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Letter From Newton County Jail -- Friday, July 1 2005

(Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2005 2:51 a.m. by Hengist from July 1, 2005 letter)

Dear Hengist:

A quick line to you since that evil little bastard Judge Kevin Lee Selby sent me off to the nut house to get a "psychiatric evaluation." If I'm not ruled nuts it's back to Newton County jail. If I am ruled nuts then its "treatment" which I am not looking forward to. So it's a psycho ward for this enemy of the state.

Last Thursday (June 23, 2005) Selby gave me 660 days for contempt of Kort. He was raving and I was punching his buttons. By the way, check out the Wed. June 22nd page at Save that page to your hard drive. [Comment: the predatory so-and-so's want payment for that article] I'll be in today's or topmorrow's Daily Douche and/or Jewplin Glob as well. The Buzzard of the Douche was here today.

Today I got to see Roxie. I also got 20 minutes of sunshine in the exercise yard. Yesterday, by 'accident' the guards gave me some psychotic prisoner's medicine instead of my high blood pressure medicine. They gave me the impression that since my old bottle ran out, my new bottle was in. Of course, I still think it was just a screw-up common to jails. I managed to puke some of it up, but for the next 3 - 8 hours I was first nauseous and dizzy, and then felt drunk. I was told that it was because they thought I got hold of another prisoner's crazy pills. But they were alarmed that I might sicken or get hurt on their watch. All these people both hate and fear me. I wrote another Motion for the Presiding Judge Perigo to remove Selby as my judge for cause and included in it a Notice of Appeal and on in forme pauperis affidavit. I mailed it off this morning.

This morning, (Thursday, June 30, 2005) about 10:00 a.m. the short, fat, sheriff Copeland had me shackled and sent to to talk to him. Copeland wanted to whine about if it was 'personal.' I said somewhat because he, and his pig Young, arrested me on bogus charges. But mainly I hated him simply because he was a mere little evil functionary for an evil regime under Satan's Administration. He doesn't have any real character, only a smarmy self-righteousness that most ZOGlings outwardly evince, wondering why the world hates them. Copeland then came to his point. Selby was going to hold an "Indigency Hearing." If I refused to walk into the Kortroom, like last week, Selby would hold the hearing without me and send me to the nut house. So, wouldn't Selby send me to the nut house anyway ? I asked. Copeland wouldn't say. But it would be all my fault for not taking my screwing "like a man." I said like a sheep, more like it!

Midnight? Friday morning
1 July, 2005

For the next two hours I prayed and asked YHWH to give me strength. I decided to walk into the Kortroom and simply tell it like it is, what Copeland threatened. I made it quite clear what Copeland had threatened, that I did not recognize the legitimacy of the Kort or of the regime. I refused to sit down. I mentioned that Selby was the very same judge who stole my 4 grandkids based upon the same lies by the same therapist. I made the point that that case was still pending before the Missouri Kort of Appeals, therefore Selby had no choice but to rule against me in any preliminary hearing or action taken against him. Selby then gloated that the case had already been heard and had been dismissed. I knew that, for once, Selby was telling the truth. So I asked, "Why?" I knew that Selby and the rest of the baby-stealers needed a judgement in their favor. But Selby wouldn't want to bring attention to himself. Rather Selby offered me a copy of the appellate Kort ruling if I asked for it. I said I'd never ask for anything from ZOG or him. I mentioned the events of last week when Selby cackled that I'd asked something of him other than getting off the case. I mentioned that I had not been arraigned yet. Selby asked if I wanted to be arraigned. I said not by him, but that I had told Perigo that I would accept arraignment by LePage. However, thanks to Rule 23.03 of the Missouri Rules of Kort, the time limit to arraignment had passed as it was supposed to be done within 10 days of May 11th, the first day of arraignment. Selby didn't have any lawful jurisdiction. In fact the case was destroyed by their illegality. I also pointed out that I didn't have any case files or papers while the prosecution and judge had a thick file. All I had was a 3 x 4 inch piece of paper with notes from the 1996 Missouri Rules of Kort. Rather unsporting and quite corrupt.

