August 25, 2004

To: Presiding Judge Timothy W. Perigo,
Newton County Courthouse
101 South Wood
Neosho, Missouri 64850

Re: Suggestions to this Court regarding removal of Judge Kevin Lee Selby,
Division III Juvenile Court Judge, from the case(s) 04NW-JU00101, JU00102, JU00103 &
JU00104 on the grounds that he has been asked repeatedly to recuse himself
for bias, prejudice, and rancor against these children's parents and myself.

Rule 84.20 Letter To This Court

. . . . Comes now before this Circuit Court, Martin `Mad-Dog' Lindstedt, Petitioner, under provision of Missouri Rules of Court, Rule 84.20, in this Letter To This Court to make suggestions regarding the duty of this Court, and its presiding judge, to remove Judge Kevin Lee Selby, Division III Juvenile Court Judge, from the case(s) 04NW-JU00101, JU00102, JU00103 & JU00104 on the grounds that he has been asked repeatedly to recuse himself for bias, prejudice, and rancor against these children's parents and myself. Enclosed are several exhibits of both law and past history to show that this needs to be done.

. . . . I written a similar letter to you before on Oct. 7, 2003, in which I pointed out that you were a party acceding to corruption by allowing the Granby municipal court to select Ann Wells as their municipal court judge when your secretary's brother, Steve White, was sent to Iraq. Missouri Revised Statute (RSMo) 479.230 demanded a municipal special election in which Petitioner would have been a candidate. Furthermore, other laws were violated in a criminal conspiracy to disallow Petitioner to witness the goings on of this corrupt and illegal municipal court. You ignored my letter and appointed Dwayne Cooper to be the new municipal court judge when Ann Wells became the Granby city prosecutor, Brett A. Day's law partner, in violation of RSMo 479.230. When I was in Jefferson City to file for governor on March 10, 2004, I made a complaint to the Missouri Attorney General's Office. They said that they'd get back, but they didn't. Apparently they don't much care about judges violating the law in order to steal from the poor and weak in these cash-register municipal courts. Nor was a general election held in April for the position of municipal court. (Anne Wells, appointed in Diamond, had me arrested for 'disturbing judicial proceedings' on Feb. 23, 2004, because she didn't like my attitude of contempt for her lawlessness. She dropped that bogus charge, along with four other bogus revenue tickets made up by the Diamond police, when I worked with your secretary to bring the matter up for trial by jury in this Newton County Circuit Court. Guess who Kevin Lee Selby has appointed as my grandchildren's guardian ad litem?)

. . . . Essentially, as presiding judge, Perigo, you are part and parcel for having rogue municipal courts stealing the weak, stupid, and defenseless of their money, property, and liberty in Newton County. I've made no pretense of considering you anything more than a particularly degenerate and despicable regime criminal, fully deserving of the fate of tyrants and traitors when this mighty Evil Empire collapses. You yourself have appointed your bailiff, Mike Miller, to follow me around the Newton County Courthouse, as if you fear for your own personal safety. I've enjoyed your groundless fears, telling Bailiff Miller that he is supposed to follow me everywhere and to hurry up so I wouldn't have to wait for my police escort. Right now you are the head criminal in charge, and I am not in power, so why shouldn't I enjoy the respect of your fear of me?

. . . . To get to the business at hand, tomorrow, August 26, 2004, Judge Selby has announced, according to docket entries, that he is going to have a dispositional hearing on the fate of my four grandchildren. I want you to remove Judge Selby for cause, because Selby refuses to recuse himself.

. . . . Right now, my long-time fiancee, Roxie Fausnaught, has two cases before the Missouri Court of Appeals pending. (Exhibit provided.) It is for the oldest and only granddaughter and for my youngest grandson. They are the ones with the most intellect and promise, the two middle boys being their father's children. The remedy sought in the Court of Appeals is to have everything done so far set aside because of the prejudice and maliciousness of Judge Selby putting my grandchildren into foster care because of long- standing hatreds against myself and some of the parents of those children.

