June 21, 2004

TO: 2004 Missouri Governor Candidates
FROM: The Kansas City Star Editorial Board

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. If you need additional space for these or other subjects, please feel free to answer on the back or add on pages.

NAME: Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt. My nickname is being specifically disallowed by Matt 'Runt' Blunt's lackeys and my Web Page not displayed because RuntBlunt doesn't want to allow me any advantage. However RuntBlunt is misusing his office as Chief Election Officer to politically benefit himself and the Missouri Republican Party.



ADDRESS WORK NUMBER: 338 Rabbit Track Road, Granby, Missouri 64844

E-MAIL ADDRESS: mlindste@mo-net.com, martin@martinlindstedt.org

DATE OF BIRTH: December 25, 1957

EDUCATION: Crowder College, Neosho Missouri, University of Missouri -- Rolla, Missouri Southern State College, Joplin, Missouri, Crowder College Truck Driving School, Neosho Missouri.

OCCUPATION (List job title and name and address of employer, if applicable. Include previous job experience/work history): Was enlisted in the Regular Army as a Fire Direction/Control specialist for two years from 1981-82 in C Btry 2/42 FA (Lance) in Germany. Have worked in factories, but by profession am a truck driver.

FAMILY: Have lived with Roxie Fausnaught for 17 years, her daughter has four grandchildren, kidnapped by the Division of Family Services under color of 'law,' which helps explain why I support a policy of extermination for regime criminals.


1. What elective or appointive offices or positions of leadership have you held?

. . . . I have founded and formed two militias in the mid-90s, and after a few years of FBI/ADL/SPLC/ZOG oppression made them disband and go back underground without losing anyone under my supervision to agents provocateur, much like Nathan Bedford Forrest helped activate, then disband the original Ku Klux Klan. I run the only 'militia' still aboveground in Missouri. After a decade of service to the Christian Identity Resistance, I am fairly well known and respected as a leader, writer, and activist. I probably am the foremost White Nationalist political office seeker across ZOGland (Zionist Occupation Government). My WWW pages contain far more writing and policy advice than any other political figure and are accessed far more often then either RuntBlunt's or Bob Holden's.

2. If you are an incumbent, what in your record makes you most proud? If a challenger, how would you improve service?

. . . . My goal is not to improve government 'service' other than by overthrowing the current regime and purging regime criminals and their families from their positions of misrule and tyranny by any means necessary. However, that is a goal which is achievable only by inevitable civil war.

. . . . My goal as a Republican Candidate is to finish off the Missouri Republican Party by showing rural, small-town working-class Whites that the Republicans have betrayed us in favor of big corporations and that in the November general election to either stay home or, if morally strong enough, to vote for our open enemies, the Democrats to punish the betrayers and deceivers in the Republican Party. RuntBlunt is an especially degenerate and corrupt example of the typical Republican politician -- the idiot son of an asshole, like Dubya Bush. RuntBlunt has never had a single pro-White idea in his Politically Correct professional politician noggin or done an honest day's work in his life, and is simply used as a tool and a figurehead by corporate interests telling that idiotic sock-puppet what to do. Whereas a vote for an openly racist homophobic White Nationalist Republican like Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt is a genuine hatecrime for which my fellow White Men cannot be punished for -- at least not yet.

3. What are Missouri state government's greatest challenges, and how should they be resolved?

. . . . These 'challenges' of an increasing number of domestic criminal-regimeist parasites along with the growth of both an alien and domestic parasitic and criminal underclass destroying a shrinking base of White producers shall be resolved by Nature taking its course through the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse of civil war, disease, famine, and death. The federal, state and local regimes are so corrupt and violent that no peaceful political solution is possible. The jewsmedia are the propaganda arm of these regimes, and soundly despised. I include the Kansas City star in this assessment.

. . . . My candidacy is based upon an appeal to White voters to look after themselves and to hell with the governments living off of their lives. Vote against all tax increases and vote against incumbents and especially vote against Republicans. Republicans need to be kicked out of power until such time as they wise up and figure out that until Republicans actually support pro-White, limited government solutions that they lyingly profess, that professional Republicans shall be in the same boat of having no jobs, no safety and security for their families, higher taxes, and up to their ears in non-white and alien crime and disorder. I stress that White voters should take themselves and their families out of the System, which is doomed and should be destroyed, in order to make way for a Whites-only nation- state.

