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My Family, Nov. 2003: Myself, center, cw: Roxie Fausnaught, Grandchildren Adam Deines, Henry Baldwin, JJ Baldwin, and Helen Deines




July 17, 2004

Attorney Thomas C. Mann
209 West 6th Suite 8
P.O. Box 807
Joplin, Missouri 64802

Re: Getting Final Judgment Paperwork for Appeal
& Partial Refund of Retainer

Dear Attorney Mann:

. . . . On July 14, 2004, myself, then Roxie Fausnaught, discussed strategy as to what would happen at the Newton County Juvenile Court the next day, July 15, 2004. Well, July 15, 2004 is over and done with, and the question remains as to what 'we,' i.e., myself and Roxie do now that you have been forestalled under color of law from even doing what little you were paid to do under 'grandparents' rights' by Judge Selby.

. . . . You have indicated that you have no interest in fighting this matter at the appellate level, and that you would be willing to give me the names of two lawyers who do appellate work -- for $3000. So what remains is for you to finish this matter up on your end by providing the official paperwork concerning the actual final judgment so that Roxie can file for a timely appeal within 10 days to the Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District. Secondly, since you were not allowed to represent Roxie in the secret court proceedings, filed one Motion to Intervene, had it denied July 15, made two court appearances where you were stonewalled, made some telephone calls and talked to me and Roxie for an hour or so, I think that a partial refund of the $1500 I paid you is in order. I would like a bill for your services along with a copy of the final judgment and any other other papers (which should be limited since the 'reason' you were denied was because 'intervenor's purpose is for discovery) necessary for Roxie to file an appeal herself. Neither Roxie nor myself have $3000 to pay another lawyer to go after what you yourself described as a 'power- mad judge with a personal vendetta against me.' I really had to dig into my own reserves to come up with $1500 for what I myself (and you agreed) was a somewhat forlorn hope. So I do need some of that $1500 returned since you wash your hands of this matter.

. . . . You didn't give me any false hope that you could do something for me. We both know that I am quite experienced in legal warfare, albeit the System is so corrupt that law has nothing to do with it. I chose you to be our attorney because I had you for business law at MSSC way back in 1983, and you had a cynical, realistic attitude about the law business. Then I seen you take on, as a spur of the moment appointee, a municipal court case involving a friend of mine who got no less than 17 traffic tickets before Judge Curchin. You went over to where I was looking on at my friend in his orange Joplin jail suit, asked me in my tape recorder was running, ascertained that it wasn't running and told me to watch how a professional does it. Then you grabbed all 17 traffic tickets out of the hands of the pregnant female city attorney, told the judge that this was all nonsense, and made an offer that my friend do the time served, pay $45 in court costs, and agree not to drive without a license for two years. Everyone was astounded, and both my friend and the city attorney were furious at your behavior, but they both fell in line when Curchin agreed with your solution. This showed me that you were not afraid to cut the Gordian knot to get to something everyone could live with without further ado. This audacity made me think of getting you to represent Roxie.

. . . . On Wednesday, you said that "There is no working with that power-mad crazy little judge." You then amended it to say that there was no working with him on my particular case. You asked, "What have you done to him?" I allowed that him and I have been going at each other since he arrived here as a lawyer from California in 1995. That it is common knowledge that he had me sent to jail for 30 days for contempt of kort for my refusal to pay for a bogus trial for a burnt-out headlight. And that as a lawyer and a judge that I've held him up to contempt and ridicule. Then I gave you a copy of an e-mail from state senator Gary Nodler telling me about the changes in Revised Statutes of Missouri to take effect on July 1, 2004 and August 1, 2004. You read through the paper. You noted, as did I, that the most applicable was to ask for a change of judge, given Judge Kevin Lee Selby's long history of mutual hatred, fear and contempt against me but that one of the biological parents would have to make the request, given that you didn't even have your foot in the door. I said that I would ask my stepdaughter, and Roxie would ask her daughter, to demand a change in judge. We did so, and the docket shows that a Motion for Change of Judge was made.

. . . . You also brought up that it would be easier for you, doomed as the case was now, if Roxie could claim that she and I had split up and were living apart. I said that the Newton County Juvenile officers and the Newton County Division of Family Services (hereafter DFS) had already split apart my stepdaughter and her two husbands, each milling around like frightened chickens under the thumb of the DFS Sytem, and that the only source of stability for my grandchildren if ever released, was the 17-year partnership between myself and Roxie. Destroying families by putting men and women at each other's throats is the very first thing that this System does, in order to deliberately destroy White families. Destroy the domestic authority of the father or alpha male and the System can do anything it wants with the children under color of 'caring.'