. . . . However, I am requesting that you, as Presiding Judge, kick Selby off as judge. I don't think that you will do so, as you run a corrupt regime court in defiance of both law and justice, but as I look at it, I'll be able to post this to the Internet, and then the entire world will see why the only solution to ending this criminal regime is in exterminating regime criminals. Right now I am running for Sheriff of Newton County on a platform of torturing and killing the lawyers, judges, pigs and their families. Your behavior, either way, helps me to justify that political platform. Why should only the regime criminals get to jail, torture, murder, kidnap, buy & sell the children of the poor? Why not simply do unto them what has been done unto us? What goes around should come around. This is not an 'immanent threat,' merely a political platform, which I do not think will lead to my election, merely something for the People to think upon and act upon when times get really tough, soon enough.

. . . . You started the process of kidnapping the children of your political enemies when you rubber-stamped for Juvenile deputy David Jones an 'emergency order' removing my four grandchildren because of an anonymous hotline call claiming that I molested my granddaughter Helen Deines and grandson Jonathan James Baldwin. They were removed on April 9, 2004. That weekend, I got a video deposition from the parents and others that David Jones tried to make my stepdaughter lie that I had molested her. In addition, David Jones and the Granby Police Department, specifically one Chris Moreland, were plotting to have me jailed and railroaded for child molestation and murdered by non-whites in prison for being a pedophile and a racist. Chris Moreland confiscated a videotape under color of law and filed a bogus trespassing charge. After numerous lies by Granby Police Chief Beshears and Moreland, the video tape was sent to Scott Watson and returned by Scott Watson, with an admission from Watson that the tape had been seized unlawfully. The trespassing ticket was the result of a conspiracy between David Jones and Chris Moreland and that bogus element was sent directly to Newton County, your court, where nothing more has been heard about it since. I suspect that the anonymous hotline call was sent in by Terri Schmidtz, the DFS 'therapist' who would visit with my grandchildren across the street at 337 Rabbit Track Road. That would be highly illegal, but the reason for these anonymous hotline calls and these secret juvenile courts as set up by this criminal regime is as much for the benefit of children as Janet Reno's burning some to death at Waco was for David Koresh's children.

. . . . I have never been charged with any crime because there is no evidence of child abuse. Rather than let rumors undermine my political campaign, I have informed my fellow Resistance chieftains about what is going on, and sent around 50 copies of a video deposition on CD-ROM in where the parents of the children stolen have been offered deals in order to testilie against myself. Scott Watson, prosecutor of Newton County has a copy. A copy shall be enclosed for your perusal. It makes the point that the Newton County Juvenile Office and the Newton County Division of Family Services (DFS) is in a conspiracy to steal White children of its political enemies and railroad them to prison to be murdered. Something worthy of fighting a Revolution or Civil War over.

. . . . On April 15, 2004, I was videotaping my DFS enemies on the first floor of the courthouse when Chief Deputy Pat Stuart had me arrested under color of RSMo 575.145, 'Willful Resistance or Opposing a Deputy Sheriff.' This was a bogus charge and false arrest because I was nowhere near a vehicular accident at the time. I was released nearly two hours later by Judge Kevin Lee Selby, who covered up for that false arrest by blustering that it was my fault and that I was subject to arrest for contempt of court. I told him that Pat Stuart was a liar, and that Selby was violating the law by covering up for a false arrest by claiming that something illegal had happened. I demanded both the videocamera and the video-cassette tape involved after a review of whether the alleged illegalities had occurred. Prosecutor Bill Dobbs was to review the tape. The tape was returned to me by Scott Watson. There were no illegalities on it.

. . . . On April 22, 2004, I was again 'arrested' and threatened with contempt by Judge Selby after his court clerks Dana Jo Wallace and Carmen Jamison rioted at my insistence that my son-in-law get all the files due him so he could be able to make a defense against DFS. They violated RSMo 483.165:

Nonfeasance or misfeasance, misdemeanor.

483.165. If any clerk shall knowingly and willfully do any act contrary to the duties of his office, or shall knowingly and willfully fail to perform any act or duty required of him by law, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor in office.