4. If the state economy does not pick up sufficiently to fund the budget next year, should lawmakers make spending cuts and if so, where? Should they cut taxes, and if so, where? Be specific.

. . . . Property taxes and income taxes on middle-income private sector workers should always be cut. Screw the government.

. . . . First, the Department of Social Services should be abolished, especially its 'Child Protective Services' apparatus, which steals White children and places them in foster care in the hands of people wanting money from the state before adopting them out to liberals and perverts. If I had my way, anyone associated with this organization along with their families would be castrated, blinded, have their hands and tongues cut off and have their children run through the DFS -- Dog Food Shredder -- then chained up & staked out and made to eat their own children before being tortured to death and run through the DFS themselves. Their estates would be escheated to the state for the running of orphanages for White children without families. And I include the police who enforce this evil, judges and lawyers who profit from this tyranny, and every single politician who funded this destruction of White families. The First Capital Crime deserving of absolute extermination would be destroying a White family -- any one in any way involved with destroying another White man's family will have his own family destroyed, unto seven generations.

. . . . Secondly, public 'edjewcation' from the K-12 level must be destroyed as well. It creates dumbed-down and docile White kids who love the government and money and despise both God and their parents. A first step in phasing away this instrument of criminal regimeist indoctrination will be in granting tax cuts to parents who wish to home school, or place their children in religious or private schools and cut the base line of support for pubic skrewls to mere training of reading, writing, and arithmetic to those parents who seek nothing more free babysitting and day care. Lastly, immigrunt children should be denied access to taxpayer supported public schools and businesses such as Tyson's Foods using immigrunt workers should be made to pay a special surtax for past stretching of the social safety net designed for the domestic born.

5. Would you support a tax increase for state needs, and if so, what tax(es) and what needs?

. . . . Not now, not ever, with the exception of 'reparations' for slavery and immigrunts. A one-way boat ticket to Africa or bus ticket back to Mexico or any other mestizostan would be ZOG-bux well spent.

6. Do you support an increase in cigarette or other "sin" taxes?

. . . . No.

7. What is your view of the Hancock amendment's restrictions on state government?

. . . . A good idea which didn't go near far enough. The crooked Missouri and local courts have done their best to pervert Hancock's original intent. I supported Hancock II back in 1994 when I was running for state representative, and actually went so far as to collect petition signatures to place it on the ballot.

8. Should the state increase funding for K-12 public schools? If so, how?

. . . . See Answer #4. The state should not allow an increase whatsoever, initially freeze funding at the current level, and plan to decrease funding as those people who are serious about having their children raised and educated under their supervision get tax relief for their withdrawal from the public endoctrination sector, lowering the costs upon this degenerate decayed public school system. Rather than give more tax money to a government jobs program it is far better to simply return responsibility and funding using their own money to parents.

9. Should the state increase funding for higher education? If so, how?

. . . . Decrease state funding as well. In an age of the Internet, most of these state universities and colleges are simply dinosaurs. There should be no public financing to pour more concrete and enrich contractors and politicians through kickbacks. Not when there are Internet colleges which teach subject matter upon demand.

. . . . Therefore: I would support a reduction of funding for 'higher education' of five percent per year starting with the very first fiscal year of a Lindstedt administration and ending at 75% of the current funding. Some smaller state universities should be sold to those private institutions which provide workforce training for jobs that actually exist. Under present circumstances, students are wasting their time and money training for jobs which do not exist or have been outsourced. And each and every law school would be shut down and either bulldozed or turned into a public latrine as it should be a capital criminal treasonous offense to 'practice' predatory parasitic 'law' upon the working public with any license.

10. Do you favor or oppose removing restrictions on loss limits under casino gambling laws?

. . . . Oppose removing restrictions on loss limits under casino gambling laws. In fact, these state-run gambling dens should be closed down entirely because they prey upon the poor and weak and literally take food out of children's mouths.

