My Four Grandchildren


Speech Before Granby City Council Demanding Firing of Police Chief Jason Burns


Oct. 8, 2002

Re: Speech Demanding Firing of Granby Police Chief Jason Burns for filing a false report and Kidnapping under color of (RSMo) 210.125(3).

I have asked to be placed upon the agenda tonight. My purpose is to ask that Granby Police Chief Jason Burns be summarily fired on the basis of filing a fraudulent report for the purpose of ‘legally’ kidnapping my four grandchildren on Sept. 26, 2002 in order to deliver them to the custody of the Newton County Division of Family Services. When I filed a letter to the Mayor Rick McCully on Sept. 27, 2002, he made me aware that Jason Burns had refused to file a supplimental complaint demanded by the very statute, Revised Statute of Missouri (RSMo) § 210.125 under which color Burns had kidnapped my grandchildren.

RSMo 210.125(3) states:

Chapter 210 Child Protection and Reformation Section 210.125 Protective custody of child, who may take, reports required -- temporary protective custody defined.

3. Any person taking a child in protective custody under this section shall immediately notify the juvenile officer of the court of the county in which the child is located of his actions and notify the division and make a reasonable attempt to advise the parents, guardians or others legally responsible for the child's care. The jurisdiction of the juvenile court attaches from the time the juvenile is taken into protective custody. Such person shall file, as soon as practicable but no later than twelve hours, a written statement with the juvenile officer which sets forth the identity of the child and the facts and circumstances which gave such person reasonable cause to believe that there was imminent danger of serious physical harm or threat to the life of the child. [My emphasis added.] Upon notification that a child has been taken into protective custody, the juvenile officer shall either return the child to his parents, guardian, or others responsible for his care or shall initiate child protective proceedings under chapter 211, RSMo. In no event shall an employee of the division, acting upon his own, remove a child under the provisions of this act*.

The point of the matter is that Police Chief Jason Burns took it upon himself to falsely claim he believed "that there was imminent danger of serious physical harm or threat to the life of the child." I think that it is obvious that a small cut on the inner lip from a child falling onto one of his toys can’t reasonably be plausibly presented to a jury as ‘serious physical harm or threat to the life of the child.’

RSMo 210.125 forbids any Division of Family Services personnel from removing any children from their homes, even if a child’s life is in danger. The General Assembly took great care to remove police powers from the very government agency which exists to take children away from their parents. A physician, as a private citizen, is empowered under RSMo 210.125 to remove children to place into DFS custody, but since this physician has no government protection, this is seldom done unless there is indeed an emergency situation. However, there are numerous corrupt police officers who will willingly do the bidding of government social workers, and whether an emergency exists or not, such will willingly lie and perjure themselves in order to do so.

Since September 26, 2002, having a 72-hour meeting with DFS and actually seeing the children, a different picture has emerged. There never was any physician checking to see if any child was abused even four days after the kidnapping. Any pictures alleged to show (Malachi) Adam Deines being kicked in the side or in the head doesn’t show any bruises except to DFS people. Some DFS people have admitted to me that they don’t think Adam was kicked into the head at all, and that James Baldwin didn’t do anything other than maybe move the side of his foot against the side of Adam.

The real reason for this DFS kidnapping has been revealed. They want my stepdaughter to get up with all of the children at 7:00 a.m., get dressed, feed the children breakfast, see the older two onto their respective buses, watch the two infants and pick up after them, and feed everyone supper and get to bed in time to repeat the process on weekdays. Plus they want my son-in-law to get a job.

Now for over two years the DFS has inspected my stepdaughter’s household across the street, and I’ll admit that yes, my stepdaughter’s parenting skills leave much to be desired. She doesn’t want to get out of bed or get dressed. And my son-in-law has been unemployed for a year and lacks much, if any ambition to get and keep a job. I and my common-law wife, Roxie Fausnaught have had numerous arguments with both Amalie and James Baldwin over the way they spend the slow child Adam’s SSI crazy check and the way they waste their food stamps. But to be fair, the children wear clean clothes and are well fed, and over the years, especially with the oldest children, myself and Roxie have helped out in feeding and watching all four children. For a period of time, we were the caregivers of the oldest children.

My complaint is that DFS custody is based upon fraud. There is no law on the books mandating that Amalie and James must be good "welfare parents" or their children shall be taken away from them. It was the Division of Family Services which decided to in effect kidnap these children by means of convincing a corrupt police officer to take it upon himself to abuse ‘emergency’ legislation designed to preserve and protect the youngest and most vulnerable subjects of the state.

Since this time I have filed petitions and legal notices before the Newton County Circuit Court, and put my observations before the court of public opinion on the Internet about this criminal abuse of power. Granby’s reputation, never a good one, has steadily gotten worse.

