' cells to avenge me, had a right to bail, and that the charges should be dismissed.35 pages, even in my big sloppy handwriting should cover all items indeed. It should have gotten tjereMonday, today is Wednesday. The Newton County ZOG might well just decide to commit another illegalityof 'due process' #666.

You might check out this mother of the Revised Statutes of Missouri yourself, the difference between 566.067and 566.062 by going to my web page links at: there, go down to 'legal' and click on Revised Statutes of Missouri, then go to the relevant chapter.If possible, print the the two out for me as I don't have an up-to-date copy, only from 1994.

While there, look at Revised Statutes of Missouri, Chapter 210, and see the new Dominic James revisionsfrom 2004. There is a requirement, I think it is 210.150 or 210.180 which calls for an investigation of allchild molestation, for it to be done in 30 days, for a record to be given to the alleged molester, and otherreforms: all of which was to be done last year, but wasn't. Why? Because first the grand kids had to be bestolen, and if the allegations were unproven, then the kids would have had to be returned. The Newton CountyZOG didn't want that, so they first stole the grand kids and THEN charged me with their trumped-up charges.Of course this is illegal under the new rules, but those those who make the rules violate them to suit themselves.If you can, search RSMo (Revised Statutes of Missouri) Chapter 210, probably 210.150 or 210.180 thenprint and send me a copy as Roxie is not very computer literate, please.

So what to do about this decline of law, order, civilization. Who's to blame ? Well, the regime criminals areprimarily to blame. The jews couldn't destroy everything if it wasn't for greedy regime criminals who turnedtraitor for their personal gain and profit. And yes, they and their spawn must be sent screaming to hell.

But yet who or what told them that their treason and criminality was not only to be tolerated, but rewarded ?The answer is that the herd animals, by their cowardice and stupidity, told them that they could destroyWhite families and take political prisoners, and declare war against the entire world.

So, the current situation shall endure until such time as all of ZOG collapses. The herd animals which feedthe predators must first die by the millions before there can be any change. Never before has any criminalregime prospered as much because never before have the herd animals been so prosperous. In this casethe herd animals were the non-Christian Israelites, who received their birthright -- and then wasted it onregime criminals, jews, non-Whites and mamzers.

I expect that for judge Stremel and Bill Dobbs on June 13th that they shall try to stage their little fakepreliminary hearing, even though according to their own law I have filed a mation to remove Stremelfrom the case and replace him with a different judge. They have no problem in lying, falsifying theofficial record, or tampering with a public record. The more crooked stuff theu do, the more they haveto hide.

I would recommend people logging in to to see what is being said locallyabout me. It won't be nice, after all I have been censored and banned from it because of these whiggers.But these whiggers, in addition to hating me hate the local piglice and regime criminals as well. Why ?Because they wish to be the regime criminals and piglice in charge.

Also check out the Neosho Daily News of Thursday May 26, 2005 at article about my my third attempted arraignment may still be archived, if so then save it. The articleon the front page was as balanced as any jewspaper can be concerning myself. It covered how I hadbeen a thorn in the side of the local, state and national ZOG, by my running for governor, U.S. Senate,sheriff and local office and my sundry lawsuits.

Roxie tells me that Mild Bill Bobbs is going to leave the Newton County Library Board of Directors.Perhaps they are scared .............(shitless), not only for censoring their librarycomputers pro-White, Nationalist, and Christian Identity web pages for "hate/discrimination" but forhaving Mild Bill on the Board. I put up on my web page thaat these were regime criminals worthy ofextermination root and branch. They protect regime criminals be cause they are some. A lawyer's wife.The fat stupid mother of state senator Gary Nadler. Steve Douglas, Neosho pigs and spawn of lawyers.And sundry 'Good Ol' Boys' living off the public teat. All regime criminals. All living high off the ZOG hog.All enemies of the Resistance and on the side of Satan.