11. Do you favor or oppose state licensing and requirements of staff-child ratios for religious child-care centers?

. . . . Oppose state licensing of any and all child-care centers, religious or not. After all, it is the current Division of Family Service regime criminals who have used, like Janet Reno, the excuse that they should have control of people's children on the basis that they know what's best for them. As mentioned before, I think that anyone having anything to do with interfering with or destroying a family should have their own family destroyed as a penalty.

12. Do you support any cuts in funding or eligibility under the Missouri Children's Health Insurance program?

. . . . My four grandchildren, under the indifferent care of their welfare slut mother and her two idiot husbands benefited from access to health care. I was against it when ex-Governor 'Minstrel-Show' Mel Carnahan unilaterally extended it. It is a good thing when government actually improves the lives of its lawful and legitimate citizens.

. . . . However, funding and eligibility should be limited to the White children of citizens of this state, and denied to non-white 'legal' and illegal immigrunts. This funding should also be denied to the parents of welfare cases. Many is the time I have seen my fat, stupid ignorant stepdaughter abuse this sytem, along with Missouri Medicaid. One time she even had an ambulance come over during a snowstorm and take her to the hospital for dehydration. As I understood it, the bill came to over $1200. There should be some penalty which reduces this nonsense without penalizing the needy and genuine subjects of this entitlement.

13. What should be done about the growing cost of the Missouri Medicaid program? Would you restrict Medicaid coverage for any group?

. . . . As mentioned above, I would restrict Medicaid coverage for aliens and immigrunts, and also put restrictions on its use for frivolous reasons such as my stepdaughter's case that I have seen first hand. These cases should be seen, insofar as possible, by clinics and not emergency rooms.

14. Would you vote for further restrictions on abortion? Do you consider yourself pro-choice or right-to-life?

. . . . I am against abortions for White people. I am for more, perhaps mandatory, abortions and sterilizations for non-whites and all immigrunts.

15. Do you support or oppose state expenditures for family planning for low-income women?

. . . . Oppose. Non-whites should be kept from breeding more of their kind.

. . . . However this matter of racial survival shall be determined by civil war, probably using biological warfare targeting specific genotypes, by default.

16. Would you support or oppose legislation to reduce the super-majority vote requirement on passage of school bonds to a simple majority?

. . . . Oppose. I have worked long and hard to defeat these pubic skrewel bonds and I am entirely grateful that these taxing schemes require a super-majority.

. . . . I see no reason to build new, improved 'roach motels' for Mexican immigrunts and their spawn. I see excellent reason to oppose such legistreason. Sooner or later when enough immigrunts pour in, then there is more and more pressure applied to pass these bond issues so that the pubic skrewl can 'edjewcate' more mexcrement. The property taxes rise and poor Whites are increasingly strapped by more taxes and declining standards of living. A process of 'White flight' takes place by them that can afford to move and the process starts again. These supermajority laws were placed on the books for a reason -- to keep life in rural and small towns livable without having to provide for more alien parasites with the aid of treasonous domestic regime parasites.

17. Have you read Missouri's open meetings and records law, called the Sunshine Law? Do you favor or oppose making it easier to prove a violation of the law through a "negligent" standard, as opposed to a "willful" or "purposeful" standard? Do you support or oppose stricter penalties for a violation?

. . . . I've studied the law, Revised Statutes of Missouri Chapter 610 quite thoroughly, and used it to my advantage. However, local governments and police violate this law all the time. I would favor making it easier to prove a violation of this law through a 'negligence' standard as opposed to a willful standard, however almost all of the time these violations are not an accident but rather deliberate coverup of institutionalized corruption thus requiring secrecy. The City of Granby is especially bad about this, as I have found during the course of three federal civil rights lawsuits against the City of Granby and its animal police force. But it is bad all over because all government organizations are corrupt, wanting nothing more than unaccountable power over the lives of their increasingly degenerate subjects and money to steal from the public treasury for their private purposes.

