Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt -- Republican Candidate 4 U.S. Senate -- 2002


Treasonous Barratry & Suborned Perjury

A Letter to the Editor of the Neosho Daily News


A treasonous and lawless ploy has been abused recently by the prosecutors' offices of both Newton and McDonald counties -- the practice of intimidating witnesses and suborning perjury by the novel charge of "hindering prosecution."

Fifth Amendment paper guarantees of the Bill of Goods to the CONstitution are routinely violated by the practice of putting the legally unlearned on the stand, then demanding that they testify as to what the police and prosecution want them to say. In one of the most egregious cases, a girl was interrogated without benefit of legal counsel four times and the police claim that she told them four different stories. A more learned person would have refused to say anything without benefit of a lawyer, but when a public defender was retained, and that public defender advised this girl to "take the Fifth" this witness was unlawfully arrested outside the courthouse for taking the counsel of this public defender. This girl is presently imprisoned in the Newton County jail, not a flight risk, for lack of a usurious $25,000 bail, yet another violation of the CONstitution and Bill of Goods. The Sacred Scrap of toilet paper and so-called CONstitutional 'rights' are worthless when one is arrested and imprisoned for using such.

Both the prosecutors and the judges allowing this lawlessness, this de facto torture by false imprisonment in an attempt to create a case, destroy the myth that this mighty Evil multi-culti Empire is one of laws and not of men claiming to be under 'law' of their own making. I have no doubt that if I were prosecutor and I was allowed to torture the prosecutors and their families until I got the story I wanted to hear, plus a few more stories to use as a club, that I could win any case I cared to try.

There has not been a successful revolution in this country for over 200 years. If the prosecutors and judges knew that every single corrupt precedent they set could and would be used against themselves, that they would be judged as they did judge others, then they might be far more careful in using their unaccountable powers. It is not absolute power which corrupts absolutely, as God told the absolute autocrat Nebuchadnezzar in a dream, but rather any power not rendered accountable which makes our final age one of iron and clay.

Any testimony that is given through coercion through "hindering prosecution" is suspect, suborned perjury and should be treated as such. And the wrath of the public should fall upon the police, prosecution, and judges who would destroy the social order in their lust for 'winning' at any cost.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate -- 2002



Notes & Commentary

The prostitution attorney playing this crooked crap is one Scott Watson, who is a Republican candidate unopposed in both the Aug. 6, 2002 primary and the November general election. Watson routinely deals every crooked trick in the book.

For example, back on August 9, 1994, I was assaulted by a Granby City Kouncil-Kritter and Watson decided to let his crooked gang off the hook and so Watson charged me with "disturbing the peace." When it came time to plea, I had prepared a motion which showed that such a charge would be dismissed at the appellate level anyway. This pleading was before Judge Gregory Stremel. I presented the motion and Stremel looked at it and left for 20 minutes, leaving me and my brother before his kort bar. Stremel came back, gave a little shit-eating grin as he said, "I doubt that any jury would convict you for this." I said, "And this motion shows that it would be set aside at the appellate level." Stremel then said, "I talked to the prosecuting attorney [Watson], and Watson is dismissing the charges against you. But since there was no disturbing the peace there was no assault." I sputtered, "But there was too an assault, that crook Watson is just protecting his buddies on the Granby City Council!" Stremel said, as all crooked judges are wont to do, "This case is dismissed, you will leave before my bench." A typical Newton County Sheriff's bailiff thug was there to intimidate, as usual, but I left, boiling.

However, Stremel is usually a pussy before the bench, letting Judge Perigo the Circuit Kort Judge presiding, or Judge Killebrew, the other associate circuit kort judge do most of the dirty work. However, this year is an election year, and so Stremel has to act tough and do every crooked thang Watson puts before him, like this crooked 'hindering prostitution' case. Stremel let the matter go to McDonald County, where Judge LePage can do the dirty work after the Aug. 6 primary. LePage lets the crooked cops in Newton County get off, like when LePage, in conjunction with a dirty deal of Watson's let this thieving Granby Chief of Piglice off with two years probation and expongement of the record for being stupid enough to get a credit card on false ID over the Granby Piglice Internet connection, then steal $200 from a convenience store in Granby, where the stupid pig was Chief of Piglice. This case against the 17-year-old girl will be set for a bond-reduction on Aug. 22, 2002, and it is hinted that the bond shall be reduced then. Of course it will. If Neff wins, then Neff has no reason to keep it up and they can run off the clock until Stremel is gone. If Stremel wins, well, the less said about this crap the better.