Wednesday evening June 8, 2005

So is Newton County particularily vicious ? Well it does have a particularily large portion of what EricThompson would call "Anglo-mestizos", which means a large proportion of local whiggerdumb is largelypart 'red-nigger'. All of them 'Cherokee' as opposed to Hacksow or Sh*t-arse from the No Wipe'emtribe. But what makes them especially vicous is that they consider theyselfs "Christian.' Christ died forthey's sins and by Grace are they Saved, so theys' pumping and pimping Grace so that sin may abound.Christ to them loves to forgive sin and loves sinners, so the more they sin the more Christ loves them--Sodig in. The end result is like living in Sodom and Gomorrah. Only in Newton County could I be chargedwith first degree sodomy by a closet homosexual "Chrsitian" judge like Stremel. Mild Bill must have somemighty incriminating pictures of 'Chickenhawk Stremel' to make Stremel play along.

Nwton and Jasper Counties were for 4 years the #1 counties in the #1 state for meth production. Whatdoes the rampant growth of meth mean? It means that there is both a large portion of quasi-White trashliving on the edge of grinding poverty and desperation and it also means the presence of a hugely corruptpolice and 'justice' apperatus which squeezes the White trash efficiently. So what happens when MudRegimist and White Revolutionist come into open conflict? The answer is civil warfare and a sort of warto the knife which means no quarter asked and no quarter given. A place where dealing with the Revolutionary rattle snake means cutting off its warning rattle and then whining that there is now no warning given when the fangs descend.

Thursday Afternoon, June 9, 2005

I left off writing last night when the light got bad and my hand cramped using the last 1 1/2 inch ofthe Golf pencil. I had been in a dither about whether or not to write another Motion to defeat theproposed Monday June 13th Preliminary Hearing before the faggot judge Stremel. Stremel wouldpf course defend his bogus arrest warrant and my unlawful imprisonment and get it out of his 'Kort'by means of finding enough probable cause exists for a full-fledged trial. These preliminary hearingsare the justice system's means of getting around a grand-jewry in which a corrupt pubic prostitutorcan claim to believe anything he pleases when he writes upon 'information' and the preliminary hearingis to determine whether or not there is enough evidence or probable cause for the matter to go toa jury trial. This in effect is the Missouri System's attempt to get around the fictional protections ofa Grand Jury. The Federal system from the Bill of Goods contains the fictional protection of a grandjury, but it is abused -- ask Pastor Gulett and Deacon Scott Thornton! Stremel and Mild Bill Dobbswould of course promply abuse the preliminary hearing process to come to their desired result -- ofholdng a full kangeroo-kort in Newton County. That was something to be avoided. I have nothingbut contempt for the worthless evil bastards of incompetent prostituting attorneys and public prostitutor'scase in a nutshell and waive the preliminary hearings. They don't even have to question or cross examinebut they still have a chance to shut the case down. Yet they don't. Public Defenders/Public Pretendershave sent more people to prison than prostitutors.

I got 45 minutes of my hour outside my cage when Roxie came to visit me at 9:00 a.m. The OfficerIn Charge (OInC) named Hayes -- as stupid and degenerate of an evil whiggerarseh*le ever spawned,he wrote me up for using a mop strand to hold on my glasses on week 2 in here -- claimed that Ireceived my books, whin I didn't and then this Defined Turd of Sh*tten got out the rubber stampand stamped in red ink -- would that it was piglice blood -- DENIED. Yes, these evil bastards havea DENIED rubber stamp. OF COURSE THEY HAVE A 'DENIED' RUBBER STAMP,so that moronic 'Adam Henry' (asshole) jailers, too stupid to come up with a lie or perversion of jail policiescan denye prisoner requests and/or grievances. I had asked to see Duerhring or Sheriff Ken 'the bagman'Copeland to ask why they can't provide me with the paperbacks and weekend newpapers Roxiebrought me. Denied!

So I asked Fischer if Lt. Duhring had wielded the rubber stamp. No, said Fischer, it was Hayes -- he'sthe OInC. "Why am I not surprised," I said. Actually Fischer, a cool-headed, short, stocky White manwith a sense of humor, is the very best jailer here. I sincerely hope Fischer survives the Great Civil War,and would have the Resistance treat him gently. The younger jailers and night jailers are just poor whiggertrash and idealists who want to get into regime enforcement. They haven't gotten vicious yet. They supportZOG and their job is to keep me caged -- and they know it. Who ARE dangerous, evil, stupid, and viciousare the long-term jailers not smart enough to become pigs who love being jailers and enjoy having powerthey can abuse over others. I am going to rate them by their evil, from top to bottom.