. . . . This 'Sunshine Law' has no teeth in the form of criminal penalties, only fines. The law needs criminal teeth in the form of jail time for a 'negligent' violation of a Class A misdemeanor and the form of a Class D or Class C felony in the case of a purposeful violation. And neither police, prosecutors, nor judges should be allowed to claim any immunity whatsoever from civil and/or criminal prosecution. Also, standing needs to be expanded to where anyone can file a lawsuit for conspiracy and corruption, not just prosecutors and lawyers who are usually involved in covering unlawful matters up.

18. Do you support the goals of Missouri's Outstanding Schools Act, including accreditation of schools, state assessment testing and requirements that school districts improve student performance?

. . . . No. All the title does is to make lofty goals about claims which cannot be accomplished.

. . . . There is no point of having testing or accreditation by the same educrats which screwed the pooch in the first place. It should be recognized that results are entirely a matter of the ability to learn in the first place, so in the case of some inner-city schools with a non-white student body time should be spent on the basics of reading, writing and technical school work. The schools should have a library and some classes in which gifted students who want to learn can do so, but for the vast majority who are in school because of needing a place to occupy them for most of the day, the minimum basics should be installed, and after a period of time in which these drones spend eventually all of them get their diploma if they are not violent during their attendance. I am talking about having low expectations and paying for it in a low manner. This has been the de facto accomplishment of almost all pubic skrewls.

19. Do you support or oppose the use of state-funded vouchers for private education?

. . . . I support the curtailment, then abolition of public schools. The way this shall inevitably happen is that given the present financial depression is that bond issues shall fail and the public school system shall lose all remaining support by the productive. Collapse shall be the way that "I know where we want to go and how we'll get to a future there from the present here."

. . . . I oppose 'vouchers' in that it leaves the present taxation system intact and places under the same failed educrat system who gets what and how much -- the present political spoils system. Rather I prefer a system in which those who have children and who privately educate them do not have to pay for the public schools and their educational system at all, thus taking both their children and money out from under control of the system altogether.

20. Do you support or oppose the constitutional amendment on the ballot to prohibit same-sex marriage? Why?

. . . . LikeI told the Missouri LibberToon Party back in 1996, I prefer a system which takes control of marriage and marriage licensing out from under the control of the state absolutely. Marriage as a religious and cultural institution predates the state and state regulation. By removing the state sanction and control over marriage, and the children who are products of the marriage out from this bogus 'title' of marriage license, this matter ceases to become a political matter and becomes a social and family matter, beyond control of the government.

. . . . As it is, due to regime korts and femnishevikization of family law, more and more young people are foregoing marriage, and thus licensing of their marriage. The only ones who seem to want state sanction of their 'civil union' are homosexuals. In any case, now that Vermont, Massachusetts, and Hawaii are legalizing homo 'marriages' then changing the Missouri CONstitution is a moot point because the ZOG CONstitution calls for recognition of contracts and decrees of these state regimes in Missouri.

. . . . The only people making a big deal of this matter are the Republicans who want to stampede their whigger (white nigger) lemmings to the polls telling them that the Democrats want faggot marriage. Most homosexuals don't want faggot marriage because it only creates a backlash for them. It would be some mighty stupid faggots wanting his&her names and street address on a public document like a marriage license so that racist bigoted White male fag-stomping 'homophobes' can send them a double-barreled buckshot enema as a wedding 'present.' Lying Republican cretin politicians, like RuntBlunt simply want Republi-whiggers to forget that they voted for assault-rifle bans, to ship their jobs to Mexico and China, brought in greasers and gooks to take their jobs, further fill the welfare rolls with mexcrement and niggers, raise skrule taxes and give corporate welfare to their PAC buddies, declare war on Iraq for jews and Halliburton and to get White men killed, and the high price of gasoline when the CIA plant Saddam Hussein was willing to sell us all he wanted to if only we wouldn't embargo or invade Iraq. RuntBlunt and his perfumed little effeminate handlers want to stampede tits-to-elbows all manner of Republi-whiggers all in a lather that some stupid faggots in Kansas City or St. Louis or especially Columbia might seek a scrap of government-sponsored toilet paper claiming that they are what they ain't -- married in the eyes of polite society or YHWH. What buffoons.