But the stinker of the case is that Judge Stremel is collaborating with this false imprisonment for no reason than to beat one Attorney Terry Neff, who is running against Stremel in the Aug. 6, 2002 primary. Neff is no more bright than Stremel and likely as ignorant about the law and obviously not smart enough to call Stremel on this matter. However, the lesser evil is Neff. Vote for Neff on Aug. 6, 2002.

While I am digging up dirt on Stremel, I ran a non-lawyer for judge against Stremel as a Libertarian in 1998. The non-lawyer got 15% of the vote, showing that Stremel wasn't loved much. Stremel hired a lawyer from Carthage named Carleton, also running for judge, who was as stupid as Stremel. They sued to try to remove the non-lawyer from the ballot and I wrote up a legal brief showing that the idiotic lawyers didn't have standing because Stremel was running as a Republican and R.J. Doyle was running as a Libertarian, and since they were not on the same primary ballot, Stremel didn't have standing to sue civilly Doyle and have Doyle removed from the ballot. Stremel would have to wait until three days after the primary election. Did Stremel and Stremel's idiot lawyer learn anything from my pointing out the proper time and place to sue? Of course not. They waited until after the primary election and sued on the basis of being a primary challenger, not a general election challenger. The Newton County Clerk, Kay Baum, didn't remove Doyle from the ballot because my brief convinced her that Stremel and Stremel's lawyer were feebs. So at the last minute they tried to get a judge from Jasper County to rule, and screwed that up as well. Doyle remained on the ballot and lost, but still, 15% was pretty good for a non-lawyer Libertarian candidate.

Another time I showed up before Stremel was when one of the local drunks, was before Stremel for the fourth time for disturbing the peace. Why four times? Because the drunk was a big dumb kid who resisted arrest and beat the shit out of four Newton County Sheriff's pigs before they managed to cuff him. Then the vengeful pigs decided to get some payback and so they beat the shit out of the drunk while handcuffed. A first cousin of the drunk objected to his cousin being beaten by the pigs and so two of the pigs arrested the First Cousin and then started beating the shit out of him while handcuffed. And the First Cousin didn't even help his drunken relative other than bitch about the piglice brutality!

My brother, drinking buddies, of the cousins, decided to have me show up to scare the kort and piglice off by my presence. Even then I was known to sue! First stop was to Sheriff Ron Doerge to bitch, but Doerge, in keeping with the "Doerge Doctrine" of covering up for police brutality, denied it occurred, of course.

Stremel was extremely nervous to see me coming. Me and Stremel sparred about being able to record the supposedly 'open public proceedings.' However, when I lost the fight was when an extremely stupid, but effectively brutal Newton County Sheriff's Deputy and former Chief of Granby Piglice, one Scott Whitman, managed to intimidate the drunk as to what would happen 'next time' and so the case fell apart in short order when the drunk decided to plead guilty to "disorderly conduct." This craven plea-bargain got Stremel and the Newton County piglice off the hook. There would be no federal district kort civil rights lawsuits for piglice brutality. I announced to the drunk that he had not only screwed himself over, but his first cousin as well, because unless there was the matter of pig brutality, then they'd find him guilty of "disorderly conduct" as well, for the 'crime' of perhaps saving the drunk's life from the pigs. I told my brother to not waste my time no more with pussies unwilling to fight for themselves or to let me help them out. That fool, because he didn't have enough self-discipline to not give the pigs an excuse to screw him over no more when drunk, had pulled defeat from the jaws of victory and condemned to a Class A misdemeanor charge his own flesh and blood who protected his kinsman like a White Man is supposed to do. I was really pissed off, and that pussy Stremel's little relieved smirk that he had pulled his and the piglice's balls from my masher sure didn't help my temper none. However, my rage is always controlled and cold and it wasn't my fault that I couldn't get any licks in that day.

As an additional negative, Stremel has that little creep, Nick Myers, handing his campaign treasury. There's none too much love lost between me and Nikky since before May 7, 2002 when the little creep as Newton County Republican Chairman interrupted my 3-minute speech and let his thieving Republican mob get out of hand. However, to be fair, I've enjoyed rubbing the Newton County Republican bungholes with a rough cob and applying the political turpentine every election year since 1994. It's a Genesis 3:15 thang.

The sole positive was when Stremel gave my stepdaughter custody of my first two grandkids as opposed to letting her idiot first husband have them. That fool was rough on the kids, especially the girl, throwing them in the air and 'forgetting' to catch them. The fool was a full two IQ points stupider than 'our' 91-IQ, In-Flight, Pretzel-Assaulted, One-Term NWO-ZOG Sock-puppet, #43, George W[higger] Bush, and with the exact same annoying moronic smirk. And he was the smart one of his family! Since me and Stremel hate one another, I stayed away from the divorce proceedings, when they finally winded through after over a year spent on them.