My Four Grandchildren


The Real Reason Why My Grandchildren Were Taken Under Color of 'Law'


The lie that one and/or all children were under "immanent danger of death or grevious bodily harm" under which they were 'legally' kidnapped is falling apart. Upon further admission from Department of Family Services (DFS) case-workers, they now admit that James Baldwin didn't kick the oldest grandson, Adam Deines, in the lip, but rather that maybe James, Adam's stepfather 'might' have struck Adam, and Adam alone, on his side with the side of his foot, which is why nobody except DFS caseworkers can see, no longer a bruise, but a 'discoloration' under a black light. All of which could have been caused by Adam falling off his bicycle during the bicycle rides to the city park at the bottom of the hill with Adam and his older sister, Helen sometime within the past couple of weeks.

The truth is coming out. What the DFS pukes want is for my stepdaughter to get up at 7:00 a.m. with the children, especially the oldest two, Adam and Helen Deines, feed them a snack, get dressed instead of only lying around in the front room in her nightgown without underwear until the late afternoon, see the first-grader, Helen onto the school bus at 7:48-7:53 a.m. and the Headstart child, Adam, onto his bus at 8:15-8:25 a.m., not go back to bed, watch her home children, Jonathan James(2.5) and Henry Baldwin (18 months) at home, and then get the remaining children off of the bus and feed them and put them to sleep on a weekday. In short, a complete turnaround from allowing myself and Roxie to do these tasks as necessary. And they wish for James Baldwin to get a job.

Now I would look like a complete idiot if I said that all of the above were not indeed minimum, reasonable requirements. However, for the past couple of years, Amalie and James have not been doing these minimal tasks, for which they get money from the state regime.

My objection is that they built this case against Amalie and her husband over the past 18 months to two years, and rather than hit them where it would have hurt -- in the pocketbook -- by having Roxie take care of the welfare, food stamps, child support, and Adam's SSI 'crazy-check' and not allow Amalie and James to blow the money primarily upon themselves -- as if they wanted to buy a welfare mom but didn't like the piss-pore quality of the deal they got with this welfare mom, the Newton County Department of Social Services chose to make up a complete lie about 'emergency' care being required. They violated the spirit and the letter of the law by having a corrupt Granby policeman file a false complaint in order to in effect 'legally' kidnap these children. All of this could have been avoided by the simpler expedient of simply cutting off government support

Now they are dragging their feet, not wanting to 'investigate' the allegations, and wanting to keep these children in foster care for a full six months, until March 26, 2003, and not wanting to consider Roxie and myself as grandparents to be the foster parents as is mandated by law.

Rather, they want six months to try to make a sow's ear into a silk purse, when they have failed at that over the past two years. If you want to improve the quality of welfare mom of Amalie, then simply cut off their funds and have Roxie, Amalie's mother control the funds while they are in our 'foster' care. Make it plain that this welfare mother is going to have to reach minimum standards if she wants to spend the kids' welfare checks. I really do believe that my stepdaughter loves her children, but she loves the money she gets for doing a piss-pore job of looking after them a lot more.

I have looked and listened while Amalie and James would play these DFS pukes for saps by memorizing and repeating DFS silliness. One time, when James spanked pretty hard Jonathan James, his best-loved biological son because the little monster misbehaved for the umpteenth time, I mocked James, saying, "Whatever happened to that bullshit you told the DFS about how you never believed in spanking, but rather in that absurd stupidity 'time out' by making them stand in a corner of the room for one minute of every year of their lives? You just gave JJ six good ones on the ass when according to your own words you were only supposed to make him stand in the corner for a minute and a half. Or was that just some stupid DFS bullshit that you knew they wanted to eat up so you lied about it?" When I laughed James got all huffy, but as a physical coward didn't dare make anything of it. (James's physical and moral cowardice is why I greatly doubt that he kicked Adam, much less any other child, especially his own biological children.) Is it any accident that this child, Jonathan James, will seldom, if ever, obey James, and NEVER obeys Amalie?