. . . . In fact, at the Missouri Press Association forum held June 5, 2004, RuntBlunt whined that Bob Holden and Jay Nixon outsmarted him by making RuntBlunt put the Amendment on the August primary ballot rather than November general election ballot where it wouldn't help him or hurt the Democrats. I told RuntBlunt that he was a liar and a hypocrite in that as Secretary of State he had a duty as Chief Election Official to put my name as Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt on the ballot and also my WWW page. If RuntBlunt can't obey the law as a Secretary of State when it is politically disadvantageous for him to to do so, then why should anyone trust him with the office of Governor, now that he has demonstrated that he is a liar, thief and hypocrite in a smaller office of power and responsibility? RuntBlunt has no character. Besides, guaging from all the faggy looking six or seven drones he surrounded himself with, political 'consultants' of uncertain gender, what's his beef with homos? I'm the one who is supposed to be the racist bigoted homophobic fag- stomper, not RuntBlunt.

21. Do you support or oppose limits on what injured persons can receive in medical malpractice and product-injury lawsuits?

. . . . I oppose limits determined by doctor's and insurance company PACS as to what is fair and just. Governor Bob Holden was wise to veto the corporate legistreason proposed by Republican insurance company lackeys. The fact of the matter is that some of these lawsuits are capped already, and the malpractice insurance companies are gouging doctors.

. . . . Corporate-welfarist Republicans like RuntBlunt want those who are injured by corporate medicine to live the rest of their lives in pain while they loot and eliminate the social safety net. Who should pay for injured and painful lives -- the corporations and insurance companies responsible for making good on valid claims who nevertheless hire scores of lawyers to force a settlement of pennies on the dollar? Or Medicaid/Medicare and the White working-class taxpayer whose job has been shipped off to Mexico and his town invaded by illegal immigrunts depressing his minimum- wage job at McDonald's? RuntBlunt and RuntBlunt's handlers have no loyalty to White Republican voters, just off-shore corporations. A White man voting for RuntBlunt is as smart as a white chicken voting for Don Tyson.

22. Do you generally favor or oppose gun-control legislation? Concealed carry?

. . . . I am against gun-control legistreason for White People. Non-whites shouldn't be allowed to carry any weapons. I supported conceal carry, although I don't carry a gun because the piglice would use it as an opportunity to murder me and call it a suicide.

23. Are there other issues you would make a priority if elected?

. . . . I'm a White Nationalist political candidate. I'm not as the jewsmedia and liepapers claim a 'White Supremacist' because like most Whites I want nothing to do with non- whites and would run them altogether out of our country. Like all the White countries have had to do with jew parasites, I would like King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella did in 1493 give them a month or so to clear out without White slaves or any of the loot they have stolen. Same thing with the greasers. Give 'em 30 days to clear out and then put a bounty of $500 per head on them, no questions asked. That ought to provide jobs for some poor White men who want to start a family and need a living wage.

. . . . Not a single Missouri National Guardsman not wanting to serve as a select militiaman outside the State of Missouri shall be forced to serve. That especially goes for the 203rd Engineers Battallion, which was unlawfully, treacherously and treasonously extended for an additional 90+ days in Iraq, in violation of law and contract by the Deserter-in-Thief George Dubya Bush. I will pardon everyone and anyone in the Missouri National Guard who resolves to defend the State of Missouri, and not the interests of Zionist jews and Bush's Big Oil and Cheney's Halliburton.

. . . . I know that I don't stand a chance of winning the Republican primary this August. My job is to make the Republican party remember its base of White men voters by telling those voters to boycott the Republican Party, and especially liars, thieves and hypocrite professional politicians like RuntBlunt until such time as the Republicans realize that unless they represent White interests that they shall lose to Democrats, who at least have the virtue of not claiming to be our friends and allies, and then betraying our interests. I shall bring up all the issues insofar as my abilities and my self-funding hold out, using my Web page(s).


Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor -- 2004

Please add any other comments you care to regarding your candidacy, including your thoughts on issues not addressed in this questionnaire.

Please mail campaign literature that describes you and your positions on the issues, as well as any endorsements you have received, to the editorial page at The Kansas City Star.


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