Selby asked me if I knew why I was there. I replied that it was supposedly an Imdigency Hearing so as to force the pubic pretenders to represent me. However they were going to fight much harder to not represent me than they ever fought for their poor clients. Selby said it was also a competentcy hearing. I responded that Copeland threatened that if I didn't walk into the Kortroom I would be taken back to jail, the hearing would be held and I would be sent to the nut house. So I walked into Kortroom, the hearing was being held and Selby would still send me to the nut house. No way could I win with a set-up like that.

Friday Morning (Tornado warning lifted)

Selby asked me why I shaved half my beard, I told him it was a sign to a degenerate people that they would die for the crimes of their regime criminals. I explained that I was a Pastor of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity expounding on our racial and religious beliefs. Obviously I was a religious nut. I explained about prion-poisoning, so I was also obviously a terrorist. I made them piglice and jewsmedia hate me and fear me some more. Selby placed me in the custody of the Missouri Health Care burrocracy.

So I rode back to jail. Some new pigs wanted to ride back to say that they had ridden with some famous criminal. I paced my cell. After supper, around 5:00 p.m. I was given a faxed copy of the Missouri Kort of Appeals ruling in In the Interest of H.B. and H.D., Roxie Fausnaught Appellent vs. The Newton County Sheriff's Juvenile Division (indeciperable word). The ruling esscentially said that it was all my dault that I didn't have a transcript or write it out to suit them. They justified themselfs. They did not mention how they didn't make Selby provide the transcript or legal files or how they didn't obey their own laws. But in their opinion they kept in it all of Selby's and Dobb's misconduct. I think that the opinion will be published. Download it on the Kort webpage and save it.

Send this letter out via Internet and a copy to Roxie and Church HQ.

I don't know to which nut house I'll be sent or when. What I can take. Who I will get to write. Roxie will send you the first six weeks of my jail journal. Copy and send all over. Roxie will be the first person I will write, if I can write. Keep in touch with her every one.

Friday Morning 6:00 (Getting it written so it will go out in the Friday morning mail andout for the weekend.)

All of us should know by now that what has happened to me and others will continue. The regime criminals who support and make up this regime are not supermen -- anything but -- rather they are small, nasty, petty, evil little men and women who have no great plan other than staying in power. Lacking the Big Picture, they do whatever seems right in their own eyes that works. They cannot do any thing decisive for either good or evil, but rather must make do as they must do, regardless of the consequences.

This evil little judge, Selby, was going to send me to the nut house regardless of whether I went into his Kortroom or not. Don't go into the Kortroom -- Selby sends me to the nut house. Go into the Kortroom -- Selby lets me chew on his ass some more, and allows me to express my my hatred of the criminal regime of his, then he sends me to the nut house. All in disregard of what the consequences are to his jailers, or his nut house personnel who have to carry out his orders. No more caring than Dumbya Bush or Rumsfeld about the live of the poor jewps sent to die in Iraq.

I've sent Roxie my jail journal for the first 40 days. I don't know if I'll be sent to the nut house today or during the holiday, or after the Fourth of jew-lie. If anyone wants to help me, then they will help Roxie, a woman of strong emotional stability and goodness. She is my complement, which is why we have stayed together over the years. As soon as I know my situation I shall write Roxie and tell her my address and what is going on. And she will let you know.

Unlike the fakir Ghandi, and the Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale, I urge my allies and co- religionists to use as much violence as they can. And, if possible, do it in my name. Christ did not come to bring peace, but a sword. Matthew 10:34-36. Don't worry about your enemies, because many of them shall be of your own household.

See if you can't get Edgar Steele to write an article about me and Pastor Gulett. The more fame and notoriety I get, the safer I am. I want to be treated with kid gloves, like Saddam Hussein. I want ZOGlings to be scared that I might die when in their custody.

Thanks for your support and loyalty. I sent a letter to Mark Martin. Get out the Word and keep the Faith.

Hail Victory!!!

Martin Lindstedt, Pastor/Prisoner


July 26, 2009




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