My Four Grandchildren


Filed Request For Continuance of Parental Custody


             To the Newton County Circuit Court
                      Juvenile Division                  Filed Sep 26, 2002
                     In Neosho, Missouri
AMALIE BALDWIN             )
For her MINOR CHILDREN,    )  Case # ________________
               Appellant   )

         Request for Continuance of Parental Custody
   COMES Now Amalie Baldwin, on behalf of her natural
children, Helen Deines (age 6), Malachi Adam Deines (age 4),
Jonathan James Baldwin (age 2), and Henry Baldwin (age 17
months), to notify this juvenile court, which has
jurisdiction in this matter, to return her children to her
custody, or, in the alternative, to release custody of her
oldest two children, Helen and Malachi Adam Deines, to her
mother, Roxie Fausnaught and to retain custody of her
youngest children.  In short, under color of the law Revised
Statute of Missouri Section 210.125 these children were
taken without court order or due process of law, and under
that same statute these children are to be returned within
12 hours as it was a law-enforcement officer acting under
hearsay 'evidence,' i.e., Jason Burns of the Granby Police
Department which requested these children's removal from
their home, or a maximum of 24 hours if it had been a
juvenile officer.  Petitioner requests that this return be
undertaken without unnecessary delay.

   1.  The child Malachi Adam (commonly known as 'Adam')
Deines injured his lower lip by sliding into a wooden or
plastic toy after throwing a tantrum for being spanked for a
minor infraction of playing at drilling holes through the
walls of his bedroom with his younger brother's toy drill.
The oldest child, Helen Deines, was taken to the Neosho
hospital to have her tonsils checked out that very night,
Sept. 25, 2002, and the scrape on Malachi Adam's lip was not
deemed of serious importance to spend the taxpayer's money
on as all children are on Medicaid.

   2.  The soonest Petitioner knew that the Division of
Family Services was involved was when they, Jason Burns,
Newton County arrived at her house to remove the two
youngest children, Jonathan James and Henry Baldwin.  All
that was presented was a barely legible "Authorization to
Provide Alternative Care" by one Jason Burns, Granby police
officer. Contrary to law and decency, Petitioner was not
allowed to contact a lawyer nor ask the advice of her
stepfather living across the street. When the stepfather was
notified by James Baldwin, Petitioner's husband, the police
became evasive and said that they had signed all the
paperwork necessary. 

   3.  This police officer, Jason Burns, has already
violated RSMo 210.125(3) by refusal to notify Petitioner of
her rights in this matter. It would seem that the oldest two
children, Helen and Adam have been illegally detained for
interrogation without benefit of parental supervision or
councel or an appointed guardian as litem. A child falling
upon a toy and biting his lip and then deciding to tattle on
daddy because he was spanked falls well short of "child
abuse."  In the interests of these children, and because of
previous misconduct by the Granby Police Department and the
Newton County Division of Family Services, it is best that
these children be returned as soon as possible. Since this
juvenile court has jurisdiction in this matter, Petitioner
requests that this court refuse to grant the authorization
under RSMo 210.125(4) and that these children be returned to
the custody of Petitioner Amalie Baldwin, or in the
alternative, that the older children be returned to the
custody of Petitioner's mother, Roxie Fausnaught.

                 Amalie Baldwin, Petitioner
                   337 Rabbit Track Road,
                    Granby Missouri 64844
                       (417) 472-6901

                   Certificate of Service
    A copy of the foregoing was delivered/mailed on Sept 26,
2002 to the Newton County Division of Family Services.

Notes and Commentary

I drafted the above petition, had my stepdaughter sign it, and proceeded to herd her to have the above petition served at DFS and to try to get it before a judge.

The purpose of above petition is to act as a 'speed-bump' to ex parte activity before a rubber-stamp Newton County judge tomorrow. Hopefully the children shall be returned, as they were kidnapped under color of law for what is nothing more than a skinned lip when the second-oldest child tripped and cut his lip on his teeth. Last night it wasn't deemed worth taking this child to the emergecy room as his mother stopped the bleeding with a cold towel. This child is rather stubborn at age four, and wanted to say that his father kicked him. However, just last week, I was told that I was no longer loved by that child, and upon making the child take a nap, his attitude improved. Myself and his grandmother had that child spend the night on our living room couch last night and he fell asleep without any further fuss. While the child wanted to go with his sister and get stitches, I told him that it was nothing more than a scratch and since he wasn't needing to go show his inner lip to the public, why have a needle run through it. ( A few months ago this child hit his head on the concrete steps of his house across the street and had three "glue" plastic stitches glued to his head. )

I suspect that the child went to pre-school for speech therapy, as the child is mildly retarded like Dubya, and that he decided to tattle on his daddy like he tattles on his sister and his sister tattles on him. Usually the tattling isn't exactly true and both children tattle defensively. Usually none of them want me to investigate it further because usually then both get spanked. However, in this case, the tattling led to the intervention of outside regime criminals.