Lt. Duerhring -- In charge of the jail's daily operations and the perfect jail burrocrat. Lies like a rug.Oily and slick. Akin to Beelzebub, Lieutenant of Satan, or in this case the Sheriff.

OInC Hayes -- the perfect mindless, evil "Adam Henry"(asshole). I can't think of any prsioner who has anythingbut hatred, fear, and contempt for Hayes. Whenever there is an opportuinity to hurt a prsioner, Hayestakes it. Even the other jailer regard Hayes as an "Adam Henry" (asshole) who stirs up the prsisoners, some ofthem dangerous criminals, for no good reason, and creates a climate where some of their zoo animalscould kill them in a flash of rage. Most of the prsioners have a history of criminal insanity in which theycannot control their sexual urges, hands, or tempers. A smart jailer isn't armed with anything other thana radio to close the doors. He is like a tiger trainer who can be killed or maimed by his charges any time.A smart jailer regards Hayes as someone who could get him killed because of his cowardly stupidity.Hayes and I hate each other, Hayes is just smart enough to realize that I'm not to be trifled with.

Jailer Shafer -- a smarmy self-righteous fat femnishevik ZOG-whore. This bitch is here to exercisepower over men. That and to have the sexual attention of men who are unable and predisposednot to excercise taste or restraint in their sexual liasons. Many's the time I've observed thispathetic creature, along with others of her ilk, basking in the undivided sexual attentions of thecaged muds, beaners, and whigger criminals, like a fat pussy cat basking in the sun. Of course,with me, the 'attention' she'd receive would not at all be to her liking. And she knows it, so shealways tries to get in her digs and then run off, hoping I'll slip and commit a 'verbal assault' soI can be written up. Nasty, evil, whigger bitch.

OInC Whitehill -- another fat ZOG-whore, but extremely stupid. She and Hayes keep asking mewhat I did to my face. I didn't do anything to my face (you stupid cow!), I am only shaving theright side of my face and allowing the left side to grow the past month. "So are you going to shaveit off?" (Hayes, her moral and intellectual twin, asking at feeding time) "Not until the dread Day ofthe Lord, or the Day of the Rope, whichever comes first." What a dog-awful dumb female. LikeHayes she has written me up in conjunction with Shafer the first week here. I hadn't eaten a certainpiece of cake for breakfast and put it aside. This provoked Shafer to write me up for three days.As I was already in protective lock-down, I recieved three days loss of privileges, which amountedto my not being allowed to purchase candy bars or junk food at the commissary.

Thursday evening

I pointed out that, according to the basic Inmate Rules I was given, there was no mention madeabout 'storing food'. So then these fat ZOG-whores said it was in the "new" rules. I replied I knewnothing about these 'new' rules. So they gave me copy--hot off the ink-jet printer--with the newparts underlined and printed in red. "See ?" They said. "So ?", I said. "I can't be expected to obeynew rules that I knew nothing about nor be lawfully punished after fact ex post facto."

These two ZOg-whores were not abashed, at least not for long. Shafer said, "As long as you'vebeen in jail you should know the rules by now." I said that on April 12, 2005 I was in jail for pigliceand kouncil-kritter riot and the jail thought I'd be suing them. Besides, how long had they had these'new' rules? "Two weeks" said Shafer. So, how was I to know know a month ago what the newrules were to be be two weeks in the future? By then Whitehall's 'mind' had long since left theconversation. All she knew was the White male prsioner wasn't going to get away with not beingwritten up by her fellow ZOG'ette. Shafer changed tack and said I could have been written up for10 days instead of three. I said the issue was the lawfulness of being written up at all, not the lenght.Shafer said my punishment stood and my grievance was ignored.

However, I think Shafer may have been told not to cause me too much trouble over nothing. But thenagain, maybe not. Shafer confiscated the extre rolls of toilet paper I had. Shafer is vicious. Whitehill ismerely stupid and vicious.