Yesterday my stepdaughter found Adam's SSI check of $457, only a quarter of which is to go for paying general household bills, in the bank and she spent it all on her bills, notwithstanding that myself and Roxie said that she might have to pay the money back. Likewise, since she found that DFS hadn't cut off some other welfare check, Amalie spent much of that money today as well. Again, over the objections of myself and her mother. Since it isn't us providing the welfare money, we have absolutely no control over Amalie and James. None whatsoever. It would be best if our grandchildren didn't get ANY government assistance whatsoever and live in my household eating what is on sale and in season rather than subsidize Amalie's and James's laziness or to spend several thousand dollars a month for housing four small children in alien foster care. As it was, those children ate over a third of their meals across the street at my household before they were 'legally' kidnapped and took almost all of their baths over here, had their clothes washed over here and we were never reimbursed a single red cent by Amalie from the funds she was given for that purpose. And Roxie did all this on her $800 per month VA check. Not to mention driving James and Amalie and grandchildren around in her 1982 Caprice. I am usually the one who gets Adam and Helen off of the school bus, and look after them as well, entirely at my expense and time. These arrangements came about over the years because if Roxie and myself didn't do this, then it wouldn't be done at all, much less haphazardly.

James pretended to look at the message board(s) at DFS today. And each and every time found some excuse for why he couldn't go back to work at any of the jobs placed in the welfare office suitable for the high standards of welfare dads. Not even a job requiring less than a half-mile from both our homes in Granby working two days a week at the recycling center for $6 an hour was suitable. Not even when it was myself who heard the tip and Roxie who went down to Granby City Hall and got an application for James.

This morning I got the first night's sleep of at least six hours since Thursday, when these children were kidnapped. Today I made Amalie go to court and get the court files on the matter. I talked to the prosecuting attorney supposed to be handling the case for the DFS, and clued him in on the situation -- that grabbing the grandchildren by lying that their lives were in danger wasn't necessary, but that what was necessary was to cut off the welfare money to a piss-pore welfare mom and welfare dad until they reached whatever standards the DFS finds acceptable in welfare parents. If any government money is to be spent on these children, then to pay it to a grandmother who has managed to stretch her VA check to where it takes care not only of herself, but of her grandchildren as well. ( I do not wish to have anything to do with government money -- I simply pay all the electric and half the utility bills, half our grocery bill, $45 for my Internet service, and half the cell-phone bill, which amounts to my share of my household expenses being $250-$270 a month.) Nothing should be spent for foster care costing several thousand dollars a month.

It is absolute foolishness to expect Roxie and myself to have any control over Amalie and how she wastes the welfare checks provided by the government for the care of our grandchildren. Amalie will not listen to anything I say unless she is forced by circumstance, such as having her children taken away, to where she will let me draft papers and cause a stink. She will listen not any more to her own mother scolding her about wasting the grandchildren's money. What does anyone with half a brain think that myself and Roxie have been saying since 1996, when the first grandchild, Helen, was born, and they didn't have a house across the street to live in, but rather slept in our living room? Nothing that Amalie liked hearing, whether it was her first husband or second husband!

The only whip that DFS has over Amalie and James Baldwin is control over the welfare checks. It wasn't child abuse nor drugs which were the real reason those children were removed under color of law from their home. Rather, they were well fed and clothed by both our households and properly disciplined by my household. If DFS wants a better quality of welfare mom and welfare dad, then they must stop subsidizing incompetence. It would certainly burn Amalie's ass if her mother, Roxie, was receiving but half of what the grandchildren are supposed to get, watching Roxie spend all of that money on the grandchildren's welfare with absolutely nothing spent on Amalie and James unless Amalie met certain minimal standards set by DFS and James got a job. Roxie might feed James and Amalie if they came over, but they would eat last whatever is left over, and it would be in season and on sale, just as it was for myself and Roxie and the grandchildren. And it is my considered opinion that if James and Amalie had to live across the street, cold, hungry, and in the dark without the grandchildren for a while, then they would improve immensely.

James is a product of the DFS/welfare system and, to an extent, so too is Amalie. The DFS/welfare screwed up their mental attitudes concerning child rearing and the spending of welfare checks. It isn't right or decent to turn my grandchildren into grist for the DFS mill and create a second [de]generation unable to fend for itself, certainly not when myself and Roxie are willing to take them into our own household free of government expense, or at minimal government expense until the regime decides what they want to do with Amalie and James, their own creation. There is nothing worse than to place these grandchildren into the care of hireling strangers and let them drift along their inherent genetic ruts to become as lazy and stupid as Amalie, Shawn (Amalie's first husband) and James (Amalie's current husband).