Approximately a decade ago, the would-be rulers of the City of Granby decided that they could not stand the ‘law- enforcement’ of an elected town marshall, answerable to the voters. They wished for regime enforcement to write up traffic tickets and harass their enemies and engage in the sort of corruption that this English-speaking Third World system and way of thinking requires. In short, they hired a small army of internal occupation of mindless evil thugs and armed criminals to harass, intimidate, rob, rape, and, if necessary assault and murder their enemies of their little police state.

The police state reigns of George Chandler was especially instructive. It is common knowledge that I was falsely arrested and beaten while handcuffed by Chandler, Keller, and with the approval of other Granby police officers at the time, including one sitting on the Granby Police Board at this time on July 25, 1997. Sheriff Ron Doerge imposed his infamous ‘Doerge-Doctrine’ that city police officers can assault private citizens all they want and that no criminal complaint shall be received or taken. In fact, word on the street is that Sheriff Doerge had a man murdered by stomping to death some meth-cooker who refused to pay the proceeds to his cartel. There is not much difference between the drug cartels of Columbia and Newton County. But this situation exists throughout the mighty Evil Empire.

Joshua Beck routinely got underage girls drunk and made them sleep with him in return for not filing bogus charges. And word on the street is that the Granby City Council of that time leaked grand jury information so that Beck would resign and take interstate flight.

Last year, Kendall Brady decided to use police computer equipment to gain a false credit card, and the thieving degenerate didn’t have even the sense to not try to steal $200 in the very town he was Chief of Police of.

This stupid criminal arrogance is typical of Granby police. The deal is that the municipal corporation will take the very dregs of brutal ignorant thugs, give them a monopoly license to steal by making false complaints, run the common people through the mill of their corrupt cash- register municipal kort and make out like bandits. Thanks to the "Doerge Doctrine" even when caught the criminal apparatus of the Newton County Circuit Kort system shall give these regime criminals a slap on the wrist, if that.

It is no accident that the very dregs of mercenary criminals gravitate to Granby. After all, a security guard in private industry makes as much, if not more, than a Granby Police Officer. What rancid cream graduating from the MSSC police academy is hired by the City of Joplin or Neosho at a starting pay of $28,000 or $21,000 respectively. A starting pay of $8 an hour is not sufficient unless there are fringe benefits for armed and uniformed sociopaths to get to steal or run drugs or rob or rape or assault or murder.

And this reality of a decaying social order is known and accepted by all, especially the City of Granby and the City of Granby police.

Since it has been yourselves who destroyed the old system of a town marshall, and it is yourselves which hire these criminals in uniform, upon reciept of notice of their activities, any crimes that the Granby police commit, you too are responsible for committing as well.

Biblical Law and the common law states that those criminals responsible for making a false complaint to be acted upon by law were to be slowly tortured and their families, to four generations as well, were to be either executed or enslaved. Moses said that those like Jason Burns and his family were to be stoned to death. Cambysis II, Son of Cyrus, skinned them alive, as did the Visigoths and Ostrogoths. Theodoric the Great said that the regime criminal and his family were to strangled with lengths of their own intestines for making a false complaint. The French guillotined their traitors and their families during the French Revolution. And the Bolsheviks let the common people publically torture to death the judges, legistraitors, politicians, lawyers, and the police (called Pharos).

The delusion that traitors and regime criminals have is that they can erect a little "wall of silence" to cover their crimes, and that lacking all evidence, that they cannot be tried under any court of law under the present regime. That is indeed true. The Doerge Doctine has been around since long before [Sheriff] Ron Doerge.

However, the sure way around this criminality is to simply declare such regime criminals and their families to be targets of extermination and outlawry, and simply make them fair game to any and all aggrieved. There is no necessity nor justice in giving such criminals the protection of the laws of the social order that they destroyed through their own greed and criminality.

But for today, as I am not in power, and since my stepdaughter and son-in-law lack my ferocity, and will act like dogs under the DFS whip, I shall not get justice through the korts nor from the regime. All I can do is to roil the waters and make the Division of Family Services want to end the controversy as soon as possible by returning their hostages and my grandchildren. Amalie has cleaned up her house, and maybe for a while she’ll be a good welfare mom. And maybe James will get and keep a job. And, lacking standing, and not wanting to beg the regime korts for a justice they cannot and will not provide, the status-quo ante [bellum] may come back again into being until the next crisis. However, for now, I want you to fire Jason Burns.

Most Sincerely Yours,

Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Presiding Commissioner, Newton County

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Martin 'Mad Dog' Lindstedt
Libertarian Candidate for Presiding Commissioner of Newton County