. . . . You annoyed me by referring to Roxie as my 'paramour' and 'shack-up' and I was tempted to retort that my partnership with Roxie has lasted a lot longer than any of your marriages. But I didn't pay $1500 to you to fight over insults and I told you that you could call Roxie and get her opinion. She refused absolutely. I am annoyed at you trying to get her to say something not true so that she could have a temporary advantage, and then when shown not to be true get her in trouble. The DFS would love to get a contempt of kort for perjury citation against Roxie. Then they could force her to make me move out and claim, "See, even Roxie agrees that Martin could have molested his grandkids." In fact, Selby's kort tried to 'prove' its allegation by claiming as a reason for the denial that 'Intervener resides with alleged perpetrator and states purpose is for discovery." Page 2, Docket entry of July 15, 2004. Yes, you were right to make the point that you could get in the Selby kort's door by having Roxie claim that I had moved out of our home, and it would have been a temporary tactical advantage that would have lost the war. The Selby kort and juvenile kort System loves their secret proceedings for a reason -- to allow them to do whatever they want in secret proceedings and not, as they claim, for the good of the children. Yes, they have all the power which they can wield in secret. The strategic response is not to try to out-lie criminal-regimeist liars, but rather to expose the truth to public inspection and thus destroy the legitimacy, and thus the basis for power that the System needs to survive, much less thrive.

. . . . As agreed, I stayed home and didn't appear in the courthouse the morning of July 15, 2004. I didn't wish to inflame the fears of Judge Kevin Lee Selby, Chief Juvenile Deputy Pat Stuart and Court Clerk Dana Wallace, who have had me arrested and jailed, then threatened with contempt of court for merely being present and taking pictures of them malefactors and demanding secret court proceedings on behalf of my son-in-law. Perhaps they would have trumped up another false charge and had me jailed again. Plus, Roxie's case might have been helped by my absence. In any case, I heard that you showed up, made your motion, was dismissed, and talked to Roxie. Roxie went upstairs and got an appeal form, but without the judgment to appeal, then the form by itself is worthless. Which is why the final judgment is needed and it would be best if you got it so that Roxie can file an appeal. You are the lawyer who was denied. You yourself told me on May 20, 2004 that Selby's pet kort clerks and juvenile officers said that I would be arrested if I so much as entered the courtroom lobby. I was detained and screamed at by Selby concerning 'contempt of court' for my making sure that my son-in-law Shawn Deines on April 22, 2004. Since they tried to pull the wool over Shawn's eyes and refuse him all the paperwork that he requested, and then after committing that criminal misdemeanor have me detained and threatened with jail, what do you suppose that they shall do if Roxie demands the final judgment and papers necessary to appeal? Having committed on April 22, 2004 one felonious act under color of law, what prevents them from doing so again, or even making of this an excuse for murder? Therefore, as a final act, it would be best for you to get the judgment, final or not, and any other paperwork necessary for myself and Roxie to file an appeal, since you will not.

. . . . After you left, Roxie stayed to comfort her daughter, Amalie Deines. I am told that the Division of Family Services and Juvenile officers put on quite a dog & pony show of how my grandson, Malachi Adam Deines, was given pictures of a gingerbread man and given instructions as to mark the places where 'papa kissed him all over.' I even asked my stepdaughter if they got Bubbie to claim that I kissed his bunghole, and Amalie, even though still distraught, cracked a grin and said "yes." I wonder what kind of 'admissions' that I could get from Selby and his juvenile DFS clowns if I were to be given access to their six-year-old and younger children for three months and allowed to practice on their children all of the tricks of the trade of the professional 'child-abuse experts'. This is the sort of reprehensible behavior that this criminal regime claimed that the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany practiced, but I tend to doubt that their systems were ever as corrupt as this System. To think that so much was made of the little Russian boy who got a medal for turning in his own kulak parents for hoarding grain and demanding that his own parents be shot as traitors. Poor White children are being stolen right and left here in Newton County, in Missouri, all across the ZOGland to give to perverts and yuppie whiggers for the benefit of feeding the lawyers, piglice and social workers. The only difference in this case being that they have stolen the grandchildren of one of their Resistance political enemies well able to use politics and publicity to shame them. Today the Missouri kort system, as practiced by Judge Kevin Lee Selby, denies Roxie's claim to intervene, with the permission of her own daughter, because the 'discovery' of the workings of Selby's secret kort might filter back to myself, an 'alleged perpetrator' and be placed for public scrutiny. Why, it might undermine public confidence in the honesty of the workings of the juvenile judicial System.

. . . . You did as much as could be expected for what you faced, and no, you never lied to me and Roxie as a client. You knew better than to even try because if you had I'd of nailed your hide to the wall. All I want is for you to get the paperwork necessary for Roxie to file a Notice of Appeal to the Missouri Court of Appeals (she already has the form) and we are done with you. That, and give me a bill for your services, such limited ones as you were allowed to proceed with. I expect to have some sort of refund of at least a third of the $1500.

. . . . And how will you appear on my web page? You asked as if you hadn't seen it, and I did not press the matter but said that I would try to treat you honestly. If you have a problem with this letter, then you are at liberty to respond to it. The fact of the matter is that you simply cannot overtly bite the hand of the System (which I call ZOG, Zionist Occupation Government, the Beast, Mystery Babylon) because you are as a licensed lawyer fed by the System. I think it would be best if we treated each other with the extremely wary respect that has been predominate in all of our dealings, from when you were a teacher and I a student from 1983 to today. I am,

Most Respectfully and Warily Yours,

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for Governor -- 2004

-s- Roxie Fausnaught



. . . .


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