While I am quite angry at this matter, for all practical purposes these children are being held hostage by the criminal regime and there is limited opportunities to do something about it. Rather than cry and rail about this matter, I decided to look up the relevant law and draft a motion to get the judge to rule that this matter is groundless and to return the children. A cut lip on one child's say-so isn't much evidence. As it is, the criminal regimeists have violated some portions of the statutory law, and my job was to act upon it.

I see no point in railing about injustice right now. Justice doesn't require advance notification. Right now I am working on getting these children back and will proceed upon litigation later.

The regime criminals always focus of the weak element of a family to destroy it. My four-year-old grandson is that weak link. In early February of 2001, Adam refused to go to sleep and snuck out of that trailer bedroom and outside the front door, locked from the inside, to go out and get his tricycle and ride it in the street, a forbidden activity. After 15 minutes of not hearing something, I checked to see if the child was asleep and the child wasn't there. I went outside, saw the tricycle, and a Granby piglice officer named Stevenson who had wanted to harass myself. This pig pretended that he didn't know that I was the child's grandfather and called the Division of Family Services. Anything to cause trouble.

This late April or early May of 2002, Adam came across the street from (337 Rabbit Track Road) where his mother and her second husband live to where we live at 338 Rabbit Track Road. It was a Tuesday morning, and my common-law wife asked the four-year-old child to sit outside and wait for the bus while she went to the bathroom. Adam took it into his head to run up to grandma's mother living 200 foot up the road. The school bus driver called one Janice Arnall of the "Early Childhood" speech therapy center and this Janice Arnall apparrently called DFS. DFS came out and harassed my stepdaughter.

This Janice Arnall apparently was the one which called in DFS (Division of Family Services) this morning. The children were probably interrogated, in violation of law, until a suitable regime criminal like Jason Burns could take upon himself to upon his own authority claim that there was "serious evidence" that a scraped inner lip was of "imminent danger" to my grandson.

My stepdaughter has found out that this Janice Arnall has a habit of this behavior with other poor parent's children. Accordingly, my stepdaughter is determined to take Adam out of "Early Childhood" speech nonsense and enroll him in Headstart proper. I favor home schooling myself. However, I shall work on getting that rabid bitch fired as well.

Last September 2001, a goofy second cousin of my stepdaughter decided to make an anonymous hotline call to DFS for the purpose of getting custody of the two youngest children. Never mind that she couldn't take care of her own two children, prizes awarded to her in divorce court. Amalie my stepdaughter, refused to bear children for her because she couldn't have children herself, so she decided to take Amalie's youngest two, Jonathan James and Henry Baldwin. That got DFS involved yet again. Of course they didn't give the children over to this lying cousin who used the toll-free anonymous rat hotline. In fact, this worthless person decided that she wanted to be a swinger, so she gave her own children back to her divorced husband, saying that she didn't want them any more.

And for eight full months, long after their mandate ran out, DFS would send some crazed social workers over to harass the family across the street. They even wanted to bring in 24-hour social worker 'volunteers' to live with them 24/7 for the next couple of months, which was refused, after all, by late April of 2002, they had lived under DFS thumb for over eight months.

The problem is that my grandson Adam, is probably not much smarter than his father, my stepdaughter Amalie's first husband, who had the exact same idiotic smirk on his face that the current moronic First Sock-puppet Dubya does. On a good day, he might have had an IQ of 89, which is only 2 points below Dubya. Unlike Dubya's family of inbred morons, his family wasn't rich so that's why he will never become president. His sister has a much higher intelligence, slightly above normal. The two youngest bid fair to be slightly above normal. They are well fed and kept clean and have enough clothes and too many stuffed animals. They live in an old house and have but one bedroom for all of them for now. The old house is being remodeled one sheet of panelling at a time by myself helping the father and their church.

What I resent is that these degenerates have nothing better to do than to destroy a poor White family by using as its point of attack the very weakest member of it, a slightly retarded four-year-old. Do they think that they shall do better than their biological parents who have my protection? I see so many stupid and vicious children who grow up to be drunkards, meth addicts, piglice, city kouncil-kritters in Granby Missouri and the greatest cause of the spoilation with what human raw material is given is simple stupidity and neglect in their upbringing. Whereas my grandchildren are at least polite and reserved when out in public.

I cannot help but think that the interest of the criminal regimeists in destroying the lives of my grandchildren is partly hostility against an enemy of their criminal regime. Has this changed my enmity against an Evil Empire, a Beast Power deserving of extinction, now that more facts are upon the ground? Of course not. What was a scraped inner lip from a sullen child has escalated into kidnapping my regime criminals. Am I expected to love these spawn of Satan doing what evil spawn of Satan are bound to do even more after today? These children are hostages, meant to ensure my good behavior just as every criminal regime has done against its internal and external enemies. If I give in to these terrorists, then it is but a matter of time before these regimeist terrorists strike again and again and again. Thus I must simply refuse to negotiate for the return of these hostages with regimeist terrorists. However, it is not myself who 'owns' these hostages to fortune, but rather my stepdaughter. And for now, I shall try to get the grindstone of 'jewstice' to grind exceedingly fine, once it is started to grinding exceedingly slow.

I ask my fellow Christian Israelites to pray for my grandchildren and that these hostages be returned as soon as possible.


Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Presiding Commissioner of Newton County