. . . . Again, Judge Selby tried to cover up their crimes by claiming that it was a matter of 'contempt of his court' that I was impolite by insisting that a party to this suit, Shawn Deines, get all the court entries due him. I told Selby again, that he was committing a criminal act under color of his authority as a judge to cover up for a conspiracy to steal the grandchildren of an old enemy. I was not scared of his threats of arrest or anything else which would lead to an open trial in an open court. On this occassion, as well as the one on April 15, 2004, no record was kept, deliberately, by order of Judge Selby.

. . . . On May 19, 2004, I wrote an open letter, posted to the Internet, to Scott Watson, alluding to the criminal conspiracy by Judge Selby, Selby's clerks Wallace and Jamison, Pat Stuart, and Deputy Prosecutor Bill Dobbs. In that letter:

. . . . . the assistant prosecutor you have working these juvenile cases, Bill Dobbs, had unlawfully and immorally refused to release one file in the case of State vs. Luper M. Baldwin, CR400-2353FX, in which your office refused to try my stepdaughter's second husband's biological father even though you had an admission of guilt from Luper. The missing file wasn't about my granddaughter's identity, nor that she had been fingered by Luper, but rather the inflammatory file by Luper's public pretender, Kathleen Byrnes-Ales, in which she begged for no trial at all for 'pore' Luper, as Luper might have had wit enough to commit the crime but not enough wit to aid in his own defense. So contrary to your and Bill Dobbs' public posturing about caging real child molesters, Bill Dobbs deliberately withheld a file in an open record for the purpose of covering up for a public defender working both sides of a conviction mill. Your Bill Dobbs juvenile prosecutor seems to have a deliberate policy of letting off genuine admitted child molesters, while at the same time kidnapping my grandchildren and destroying my family by arguing that I am to be treated as a suspected perpetrator of abusing one or more of my grandchildren on the basis of an anonymous hotline call and whatever lies have been forced by child psychologists from my grandchildren.

. . . . So Judge Selby, Scott Watson's prosecutor's office, Newton County Sheriff's Juvenile Office and Newton County DFS have no problem with admitted child molesters as long as they molest Martin Lindstedt's grandchildren. If child molesters can't be found to molest my grandchildren and let off, then child molestation charges will be manufactured, so that I can be murdered and my grandchildren bought and sold by government-sponsored perverts.

. . . . Judge Selby refused to even let the attorney I hired for $1500 to represent Roxie through the door on May 19, 2004 and after the delay on July 15, 2004. The 'reason' given was:

"Motion to Intervene Heard. Denied. Intervenor resides with alleged perpetrator and states purpose is for discovery. Motion for change of judge denied, untimely filed. Previouse [sic] waiver of any conflict."

. . . . This is an admission that there is a conflict. Also, if Roxie had proof that I am a 'perpetrator,' then shouldn't she be allowed to see the evidence of this secret court 'proving' secret allegations? If a crime has occurred, then shouldn't it be known by everyone? How does discovery of this secret 'evidence' from secret witnesses in a secret regime court hurt the interests of my grandchildren? Rather, Judge Selby acts as if there is something to hide, and that he is determined to keep firm control and secrecy of the case, admitted conflicts be damned.

. . . . I also refer you to the Affidavit of Shawn A. Deines, the father of Helen Fay Sue Deines and Malachi Adam Deines, sworn to on August 17, 2004. In six paragraphs, Shawn Deines claims that he has seen evidence of a criminal conspiracy involving Judge Kevin Selby, DFS caseworkers, and Juvenile officers to steal under color of law these children of a political enemy and railroad that political enemy to prison so that he can be murdered by inmates.

. . . . My stepdaughter's second husband, James Baldwin, said that 'the court' would NEVER allow my grandchildren to come back home across the street from me, even if I bought the house. When I asked him, "Who on the court?" He said the judge, the court clerks, the cops, everyone. I asked, "What clerks? What cops? Would he be willing to sign an affidavit to that effect?" James said that he wouldn't want to get in trouble. Was I going to buy his share of the house? I said, "Not until Thursday and I find out what's going to happen."

