My Four Grandchildren


Request to Videotape DFS Meeting


                 Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt
      Libertarian Candidate for Presiding Commissioner
                    338 Rabbit Track Road
                   Granby, Missouri 64844             
                       (417) 472-6901                  
                       Sept. 28, 2002

Deputy Sheriff Dwayne Allen
Sheriff’s Department & Jail
208 West Coler
Neosho, Missouri 64850

Re: Notice of Intent to Videotape Meeting

Dear Deputy Dwayne Allen:

   I  have been informed that you are the person to apply to
concerning  videotaping the scheduled meeting  on  September
30, 2002 at 10:00 a.m. at the Sheriff’s Department. I hereby
give notice of my intent to videotape the proceedings.

   I or my stepdaughter has already filed two papers showing
in  effect  that the kidnapping under color of law,  Revised
Statutes  of  Missouri  §  210.125,  has  numerous  defects,
particularly  that the complaining law enforcement  officer,
Granby Chief of Police Jason Burns, did willfully violate  §
210.125 by refusal to provide the mandated report. There are
other irregularities involved as well which shall be brought
up upon investigation.

  Given Governor Holden’s recent decision to investigate the
Division of Family Services (DFS) upon the recent murder  of
a  child placed in foster care, one Dominic James, and their
willful  decision to cover up and conceal their incompetence
for  fear  that  they might well be tried and convicted  for
negligent homicide, I shall notify the governor’s office and
invite  them to this meeting as well, and provide a copy  of
the videotape for their investigation as well.

   It has come to my attention that last year a poor drunken
mother living in Granby had her only child, the child of her
old  age, kidnapped under color of law by the DFS and placed
into the care of the child’s biological father and that  the
biological  father’s young wife murdered the child.  She  in
effect  gave  a confession, but that the Newton  County  DFS
decided  to  cover  up its negligence by claiming  that  the
child  had  ‘accidentally’ fallen off from its  high  chair.
Since  you  are the person ultimately responsible  for  that
mess, then of course you would wish to avoid the talk of the
streets   that   you  are  guilty  of  negligent   homicide.
Stonewalling  and citing non-existent privacy concerns  lead
to  speculation  that  of course you  are  covering  up  for
murder.  There are no valid privacy concerns other than  the
need  for  government  secrecy to cover  up  corruption  and

   I thought of asking to hold the set-down meeting in which
all  the  participants were naked so that the Newton  County
Sheriff’s Department couldn’t plant any "doerge-dope," i.e.,
methanphetamine  on the participants for  my  stepdaughter’s
side,  however,  since the meeting is  to  be  held  at  the
headquarters of the Southwestern Missouri Drug Task  Cartel,
it  might  not  be  necessary.  I find it amazing  that  the
Newton   County  DFS  would  dare  to  try  to  kidnap   the
grandchildren  of  the  Newton  County  Republican   Party’s
foremost and only effective political opponent.  I have been
known  to  sue  corrupt police departments  and  politicians
given any violation of law. I must wonder how desperate  the
Newton County criminal regime was in order to try to harm me
by  taking my grandchildren hostage. Rather than you  acting
upon  your  wish to imprison and murder me in the future,  I
would much prefer to be shot in the back and then having you
refuse  to  launch an investigation due to  so  many  regime
criminals having the motivation to do so, under the infamous
"Doerge  Doctrine"  that  police officers  can  assault  and
torture  handcuffed  prisoners after a  false  arrest,  like
former  Granby Chief of Police George Chandler did  back [to me] 
in July 1997.

   I think that you are beginning to get a glimpse of how it
is in the interests of both sides that each retain a neutral
copy  of  any proceedings at 10:00 a.m. Monday.  I  have  no
objection to the DFS and Newton County video or audio taping
this proceeding, in fact I encourage it in the interests  of
professionalism. It will negate any attempts  at  blackmail,
i.e.,  do as you are told, cover up this matter, or we (DFS)
shall keep the grandchildren forever.