Nigger Douglas -- The jail has one affirmative-African hire and is the nigger Douglas. "Uncle Tom"Douglas because he cuts the 'bros' no slack. There are 3 - 4 niggers in A-POD, the gold-toothed,whigger humping Davis is one of them. But Uncle Tom Douglas is the [D] Ruling whigger's HouseNigger, who keeps the red neck pecker-woods in line. Heap big nigger, standing 6'3" or so, nearlyan inch taller than myself. A young buck, not yet gone to nigger fat, in his mid to late 20's. A findphysical specimen of nigger-dumb. Mutual Geneisi 3:15 hatred at first sight. I've told Douglas that as6th Day 'Mam' it has no soul and is a Beast of the Field. Douglas knows the 'Boss Man' who wouldbrew up an epidemic of FAIDS if he could. At our first conversation Douglas said that I called him anigger in my Grievances. I responded that while I thought it, I didn't say it, so he was a liar. I saidthat he was a 'negro.' Douglas's retort was that I was white trash. "White, yes, trash no." I replied."so, who slinging the racial epithets now?" I asked.

Douglas, like niggers do, tried to engage me in a staring contest. I didn't dare blink, for the longesttime I glared into nigger's black and yellow eyes through my cell window. After an eternity the niggereyes turned away from my steel grey eyes. I got the impression that this nigger hadn't been outstaredbefore. It came back a few minutes later looking for a rematch. I didn't know for sure if I couldmanage winning a rematch, so I told it that it had lost it's one chance. Didn't it have better things to do ?Since then Douglas and I say as little as possible to each other.

Thurday evening, approx 9:00 pm

Beeler -- fat, muscular, mindless thug in his mid 20's. Tough because he is so stupid. Extremely slowon the uptake. Will laugh out loud when he eventually figures out the point or punch line of a joke.Not cunning enough to be vicious like Hayes, Whitehill or Shafer. Extemely tough and brave becausehe is mindless. Formidable in close combat, less so when killing requires thought. I give Beeler awide berth.

And then there are the run-of-the-mill sort like Ferrer, a white-haired 40-year-old who would be asmart-ass, but not around me. And York, a White male with ambitions of becoming a lawyer, whohas a solid, though pedestrian mind. They and the rest of the jailers treat me like a dangerous manmentally, akin to another Hannibal Lector or Vlad Tepes, or Louis Bean. I am under camera observationin my cell 23 hours a day. Doubtless they have been briefed about me.

So I could use something to put a bigger scare in them. And I have just the thing. I need you to printup my web link to the Felix Dzerzhinsky School of Revolution. I need you to print up the officialportrait of the Iron Felix, and how he thought, as the very first head of the KGB, that terrorism againstregime criminals and their spawn was the only way to win. WWFD -- What Would Felix Do? -- FelixDzerzhinsky butchered out 250,000 of the Tzar's criminal regimists and spawn, and secured theRussian Revolution.

So I need a complete printout of the Iron Felix page -- picture and historical quotes and all to be readand then displayed in my cell as my hero to freak the jailers out. I can think of nothing that will dothe job better than my web page(s).

Breaking news: In today's, June 9th Joplin Globe, on page 4A, there is a story that Judge Perigo islooking at my Motion of last week seeking change of judge, OR bond and dismissal and will rule beforeor on June 13th. According to law Perigo must assign a new judge. So their little railroad is derailedagain. Look for an archive file at: for Thursday. I wrote a reminderMotion today before I saw the paper. I'll mail it tomorrow.

On Saturday, June 11th, the Fourth Anniversary of Timothy McVeigh's texecution, I shall fast,pray and curse ZOG and ZOGlings. That should freak the jailers out some more!

Send a copy of this letter out to Church HQ in Arkansas, to Roxie, and to Eric Thompson.

The Golf pencil is dull, my hand is cramped, it's 10:00 pm. on Thursday night and this letter mustbe mailed Friday morning.

Martin Lindstedt, Pastor, Junior Grade
Newton County Jail
208 West Coler
Neosho, Missouri 64850




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