I am of the opinion that DFS is dragging their feet on this matter and will continue to do so until absolutely humiliated and criticised by political and legal dissent from myself on this matter.

I talked to the social worker Linda Rasmussen for approximately an hour, from 12:30-1:25 p.m. Tuesday afternoon in this exact same vein. The DFS has been making a case for themselves for the past 18 months, maybe 2-2.5 years, concerning Amalie's and James's indolence. I can well imagine that 90% of the time when the DFS pukes would come over that they would see a dirty house and Amalie lying in her nightgown as late as 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon, even though the kids were fed and in clean clothing. This matter was the subject of worried and resentful conversation between myself and Roxie and the rest of the extended family of cousins, nieces, and nephews. It was common knowledge that myself and Roxie have largely raised the oldest two grandchildren.

I am informed that Rasmussen is not a lesbian, nor the other DFS case-worker named Jill something. In the interests of fairness, I shall give them the benefit of the doubt in that they only got no higher than a "C" on mandatory "Politically Correct Lesbianism for DFS Pukes 101" and maybe a "B" on "All Men Are Pigs!" from Levels One through Four. Both informed me that the term "man-hating lesbians" was unfair and excessive and beyond their usual perjorative appellation by the general public of "welfare bitches." I make no such concession on the part of Bea Watson, as there is mutual Genesis 3:15 hatred on both our parts.

The Division of Family Services is set up to take children away from their parents, and so to them this case looked like a nail in need of treatment by their institutional hammer. There is absolutely no excuse for the Newton County DFS to 'legally' kidnap my grandchildren under color of law by lying that a life-threatening 'emergency' exists when rather what was necessary was holding Amalie and James to account for their refusal to meet certain minimum standards and wasting monies entrusted to them for the good of their children. The rightful solution should have been to make these custodial parents come up to minimum standards by cutting off funds and/or entrusting those funds to the children's grandmother and having Roxie account for the expenditure of those funds, which she would have been happy to do. The DFS is wasting government funds and risking the well-being of these children by 'educating' Amalie and James to repeat politically correct drivel in worthless classes which both of them have taken and 'passed' before -- to no effect. Only cutting the welfare money will ever bring Amalie and James to heel. Cutting the money will make Amalie and James shape up, as best they can, quicker than any lecture or scolding or threat can ever attempt. Amalie and James love their children, but they love money more. Myself, Roxie, Cousin Debbie and her husband were decidedly angry when all that Amalie could do after the 72-hour(+) meeting with DFS this Monday morning was for Amalie to whine that now she couldn't spend Adam's $457 per month crazy check because the DFS took Adam.

Myself and Roxie are going to move down to my mother's double-wide trailer with three bedrooms and two baths 100 feet south of our current small house at 338 Rabbit Track Road to 378 Rabbit Track Road if the DFS doesn't return the children to Amalie and James, like they could tomorrow, if only DFS would use the welfare checks as a whip to make Amalie and James shape up. We shall petition the juvenile court to obey RSMo 210.565, if that is what is necessary. As grandparents, we have by law first choice to be foster parents until Amalie and James get their act together:

I have no problem with posting this listing of Amalie's and James's shortcomings publicly, as it is common knowledge in Granby. Perhaps a bit of shaming and public humiliation will bring about an improvement in their behavior as well as cutting funding.

Nor does this excuse the reprehensible conduct of the Newton county Division of Family Services. Claiming that such drastic "shock treatment" justifies the kidnapping of children from lacksidaisical parents "for the good of the children, 'Let's do it for the Children!' is akin to Janet Reno gassing and burning the Branch Davidian children at Waco with government tanks. It is criminal conduct, and should be prosecuted under the full extent of the genuine law, not the pretend legistreason of politicians, lawyers, judges, regime enforcement, and other traitors.

I don't consider myself to be a hero. I consider myself to be a grandfather.

Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Presiding Commissioner of Newton County

 SomeOne wrote: 
Good luck to you Martin. It is a hard fight, but a hero is a person who
looks at certain defeat but continues the fight anyway. Persistence is
the only thing that will set us and our children free.