  You   do   recollect,  Deputy  Allen,  your   extortionary
blackmail  last  September 2001, in which you  and  the  DFS
‘worker’  present threatened to come over  to  my  house  at
least  once  a week unless I promised to never have  a  bath
with  my  granddaughter Helen, aged five at the time.  While
you  freely  admitted  that there was  no  law  against  the
practice,  you still promised harassment unless I  complied,
based  upon  your gliberal pseudo-psychobabble  that  it  is
wrong  for  a  little  girl to know that  her  brothers  and
grandfather have different reproductive and excretory organs
than  girls  do, although she was well aware  of  that  from
before  the time she asked me why that was so. You  and  the
DFS  worker  brought up the matter of James’  father  Leuper
Baldwin having molested Helen with his finger, but you tried
to  duck  the  question as to how or  whether  he  would  be
punished.  You  finally yapped some nonsense that  you  were
unable  or  unwilling to prosecute that child molester,  but
that  Leuper would be lectured severely by one of  the  many
man-hating lesbians that DFS seems to have in profusion.   I
said  that it was a fine day in the hell in the USA --  Under
Satan’s  Administration -- when child molesters  got  to  run
wild  but  that I couldn’t take a bath with my granddaughter
because  of  the actions of one of your protected  perverts.
You  whined that I considered you to be corrupt. I said that
I  would  not  take  a  bath or shower ever  again  with  my
granddaughter for the good of the children, that you  should
never  darken my door again, much less every week.  I  would
comply with your treasonous extortion. I have kept my  word,
although  predictably you and your DFS minions  harassed  my
granddaughter every other day at school for the next week or
so, interrogating her as to whether the baths in common with
all my grandchildren had ceased.
  I  explain to Helen that the baths ceased because  of  the
criminality of the regime, not because it was bad. Civilized
peoples like the Japanese and Germans make bathing a  family
affair, but degenerates prefer hypocrisy. I admit that every
time  I  see  all of my grandchildren, Helen, Adam,  JJ  and
Henry splashing in my bathtub having fun, and  knowing  that
I  can’t  join  them in play, I have each  and  every  time,
almost  every night, a pang of hatred and rage in my  heart,
and  I  pray  that  YHWH will destroy absolutely  this  Evil
Empire  and  its criminals and herd animals and that  Christ
shall  return  to  rule with a rod of iron over  a  desolate
Earth.  Let  Justice  prevail  though  the  whole  world  be
destroyed,  a  15th Century saying entirely  alien  to  your
  Therefore,  I  submit that videotaping  will  improve  the
professionalism   of  any  meeting.   There   need   be   no
misunderstanding or extortion to mar frank  conversation  as
to  moral  and  legal shortcomings as well as  disagreements
between  regimeists  and those currently  subject  to  their
  A  copy  of  this  letter shall be sent to the  Governor’s
office and disseminated throughout the Internet.  I am,

Most Sincerely Yours,
Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt, Grandfather & Protector of Helen & Adam Deines, Jonathan James & Henry Baldwin Libertarian Candidate for Presiding Commissioner, Newton County Certificate of Service A copy of the foregoing was [mailed] hand delivered on Sept 2[29], 2002 to the Granby City Hall [Newton County Jail, Granby [Neosho] Missouri [strikethrough] with a copy for the perusal of the Granby Police Board. [initialized on paper copy, words in brackets the corrections. MMDL]

Notes and Commentary

My object here was to both request permission to videotape and air dirty laundry, especially dirty laundry which concerns how Deputy Sheriff Dwayne Allen and the local head of the DFS maliciously allowed one dirty pig to escape altogether prosecution for fingering my little granddaughter Helen Deines by deliberately screwing up the case, and then using that opportunity to claim that I couldn't have a bath with my granddaughter on the grounds that she is 'sensitized' because of the child molester that they let get off scot free. They didn't bother to conceal their self-righteous glee that they wouldn't go after this degenerate but that they had no problem in trying to build a case against myself even though they admitted that bathing with my grandchildren wasn't illegal. You see, they have the power to let child molesters off scot free and to harass and frame their enemies by imposing their psycho-babble on me whenever they please. No White man is safe from accusation and then automatic persecution, and likewise, any degenerate is under their personal protection gets to molest the children of enemies of their criminal regime at will without even pretense of prosecution. In a criminal regime, like Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn remarked in "The Gulag Archepelago" the only ones with 'rights' are the criminals, both state-sponsored and free-lance.

Yes, I hated them for their regimeist criminality then and I hate them even more now. So since I have nothing better to do with my time, I shall demonstrate to these regime criminals that holding hostages doesn't guarantee that I shall let up, in fact, I shall fight these regime criminals all that much more the harder.

The term "doerge-dope" refers to the meth cooked up by Newton County Sheriff's Ron Doerge's cartel. Back in July 2000, Ron Doerge had four or five of his deputies stomp a non-cartel meth-head to death and planted a knife on the corpse to call it 'self-defense.' There was mention in one draft of the whitewash report of a knife, but the final report was absent mention of this knife, according to an anonymous source. Word on the street is that Ron Doerge simply ordered the murder of a non-cartel meth cooker rival, in much the exact same way the Medellin and Cali Columbian drug cartels operate.


Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Presiding Commissioner of Newton County