. . . . You destroyed James Baldwin's life, Perigo. When you rubber-stamped the order taking those children under color of emergency, and then Selby and the DFS demanded that he leave the home across the street and leave Amalie because she wouldn't leave, you destroyed the structure of his life that kept him afloat. He stopped going to work. Didn't join the Mormon church of his employers. Shacked up with a felon female who is seven month's pregnant and had her first kid taken away by DFS. Now he's living by the creek bed in Morse Park in Neosho. I hear that he has a warrant out for his arrest for writing bad checks at grocery stores. Wants to run off to New York state. Probably gonna get arrested after kort tomorrow.

. . . . You did your first damage to pore James when he was taken away by DFS and you put him in a foster home. He was homosexually raped by your choice of foster parent, Perigo. If there was any justice, your sons should have been taken away and put into a foster home so that they could be homosexually raped for your corruption and stupidity. But there is no justice, so you get to remain presiding justice over the circuit, destroying families, sending innocents to prison, keeping your fellow regime criminals safe.

. . . . Whether or not you choose to remove Judge Selby from this case, this letter is an open public letter. Someday it will lead to your conviction and justice for all of your kind. But for now, the matter at hand is removing, according to both fact and law, Judge Kevin Lee Selby from proceedings in this matter so that the Missouri Court of Appeals doesn't have to uncover your dirt.

. . . . I'll leave you with a copy for Judge Selby. A copy of this letter shall be posted on the Internet and sent to the lawful authorities responsible for your conduct as you are responsible for the Division III court's unlawful and criminal misconduct.

Lawfully Submitted,

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Sheriff - 2004

Certificate of Service
Petitioner certifies that he did submit this letter to
the circuit court clerk under provision of Rule 84.20.
Missouri Rules of Court.



. . . . Roxie got two of her cases filed before the Missouri Court of Appeals -- Southern District. The clerk of that court doesn't understand that Selby is so corrupt that he refused to even allow his brother at the bar Tom Mann to get a copy of the final judgment. Roxie couldn't get a final judgment. I most certainly could not get a final judgment. The request from the Appeals Court means that Selby is automatically in line for reversal for whatever he does, by law, because he did not recuse himself.

Perigo's secretary, Patty Krueger, said that Perigo would be out until Monday. Thus he has an out. Selby can do whatever he pleases. Amalie Baldwin's lawyer won't let Amalie take a hunk out of Doug Baugh, the faggy DFS caseworker. Shawn Deines has on a good day only two less IQ points than El Presidente, the Deserter-in-Thief and under stress, even less. I doubt that I can get him to call Roxie or me as a witness, and not wit enough to do a cross. The pore fool actually believes that he is going to win the general election as the Libertarian Candidate for County Commissioner and is going to ask that 'power-mad little bastard' (other's words, but I agree) Selby to give him the kids when he can't barely take care of himself. Selby and the rest named will see this page and start scurrying like rats. Some of them have already started to scurry, and some are wanting to make 'a deal' with me if they rat out others. This will probably be a textbook case concerning extermination of regime criminals. After all, they have left quite a paper trail of evidence that they love to have perverts molest my grandchildren and do nothing about it at the Bill Dobbs/Scott Watson level, suborned perjury and false arrest at the David Jones and Pat Stuart level, committed a treasonous misprison of felony at the Dana Jo Williams and Carmen Jamison court clerk level.

Most interesting would be to deal with these lying 'abuse therapists.' So they like playing with dolls to weave a tale of perjury, do they? Well, since Doug Baugh couldn't get Shawn to make Helen talk to therapists, how about showing these DFS child-molesters a lesson in interrogation. Since they got my little six-year-old feeb grandson Adam to claim that 'Papa kissed him all over' given enough pressure and time, it would be quite just to take one of their six-year-old children, then skin their kid alive. Then with the fresh pelt dripping and stuffed, ask their other children to tell the truth. Didn't their DFS parents 'kiss them all over' too. Failure to testilie means that they have something to hide, and speaking of hides. Then skin the rest of their kids anyway to the seventh generation and four degress of consanguity, root, trunk and branch. After all, these DFS regime-criminals deserve everything that happens to them under the heading of revenge. It's not just my grandkids that they have stolen and my family they have destroyed, it is all over Newton County, all over Missouri, all over the ZOGland.

I'd love to see Greg the Dagfag's entire 'Children's Center' stuffed with his very own 'stuffed animals.' After all, the Dagfag runs that place so that genuine instances of child abuse cannot be examined by doctors without an axe to grind. Rather, like my grandchildren, the children of the poor and weak Whites are cursorily examined, then grilled by a 'abuse therapist' with the 'dolls' and told that they can't come home unless they say something against their father or grandfather. What goes around comes around, motherfuckers. And when we get around to it, let's skin alive the entire Jasper County Republican Party and their children for the crime of nominating the Dagfag to run for Sheriff in 2003 after the crooked Bill Pierce got kicked out for corruption.

But that is for another day. The purpose of this exercise tonight is to negate whatever Judge Kevin Lee Selby does tomorrow. His arrogance has made him enemies even amongst his 'friends.' He has gotten so power-mad and filled with hubris that he forgot that he can't get away with everything. If Selby had had some brains, then he would have recused himself because it is impossible for him to avoid the charges of bias and prejudice. The new laws which have gone into effect July 1 and August 1, 2004, mean that any one of the parents can break any confidentiality agreement signed before. That a child -- or parent can ask for a change of judge. Selby will become a poster child for abusive corrupt judges. How can any judge claim, after a decade of continual fighting between himself and me, of last year's abusive ruling against Amalie Baldwin, of covering up for a false arrest and misprison of felony by two of his court clerks, appointing as guardian ad litem a lawyer who as municipal judge had me falsely arrested this year? He can't. This web page, with its proofs, means that nothing can be covered up. The System is broken. The System is corrupt. Let Selby be the scapegoat.

Poor stupid James Baldwin. His family on both sides are convicted child molesters. Perigo took him from his family, and Perigo's choice of foster parents meant that James got raped up the ass as a teenager, thanks to Perigo. Now thanks to Perigo rubber-stamping taking the children screaming from their home, and Selby making James move, James chose the easy route to destruction. He wants his share of the house, and wants to leave quick. His tale of woe at the hands of Selby is exactly the same as Shawn's. James would tell me anything that I wanted to hear if he thought he could benefit from it. Perigo started the chain of events which led to James being torn away from domination by his wife, and the support of myself and Roxie. For the first time ever, James had a job, the chance to drift into Mormonism as the religion of his bosses (might as well be Mormonism, if they can help straighten out and control James), seeing his two kids anytime he wanted and have myself and Roxie take care of the oldest two not his own, and have me discipline them. The first time they all were stolen by DFS was when Adam said James had kicked him in the face, to which James confessed. I took care not to bring up James' numerous faults for five whole months, or make fun of him being a 'Christian child-molester.' I was so proud of uncharacteristically holding my tongue. When all of a sudden this evil DFS therapy bitch Terry Schmidtz told her lie in a hotline call, as planned for a long time by Ron Doerge and the Newton County DFS. Destroy them all and send them screaming to hell.

But now pore James is shacked up with a pregnant felon female with her first kid stolen by DFS and has an arrest warrant out for writing and forging checks. He won't last long in prison. And society will finish off destroying what little there was of that feeb. I despair for what will happen to his pore little son, Jonathan James, who is the son of his father. The DFS destroyed the father. Will they destroy his son?

Around ninety percent of the humanoid critters wandering around in herd in the ZOGland are fucked up in the head. They have neither the brains nor the ability to maintain the civilization that they were given. They all are going to die soon in the time ahead. But there are a certain percentage, around ten percent, like Kevin Selby, Greg Dagnan, Doug Baugh, Tim Perigo, David Jones, Pat Stuart, Ron Doerge, almost all lawyers, judges, police, who are absolutely so evil that it is congenital -- they are the literal spawn of Satan -- that for the good of us all they must be publicly destroyed and sent screaming to hell, along with all of their families, so that their bloodline and behavior become extinct. Evil cannot be 're-educated.' That time is coming, and coming sooner than we think. It is failure to have kept ourselves clean through casting evil like a disease from among us, that got us where we all are today.



Shawn Deines' Affidavit of August 17, 2004






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